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    Anyone having luck ordering tax transcripts? Post here when you are able to order them. No luck here yet!

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    I was able to finally order return transcripts – before i could only order account transcripts – the day that i was able to order tax transcripts i was updated with a DDD Day from the date filed to the date of DDD – will be exactly 21 days. Please be patient sometimes asking for more information only delays things. i wouldn’t contact the IRS unless you exceeded the 21 days.



    Filed 2/20
    Accepted 2/20
    Ordered Account Trans 2/27 irs account transcript says no tax return filed. wth.




    Same here. I was under review code 1121 after getting a DDD of 2/10 and I have called and verified my ID and also verified in person after last week they told me I had to visit the office to do this on 2/25/16. I was able to order my transcripts on 2/16/16 and got another processing date on that of 2/22/16 with refund issued and canceled all on 2/22/16. No letters have been sent out nothing! So Saturday I was able to order another set of transcripts with ease. Waiting now on those to come to see what cycle date they give me this time. I pray that I don’t have to wait 9 weeks! anyone had this happen to them? I have my fingers crossed I can get a DDD next week!



    Also I tried calling the irs and going on the website but I am unable to order my transcript 3/2/2016



    Used turbo tax on :

    2/2/2016: Accepted

    my bars went missing somewhere around 2/18/2016 and then I got the letter to identify myself from the IRS. I used the website on 2/24/2016 and I guess it went through after providing all my information. It is now 3/2/2016 and I have not heard anything back or seen any bars come back. I called the treasury and I don’t owe anything so i”m wondering if I should be worried.


    Michelle Brown

    Hi guys!
    So for the past three years, I have been put in review, I’d verification etc….i have been trying, daily, several times a day to order my RETURN transcript to no avail. Was about to give up hope….waving the white flag but about an hour ago, I checked AGAIN and was ABLE TO ORDER MY 2015 RETURN TRANSCRIPT!!!!!!! I know ALOT of people who were in review or id verification, after being able to order their 2015 RETURN TRANSCRIPT, they received their DDD of a few days later!
    I just pray to the Good Lord above, that this is, in fact True! Last Summer, my husbands company closed down, we list EVERYTHING…our him, our cars and EVERYTHING that was worth anything of value, we had to sell to survive! We wound up homeless, living in hotels and even though he had gotten a new job, he took a pretty substantial pay cut! We were unable to save up ANY money because its expensive living in a hotel….we were paying $339. A WEEK at Extended stay America….it was the CHEAPEST I could find pretty much in the ENTIRE St.Louis Metro area and surroundings! We are REALLY depending on our refund to get out of this vicious cycle…this LIVING NIGHTMARE so I pray that being able to order my 2015 RETURN TRANSCRIPT is meaning we are finished processing and that a DDD will be updated tonight, Saturday night and we wake up to good news! Please pray for us ya’ll and have a BLESSED weekend!



    Filed 2/1
    accepted 2/3
    stuck on one bar until 2/19
    able to order account 2/8(but it was all 0’s)
    able to order return 2/19 (still haven’t received)
    bars disappeared 2/19, still have tt 152 your refund is still being processed”
    same as of this am 2/26 (this was supposed to be my ddd)
    it better be 3/4 or earlier.
    This is getting a little ridiculous.



    So I called the IRS yesterday to find out what is going on. I was able to order account transcripts and return transcripts online on the 18th but still have not received them in the mail. After order my transcripts my bars disappeared and there’s no tax topic. One agent said I would have to verify my ID which I have tried to do several times online but have been told that they are unable to verify. He gave me a 4 digit pin and transferred me to someone else who looked at my file twice only to tell me twice that she didn’t understand how I was able to order both transcripts and why I was transferred to verify ID because it shows that my return hasn’t even been processed yet. She also told me that the IRS didn’t receive my return till the 16th but I filed and was accepted on the 12th and on the 13th the irs WMR had 1 bar saying we have received your tax return and it is being processed. Called back today and this person said she didn’t see anything wrong with my return and it’s going through normal processing and there was no need to verify ID and I should have a DDD before my 21 days is up. What the Heck is going on?



    Filed 1/21
    Accepted 1/22
    IRS Indicates Acceptance Date of 1/29
    Verified Identity by Phone at Request of Agent 2/12
    Was told on 2/16 that my return was marked as Unpostable 2/2, but was showing as Corrected with 1/29 acceptance
    Ordered Return Transcript 2/20
    Received 5071C 2/23
    Never Had Bars on WMR
    No DDD

    Welcome to my life lol



    i filed 2/5 cant order refund transcripts bar still at 1 and people who filed before me got their returns so stupid !!



    Filed: 2/1/16
    Accepted: 2/1/16
    Able to Order Both Transcripts: 2/11/16
    WMR Updated: 2/12/16
    DDD: 2/18/16



    I was able to order both my transcripts on 2/11. I filed on 2/2. when I sign onto WMR it shows no topic and says processing. Not sure what’s going on to be honest.



    I filed 2/8 with tax topic 152, with only 1 bar, with TT .I can order my account transcripts but not the other.I am getting it direct deposit.Shouldn’t I be getting a DDD soon?



    On tax transcript i do not see any code like everyone see on my transcript but the cycle posted nothing else with no code on it, if the code 846 not on it what does it mean to my tax return ?



    ON Feb 13 2016, I receive my tax transcript with the cycle posted but no 846 code on the transcript, what do that mean ? I also order my account transcript i should it after president day tuesday or this week but i was able to order both them



    Filed with TT on 2/5/16
    accepted with in a few hours 2/5/16

    Was able to order both account and refund transcripts under drop down year 2015
    on 2/12/16

    2 questions…

    Should there have been a drop down for refund transcript 2016?

    & does being able to order transcripts tell when you will receive a DD?



    Filed 01/29
    Accepted 01/29
    Account Trans Avail: 02/05
    Return Trans Avail: 02/12

    HOPING that WMR will update tonight/tomorrow. The banks are all closed on Monday because its a holiday ! I callde IRS last week and they told me that anyone that filed before the 29 is having a delay because the system crashing “or whatever” the tech. Dif was~
    Will post again when WMR updates..good luck 2all.. ik ive been driving myself CRAZY about it!



    Filed 2/5
    Accepted 2/5
    Order Transcripts (both) 2/12
    IRS Website (one bar)



    filed 2/5 accepted 2/5 was able to order both transcripts today 2/12
    WMR still shows 1 bar since 2/5



    Filed Monday, accepted Monday, tried for both Transcripts Wednesday and nothing. Ordered return transcripts today and account transcripts as well. For those of you having issues do not put any punctuation in your address. So say you live at 123 W. Hickory St. it needs to be 123 W Hickory St if you put in punctuation it will say it doesn’t recognize your address.



    I had filed on the 27th the irs had receive my return on the 1st (don’t know why) I was able to order my account transcripts on Friday..I check today was able to order my return transcript…hopefully I’ll get a update soon since this the first me and husband are filling together(got marry last year in June) my sister also filed the same got her refund on the 5th but a check instead of ddd
    Will be checking Wmr later today



    I filed 1/28, finally talked to someone and they said it wasn’t received till 2/1. Ordered my account transcript on Monday. Today as of 9 am I could order my return transcript, so hoping for a ddd to be updated tomorrow!



    I read on Igor fb page a few people said its agent said the transcript site has been overloaded with request to the point of being backed up. They said this is why many people can’t order transcripts.

    The two said she’s been with the irs several years and has never seen them so backed up.

    I take everything I hear with a grain of salt, but it makes more since than everyone being reviewed.

    The irs is understaffed for sure. Can you imagine how backed up the people must be just sending out transcripts?



    Filed & accepted 1/20. I still can’t order EITHER Account or Return Transcripts! Why could this be?



    I filed 1/25, accepted same-day, can order account but not return transcripts (over the phone not online) . claimed education as a business expense, what gives?



    Filed 2.1
    accepted 2.1
    wmr 1 bar tax topic 152
    account tranny as of 2.4
    NO return tranny—–

    any suggestions what it means if only the account tranny is available?


    big poppa

    Filed with Turbo Tax: 01/26/2016

    Return accepted by IRS: 01/26/2016

    One bar on wheresmyrefund: 01/27/2016

    Acct transcript ordered: 01/28/2016

    Return transcript ordered: 02/05/2016

    Return approved: 02/06/2016 with direct deposit date of 02/10/2016

    Ill update once money hits my American express serve card.



    I filed on January 21st with TurboTax and was accepted the same day I called the IRS yesterday because everybody else was getting their return transcripts and I can still only order my account transcript and they told me they didn’t actually accept my return until the 25th and to give it until the 15th of February but I’m getting worried because I still can’t order my return transcript and everybody else is already getting direct deposit dates for the 10th can anybody help me or is anyone in the same boat please help with any information thank you



    Does anyone know how to read the transcript



    I filed 1/20 and was accepted a few hours later. I was able to order both return and account transcript this morning. Still at 1 bar with topic 152. I hope tomorrow brings a DDD!!



    Neither my old or new address won’t work when I try to order transcripts. At first the old one worked then, nothing. Does anyone know what might be going on?



    FINALLY had an update yesterday. I was able to order my return transcripts after trying with my NEW address for a week straight. THEN woke up this morning (7:28am EST) to a nice surprise … My WMR updated too :) says its scheduled to be sent to my bank by February 10th.

    Efiled – 1/19/16
    Accepted – 1/19/16
    Able To Order Transcripts – 2/5/16
    WMR Updated To Approved – 2/6/16
    Scheduled To Be Sent By – 2/10/16



    I was able to order my transcripts is that a good thing



    I was able to order my transcripts today. Filed on 1/16/ accepted 1/19 will I get my refund soon?



    I was just able to order both about 10 mins ago!! Filed and accepted on 1/22 and hoping for a ddd in the am



    I was able to order my transcripts after noon today (2/5)..Hoping to be part of the group with an update in the morning.



    Filed and accepted 1/22
    Ordered Account transcripts 1/29 (have not arrived in mail)
    Return transcripts NOT A CHANCE IN HELL (And I no address change)
    2 IRS agents – worthless
    1 Tax advocate – needs to take a course in customer service

    Stuck on one bar, tax topic 152, paid fees upfront, no codes, no offsets and most importantly, NO DDD!!!

    I have never had this much trouble, and calling anyone, no matter how polite and nice you are, is just a waste of time. I am unsure how anyone has been able to get any type of information, I am striking out everywhere. ANY help would be appreciated!



    I filled my taxes on January 12th and it was accepted on the 13th. Last week I noticed that my status bar on wmr disappeared and all it said was my tax return was still being processed.

    Today I finally called the Tax Advocate number and at first, I spoke with a man and he offered up absolutely NO info. I called back a 2nd time and spoke with a nice lady who told me I had a ddd of Feb. 10th. Now, I know I have an offset but I called to check anyway just to see if they would finally give me a detailed amount. Guess what… they did. There is a silver lining though… they said they will deduct my offset amount from my irs refund payment dated Feb.10th.



    If i was to order return transcript would it be for year 2015 or would it show 2016? Thanks.



    I was able to order refund transcripts today. Not sure if that means I will get my dd soon or not.



    Ordered today, first day my return transcript was available.
    filed with turbotax, both filed and accepted on 1/22, 1 wmr bar. in ohio.
    Would like to add that Ohio is slower than normal this year.



    I filed 1/19 received 1/20… Still at one bar…. My friend did hers 1/26 received 1/27 got her refund today…. I tried to order my transcripts yesterday wouldn’t let me said my address was wrong. Tried this morning it let me do 2015 and 2016 returns….. Praying I at least get a ddd tomorrow!!!!! Wish us all luck



    I was able to order my account and return transcripts today.



    I was able to order mine today had an accepted date of 01/28 but no DD yet hopefully tomorrow.



    Filed- 01/23
    Accepted- 01/23
    WMR- 1 Bar
    Today for the first time, I was able to order return transcripts for 2015…Good sign, no DDD yet but hopefully tommorow. Anyone who was able to order transcripts today for the first time might get a DDD of 02/10 from what I’m hearing! We’ll find out in the AM! Fingers crossed



    Was unable to order anything online this morning didn’t recognize my old or new address, so I called to order my return transcript and I was able to. So for the people having the same problem try to call and order.
    Filed & accepted 1/23



    Me too! Whoot whoot!☺



    I am finally able to order transcripts over the phone. I can’t get the online tool to work to save my life. Yesterday I couldn’t order anything over the phone either. I know i’m a weekly, so I usually get my notification on Saturday for Wednesday deposit. Looking at years past, I usually seem to get my refund right before Valentines, so this holds true to the story there too.

    Still nothing on WMR, though.



    I was finally able to order my return transcripts today! Keeping my fingers crossed that it’s a good sign. Has anyone that was able to order return transcripts gotten their refund shortly thereafter?



    I just order mines and my sister do that mean we will get out refund soon. I couldnt order my father and he file before us

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