Those who are considering amending please update here.

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    I misreported my wages when I filed and under review . Have not gotten a letter and IRS people don’t seem to be able to tell me what to do now. Do I amend or wait for them to finish review, which feels like is taking an eternity. If anyone has a similar experience please post and update here.

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    Exact same situation here except they will owe me $100 on the amendment. No one can tell me if I should file the amendment or wait since reps aren’t authorized to advise actions. I’m going to hunt down support on TT tomorrow since I paid for the full edition. Filed 1/31 with EIC and CTC. Processed date of 2/26. I have a 570 dated 3/5 and a 20180605 cycle. Transcript amount dates changed from “as of 3/5 to as of 3/12” sometime last week, WMR changed from “still processing” to “being processed” around the same time. No updates on transcripts since. Letter sent 3/1 stating review, no action just wait 60 days. This also happens to be the day I finally called the IRS asking why there hasn’t been any progress on WMR. If anyone is reading this and hasn’t received a letter and hasn’t called, I would do so ASAP. I doubt it’s a coincidence the letter was sent the exact day I called. I also called a local TA today and don’t qualify, they said all I can do is wait.



    @xxtina but how long did it take for the IRS to send you your original refund? Did it take this long?



    Don’t amend. Wait til your review process is over. I was told by 3 irs agent to wait because if you amend it will take you even longer. The.irs will still release your funds and you will have to amend it after that. I reported my last check stub but the w2 was less than the amount. So im entitled to 500 more. I have done this 3 years ago to. And they gave me my refund and I ended up amending after that. And it took like 3 months to get that extra amount.



    I might tomorrow as a tax advocate told me it may be the better bet since I’m waiting on an employer to do their side of the w2 so I was told to amend it it without for my refund and then amend it again to fix it after I receive a refund. Going to call IRS tomorrow and ask a call center person who will probably tell me to just keep waiting.

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The forum ‘2018 Tax Season’ is closed to new topics and replies.