The Shutdown Discussion NOT POLITICS

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    Since the shutdown has started and there is a good chance it will affects refunds post any good information you get here. NOT A POLITICAL post just how the shutdown affects the tax season.

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    Most will still do a decent job. I’m sure there is a way of tracking their performance and comparing it to other years. Plus if you are at work, you might as well work. It’s not like they are doing physical labor.

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    I’m hoping things go the second way.

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    I see a lot of people saying that because the irs workers are not getting paid it might affect the refunds. I see it like this, it can go two ways. The workers dont give a shit and refunds are delayed, or they dont give a shit and everyone gets their refund with no hassle/ audits etc…

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    Anyone that thinks the shutdown won’t affect refunds is either way to optimistic or just naive. Do you really think a bunch of IRS workers that are being forced to work without pay are gonna give a damn about getting money out to OTHER people?

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    Both the White House and IRS just stated that the shut down will have little to no effect on refunds. They will begin accepting them Jan 28th and refunds should all be on time.

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    I think the Path act still applies this year because TaxAct had something about February 15th. I haven’t been able to find anything online about it tho. Even if PATH takes place we shouldn’t have to wait until March

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    I was wondering if we still would have to wait until late February to recieive refund if ACTC or ETIC was claimed like last year. Or will it just be 21 days. Because if we have to wait for that delay plus the slow process from the shutdown. Returns might not start rolling out until mid March

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    IRS will start accepting returns on the 28th

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    @mizuseirei that’s basically what I read a few minutes ago so I think your husband was right.

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    I just read that tax refunds will be given during the shutdown. They are still deciding a date to start processing returns though. But………grain of salt

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    I feel like it has become a trend that there is government shut down every year right before tax season begins. I believe it will all work out, as it always does.

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    Today Nancy Pelosi tweeted:
    Next week, @HouseDemocrats will begin passing individual appropriations bills to re-open all government agencies, starting with the Department of the Treasury & IRS – an action necessary to make sure working families receive their tax refunds on schedule. #TrumpShutdown
    So hopefully it won’t be a big delay. I’m following their twitter accounts.

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    There will be no refunds until the shut down is over. The IRS is not even answering the telephone. Don’t expect returns to be processed. MAGA is a joke!

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    It’s like watch a really long, bad game of tennis.

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    I agree, Muzi. This season may be the worst we’ve ever seen.

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    From what I have read, it won’t affect the processing times, but refund disbursement will be delayed if this goes on for any longer

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    Well, My husband works for the IRS….. Not in 1040, but in W&I. He said that the shutdown may or may not affect timeframes in 1040, however; don’t take his word for a grain of salt because when you are being underpaid (let alone placed in non-pay status) you seem to become a bit cranky, and tend to slack off at your job. Anyway, even with the shutdown, rumor has it that 1040 are supposedly considered essential as of this coming Monday, and may end up reporting back to work without pay.

    Rather than breaking the forum rules, and jumping on politics I will say this. This year is going to be a hard one for the federal employees working for the IRS. There are going to be a lot of angry people calling and blaming the workers for 1040’s possible delays. In other words, we are in for an interesting ride this year.

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