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    After filing and being accepted since 1/20, sitting barless and getting the generic message of “your return is being processed and a refund will be given when it becomes available” (not even a tax topic with it), being locked out of transcripts because of the identity flag, and getting the script from IRS agents that I have to wait 21 days, I would greatly welcome a letter from the IRS or given a “take further action” message on WMR. Congratulations to those that received their refunds or have seen progress, though. Guess I shall continue to play the waiting game.

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    Andrea, I would think it is a good sign. I try to order mine and it isn’t available. I think it means you are done or at least in the active stages of being processed.


    I was able to order my transcripts this morning… is that a good sign?


    Yeah… I’m a little envious of those people that can at least get into their transcripts. Even if it only has 000s or whatever. I feel like they have made more progress. Haha


    Same boat here as well. Filed and accepted on 1/20. 1 bar and Topic 152 on WMR. Locked out of transcripts daily because my information “doesn’t match”. Unable to order 2014 Return Transcript by mail. All around annoyed.


    I think the transcript site must be down, I viewed mine first thing this morning but when I tried to go back into it a few minutes ago I am getting the technical difficulties message.


    I’m in the same boat. Filed 1/20, accepted 1/21 and nothing has changed for me yet. My bar never disappeared but it hasn’t moved since the 21st either. i called the irs yesterday and got the 21 day run around also. I get locked out of transcripts daily. When i was finally unlocked and able to try again today, i didn’t get the info i entered is incorrect message like usual, it now says there’s technical difficulties. just waiting to try to view those now. :( it’s all very frustrating.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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