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      FYI: file 1/20- accepted 1/20.. One bar.. No updates since.

      So I have been trying to do this tax transcript thing for a few days now, I moved this year by the way. Anyway, I haven’t been able to see my 2014 tax transcripts online at all, so I called the transcript phone number, I entered my old address (the one from 2013, that irs had on file) and it said I didn’t enter correctly, so I called back and entered my new address (the one on my 2014 return) and it let me through, but said I had no account or return transcripts for 2014… What does this mean? Good or bad news.. Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thank you

      By the way, when I log on online, it still shows n/a for everything 2014 except wages, but that just says no record of return filed on it

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          I’m sorry, that’s the refund hotline. Disregard it. That is, unless you or someone else needs it…

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            (800) 829-1954

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              What is the number to the transcript hot line

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                I’m in the same boat. Except I filed and got accepted on 1/16. It’s so frustrating to see people that filed literally 10 days after me, already getting APPROVED and direct deposit dates, when I’ve been sitting here for almost two weeks longer with fucking NOTHING given.

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