The Real Reason For the PATH Delay

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    What I am going to say will rub some people the wrong way, but with some research you can see for yourself. In fact, I have a friend working for the IRS who first told me and when I researched it myself I was able to find some information which supports what she told me.

    The reason for the delay, specifically for tax payers filing with EITCs on their claims is largely because the US has been experiencing losses in the billions every tax year by illegals filing fraudulent tax returns. This seems to be a widely known and not very well hidden secret amongst the folks at the IRS.

    What happens is illegals file 30, 40, or even more tax returns using stolen social security numbers and on each one the claim multiple EITCs for multiple dependants which are worth up to $5,000 a piece. This is widespread and there are networks of illegals who do this every year. Until recently the IRS turned a blind eye (the director of the IRS is on video speaking to the oversight committee on You Tube, if you want to hear it from the horses mouth or you think I am some type of horrible racist person) and said that they did not really care much about fraudulent claims as keeping track of that really is not their jobs.

    Now, this emergency tax code change has been put in place which only punishes Americans who desperately want, need and deserve their refunds. All because of these people who are supposedly here to make a better life for themselves. Well, I guess life certainly IS MUCH BETTER when you are getting hundreds of thousands of dollars in stolen tax money in addition to the benefits Americans pay out to support you. MEANWHILE Americans take it on the chin once again.

    Don’t take my word for it. Do your own research.But the next time you are complaining that Donald Trump is a bad person for trying to protect us, remember that you had to wait for your tax return because the poor, poor persecuted illegals have been raping the US Treasury blind for years and finally somebody is saying “Enough!”

    I’m sure there will be those of you who can’t accept the truth and refuse to research it further. That,’s on you. But don’t complain when you have to wait for your refund and blame the IRS. THIS IS SOMETHING THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE DOING TO THEMSELVES. WAKE UP!

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