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Thoughts on next update?

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    Anyone have any idea when wmr will update next? Does anyone think its on certain days? Thanks for n e input.

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    I believe I remember a discussion last year that stated updates are done 3 days a week. What days those are I couldn’t tell you but would LOVE to know. I think if we were knowledgeable about the specific days, it would cut down a lot of flooding the system with inquiries. What do you guys think? And, if anyone out there knows the days they updated, please DO TELL. :)

    luv luv

    So my co worker was able to see her transcripts but does not have a DDD on WMR.. Fingers crossed maybe there is another update this week


    I am guessing tomorrow am for those with cycle 20150403, and code 846. Which means a scheduled DDD of Monday, or sooner for Netspend users. (I do not use them – just saying.)


    Who really knows but I going to make a guess and say tonight

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