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      Those who want to keep up with other TaxSlayer filers can post here.

      So far, I filed on 1/20 and got accepted on 1/20. WMR shows one bar.

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          I did mines on 1/24/15 accepted on same day just check WMR DDD for 2/2/15

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            I filed on the 18th was accepted on the 20th. Woke up to day to a DDD 1/30. I already paid my fees so I’m just waiting for the IRS to drop my money in my bank.

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              I went through taxslayer filed 1/20 accepted 1/21 I am able to see account and wage transcript just not return.. WMR still at 1 bar and the usual 152 tax topic.

              Called the its waited to speak with a rep for over an hr… Lady didn’t want to give me no info because of the 21 crap.. but I had to practically beg her than she took a look and said my return was fine no errors just wait..

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                Used Taxslayer – filed and accepted on 1/20. One bar on WMR. Transcripts unavailable.

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                  I used Taxslayer… filed on 1/16. accepted 1/20. ordered Transcripts yesterday and this morning woke up to find a DDD of 1/30/15. I would imagine something is holding up your processing such as ID theft or an offset.

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                    I filed with Taxslayer on the 14th and was accepted the 15th. WMR is showing one bar with Tax topic 152. This is my 2nd year using Taxslayer

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                      Has anyone who used the tax slayer software to file gotten a DDD yet? I notice there aren’t many people that filed with this company with posting updates…

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                        I filed with taxslayer on the 16th got accepted on the 20th that morning now at the first bar hope something change in the am for the better of course lol

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                          I got my DDD for Wisconsin. 1/29/2015. Federal is 1 bar, tax topic 152. I filed with Taxslayer on 1/19. Fed accepted on 1/20 at 10:30 am and State accepted on 1/21 around 6 pm.

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                            Thanks so much! I put in all of my info everything is ready to go. They just need my refund from from irs

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                              I submitted mine to Taxslayer on 1/19 around 6 pm and got the acceptance from Federal on 1/20 around 10:27 am and from state last night. Both sites only say they’ve gotten it (1 bar) and it’ll take 21 days. The usual bull.

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                                filled on taxslayer. got accepted on 20th at 930 am. yesterday was showing one bar on WMR. No showing screen like i entered incorrect information. anyone know why?

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                                  Mary, I dont believe so.

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                                    Just got the Acceptance!! Whoop Whoop! And…showing Tax Topic 152 (good sign from what I remember last year)

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                                      If I didn’t have fees taken out will it still have to go through there bank

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                                        From 11:55 to 12:05, received a rejected noticed only cause I had one number wrong in EIN. Just submitted and fingers crossed for another quick response.

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                                          Used TS for many years now and finally sent ours today. Now the waiting for acceptance begins.

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                                            Rtbartonie go to this site and put in your info , I used taxslayer and my info is on that site once you get a DDD it will show you when they will release your refund.

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                                              Rtbartonie, Ive used them for years now and I have never had a problem with the bank they use :)

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                                                Has anyone that filed with taxslayer have any issues with the bank they use? I notice on the site you can’t check on your status with your refund online.

                                                Any problems? Do they release funds in a reasonable time frame etc… Thanks so much!

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                                                  Filed 8pm 1/19, accepted morning time of 1/20. WMR shows return accepted only so far:) Would love to be in the bracket of DDD 1/26 but gathering from all the reviews online it looks like Feb. 5/6 is going to be my best bet.

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                                                    I filed with TaxSlayer on 1/16 and got my message that it was accepted today around 10 am central. On IRS it shows with one orange bar and topic 152..

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                                                      I filed on 1/9 and was accepted on 1/13.

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                                                        Okay I submitted on the 18th accepted this morning around 930/10.

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