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      I just checked and saw that I have a 05 code . My 2014 account transcript was available last week with 000s and a Feb 16th date. Is anyone else in the same boat and think we’ll be seeing an update this Friday?
      For a possible refund on Feb 11th?

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          All of my transcripts updated this morning. Early this morning, around 5’ish, I could see all the info filled in on my transcripts and cycle code 20150505 but there wasn’t any refund codes. A few hours later, they updated again and I got code 846 and refund issued. Should see it by Wednesday.

          Hope some others got good news this morning too.

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            Anyone get an update?

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              File/accepted 1/26. 0’s on account trans for a week now. Feel like I will never see movement.

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                Does anybody know what code 570 means on account transcript?

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                  Yeah guys were next, finally!!! Honestly though, the anticipation for me is over and I’m glad that it’s coming next week but my excitement or interest for it is an afterthought

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                    I hope so! I’m anxious to see some movement. Filed and accepted 1/23 and nothing since then. Just big fat 000’s on the transcript. I hate wishing for time to go by faster but suspense is killing me. Not sure why since $$ is going into savings anyways, but darnit, I want it!! :)

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                      There is a lot of us in that boat. Yes it is Def true we will be updated Thursday night Friday morning. Those that had blank transcripts as of last Tuesday updated last night and this morning. We are next

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                        I’m hoping and praying! I’ve been waiting since the 20th!! :*(

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