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      … tick tock goes the tax clock…hoping for early acceptance

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          [quote quote=4527425]WMR shows accepted
          TT does not…
          No sign of RAL either…[/quote] same here, except I used eztaxreturn.com. TT irritated me 2 years back. Excessive fees. I just cant believe we already have a bar at wmr. That happened to us back in 2015 and we had the refund in 4 days. Was just unreal.

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            Anyone test batch 1/20 received a DDD date?

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              Ignore my typos! I’m working and typing ridiculously fast! Lol

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                I filed through TaxAct… had the fees taken from my refund and have one bar on WMR. I usually always get accepted through the test bath and have my money within two weeks. I was accepted on the 18th. So hoping by next Wednesday… which has been the day I’ve got the DD for the last two years. Fingers crossed! Usually the update dor a DDD is the Wednesday before the deposit.

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                  I think I’m in the test batch. Filed Friday afternoon. Married, filed jointly, all the credits. Path act. I already have 1 bar on wmr. That never happens for us. I paid the fee up front this time rather than having it come out of the refund. No accepted message yet on the tax website. Anyone else have this same sitch?

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                    Thank You!! ☺️

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                      WMR shows accepted
                      TT does not…
                      No sign of RAL either…

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                        IF you ARE a PATH, you will Def know babe😔. Instead of seeing BARS or seeing ” is being processed ” instead you will see the huge big ol’ “PATH ACT MESSAGE” and it usually doesn’t pop up until day 7..I guess because it usually takes 7 days for them to process our returns before we get a ddd, so after day 7 some ppl will either have 2 orange bars with a ddd, while others will have the PATH ACT message😫

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                          Anyone test batchers pop a DD date yet? I’m guessing we won’t see any pop until tomorrow, but just curious. It’s my first time in the test batch.

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                            Hey y’all! Are you automatically PATH if you claimed EITC and/or CTC? I filed on 01/17…accepted 01/18. WMR has one orange bar and tax topic 152. Where would the PATH message be located?

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                            Neek Neek

                              For path it’s possible to get it processed early but no refund date will be before mid feb.

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                                Is it possible for somebody in the test batch who also has PATH credits to get their refund early, also? Before mid-February? As it seems every year, there are always a small amount of people who claim they have received their PATH refunds a bit earlier. My first year in test batch–probably because it is also my smallest refund in years.

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                                  I went with Cashapp cuz they offer free filing AND audit protection (which I always get and pay $159 plus SBTPG fees for). So I am getting nearly same refund amount and the only extra fee being taken out is the one from SBTPG. AND I apparently made the test batch–another first–as I flled 1/19/2023, was accepted almost immediately, and as of 1/22/2023, am already at one orange bar!

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                                    TurboTax and CreditKarma angered me this year as I was offered the RAL again and would have gratefully accepted except for the fact that my CK account I created to get last year’s RAL and refund was eventually closed after the funds were spent, and CK will not reopen. No other way to receive the RAL except thru CK account. So for the first time in 12 years, I am not using TurboTax.

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                                      Filed w/turbotax on 1/16
                                      Accepted 1/20
                                      Turbotax RAL 1/20
                                      EIC, and CTC

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                                        Hello all, for those that have the Chime card, did ya’ll get your money any faster than going through a regular bank? Just got Chime a few months ago.

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                                          Filed 3:00 PM 1/19.
                                          Accepted 10:00 PM 1/20.

                                          Looking forward to seeing the direct deposit hit!

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                                            @Unnamed.. Go head do that thing.. I looked at my wait last year and it was about 12 days after acceptance before I got it direct deposited.. But this year I paid my turbo tax fees in advance so hopefully it will speed it up by a few days. But so far..it looks like this might be a quicker year than last.. We shall see!

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                                              So I was a test batch but got rejected for invalid IPPIN for my daughter. I got it abd added it but I wonder if now I will be delayed and not accepted on Monday.after a refile….?

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                                                Filed 1/17
                                                Accepted 1/18
                                                No path , EIC or child tax credit.
                                                Only topic 152.
                                                Weekly. Should get mine maybe next Saturday..
                                                Will check in next week

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                                                  Awesome News!

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                                                    @MO got my acceptance and Turbo tax instant refund . ALot quicker that i thought but im glad cuz it saved by arse this time $75 late fee not today evil corporation

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                                                      mine got accepted today. also already got my RAL from Credit Karma. I’m on the PATH so the rest has to wait, but super excited that the RAL came through (first time using one)

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                                                        @ Unnamed.. The minute I stopped thinking about it, it was there….I been checking since the 12th..lol then read something about the 18th starting the test batch, then today, I said nix it. I’m not thinking about it. 3 hours later I got a ding on my phone..Its the phone never rings while u waiting for a call scenario. Cheers to great tax season. gn!

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                                                          @tee some of us dont mind being in test group. I usually am and have zero issues and get my money … personal choice

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                                                            Why would one want to be in the test batch. The Guinea pigs. I rather would want them to weed out the quirks then get me in there

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                                                              @MO cross your fingers for me i need that instant refund advance this inflation is killing me

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                                                                @ Unnamed, not necessarily. The official start of tax season is the 23rd, Anything before that is the test batch they do every year. My understanding with the test batch is that they try about ten million or so just to get out the quirks. I also read that the test batch was from the 18th till tomorrow, So you very well may get selected. It’s all random. I got a text on my phone saying Irs had accepted me, then an email was waiting from turbo tax today.

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                                                                  @MO so if i filed today i probably wont be accepted til mon or tues im assuming

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                                                                    @Unamed I filed on the 12th…..

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                                                                    Alice Kyteler

                                                                      Filed with Tax Slayer on 1/14, accepted on 1/18.
                                                                      PATH, though, so bleh. But, it begiiiins. 😂

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                                                                        MO when did you file

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                                                                          Just got Accepted email from Turbo Tax..( hang in there Queenie) I went on WMR just to make sure it was official. Yup, It’s on one bar. This year I’m not looking everyday. I have always been a weekly, I may check next Saturday.. We got This!

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                                                                            Reverse psychology works! After saying this morning I don’t think I’ll get accepted early, it just happened! Woohoo! Here’s to hoping the testing is working beautifully and an early refund is on the way. Good luck to everyone!

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                                                                              Filed 1/12/2023 just got an updated federal was accepted today

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                                                                                Just got notification that mine was accepted by the irs (turbo tax notification) but I am walking the PATH so it will be a while.

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                                                                                  Anyone get accepted today?

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                                                                                    I got my test batch acceptance yesterday and state was accepted today. I have PATH, so the wait begins. Hoping at least state comes through fast like normal. Could really use it.

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                                                                                      Another day has passed for me with no acceptance. I’m starting to think I’m not going to be lucky enough for the test batch.

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                                                                                        Filed with TaxAct on 1/11 accepted today 1/18.

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                                                                                          TurboTax accetes today. Filed on 5th. Found out it was accepted from credit karma because of refund advanced. Pissed they only gave me $500 out of a $9000+ return.

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                                                                                            FTUSA accepted today, filed 1/12

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                                                                                              I am a TT filer have seen a good bit accepted (typeo first one)… nothing yet for me i saw someone filed today and was accepted shortly afterwards 🥲

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                                                                                                I am a TT filer have seen a good bit approved … nothing yet for me i saw someone filed today and was accepted shortly afterwards 🥲

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                                                                                                  I am a TT filer have seen a good bit approved … nothing yet for me i saw someone filed today and was accepted shortly afterwards 🥲

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                                                                                                    I filed yesterday with TaxAct and was accepted today. I don’t know if that’s good or bad.

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                                                                                                    Neek Neek

                                                                                                      Oh TAXACT

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                                                                                                      Neek Neek

                                                                                                        Filed yesterday per my rejections and was accepted today

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                                                                                                          Filed on Jan 12 through TT, no acceptance as of yet. Hoping maybe it gets grabbed today, but not sure if I’ll be lucky enough for early acceptance.

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                                                                                                            Accepted today

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                                                                                                              Filed on the 6th accepted on the 17th. Sounds like test batch frfr

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                                                                                                                I didnt get accepted yesterday…. Maybe today … fingers cross

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                                                                                                                  Did you get accepted yesterday!? 🤞🏼
                                                                                                                  Many did! But we could seem them all week 😁

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                                                                                                                    Did anyone get accepted that filed through TT who also opted in for the advance?

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                                                                                                                    Neek Neek

                                                                                                                      Rejected today lol had to fix some birthdays

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                                                                                                                        Yes same TT filed the 12th accepted today 1/17 :)

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                                                                                                                          I just got a text that my return has been accepted by the IRS. I filed Jan 12 with TurboTax.

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