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    For the past three years I have gotten this email three days before waking up/receiving a DDD — on the dot. I am a weekly if I remember right (Can’t access my transcripts online…) so I should be getting a DDD on Sat!

    I’ve heard of several people getting these e-mails as well and most of them end up with a DDD in a few days OR a DD!!!!

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    It appears to me that the folks who are so offended by Lance are also the problem in our society. Just because you don’t like the answer he’s giving or you don’t have things working in your favor does not mean that you can go around bullying people. Lance, thanks for your information! To the others, go cry in a corner until your deposits come in, because you’re just embarrassing yourselves.
    Just sayin.



    Mines filled also, but as already pointed out, turbotax has no relation to the irs or wmr



    The blue bar fills completely in 21 days after you file.



    The blue bar on turbo tax thats been half full since Jan 23, it’s now full. Weird that WMR hasn’t updated but the blue bar finally filled in yesterday.



    Nope, you are the first.. appreciate it



    Thanks frank, its hard to understand how some people on here come up with these things they post about



    Turbo tax dosnt know when your getting your refund if your DDD is not published yet.

    It’s just goes off an estimation.

    Turbo tax dosnt work for the IRS.



    I know in the past before the EIC/ACTC path stuff started the day that Turbo Tax posts that will be 21 days exactly that same day or the day before they will send you an email such as that. Also if you were to get your refund earlier than the 21 days they will send you one once they discover you have received them :) Ahhh those days when that used to happen for me …ugh lol



    Awesome.. I bet you get a date soon.. Keep us posted and good luck!



    Yes. I received mine early this morning!



    It’s just coincidence



    I remember last year gettung the thank you email a few days before my DDD. I have been checking my email everyday for it. hVe you recvd this email yet?

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The forum ‘2018 Tax Season’ is closed to new topics and replies.