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      I put this question in another thread earlier, no responses inside that person’s thread, but I just need help remembering.

      Is it just me, or last year, when Tax Topic 152 popped up, wasn’t that generally a good sign, and usually the next WMR date showed up with a DDD, or am I confused?

      I can’t remember how it went last year, and want to provide the answer for others to the best of my knowledge, and I just can’t remember how it went down last year, because my daughter moved out at the end of the tax year, and then claimed that no one could claim her when we legally could (she had just turned 18 December 21st), and screwed us out of $2,000 in credits, and we needed it SO badly last year…so I wasn’t fully concentrating on info like I normally am.

      Please let me know if I’m right or not. On a side note, my taxes got accepted today after pending since 1/15, but I have TT152 on mine already. That’s crazy. LOL


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          To heck with the irs

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            I was told I’ve been selected for a random audit and I still get the TT152, does that mean anything and how long is the random audit process?

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              TT 152 doesn’t mean much really. As far as I know it is a more or less generic topic that gives basic information about the tax refund process. People get desperate about their refunds and start reading more into things than exist, and I think a lot of the talk about TT152 is part of that.

              I have heard rumors both last year and already this year that if you see TT152 everything in your filing is good to go, and you are going to be given a DDD very soon. I have also read claims that if you have the TT152 your actual DD is in the next (or in this case first group of) Direct Deposits, but I honestly don’t believe any of that. If your refund has been accepted you can expect your refund within 20 days of it being accepted.

              My experience with E-Filing (going back to the mid nineties) is that I have gotten Direct Deposits in as little as six days (happened two years in a row, 98 and 99), and as much as three weeks (last year was the longest I have had to wait, I filed on the January 15th, was accepted early on the 16th, but processing didn’t start until the 25th), I got my DD on 2/7. That was right at three weeks, and it nearly drove me nuts. I made the mistake of not paying attention to reality and let myself get convinced that I was going to get it much quicker, and honestly expected it around the 25th, even though I knew the IRS was behind because of the government shutdown.

              This year I am also hoping I will get it quick, a week turn around would be great, but so would two weeks, and if I have to wait until 2/6, I will survive. My big lesson from last year is to not count on it coming before the IRS says to expect it, I did that last year, and found myself in a jam waiting on money for a week and a half that I had counted on getting earlier.

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              Kristi H

                Good deal, thanks! I just couldn’t really invest too much time to information last year because of what my daughter was putting us through. Thank you for the clarification!

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                  Kristi, Tax Topic 152 means absolutely nothing. It is basically telling you that once your refund amount is “approved” you will have your DD within 21 days. Having TT 152 doesn’t mean that your amount is approved, it doesn’t mean that your DDD will show up tomorrow. Everyone whose return was “accepted” has TT 152. TT 152 showing up today just says that the IRS received your return and it is being processed. Once your refund amount is “approved” 2nd orange bar, then your DDD will be forthcoming. People read too much into TT152 but no one actually reads it. The amount of your refund while in 1st bar showing “accepted” could still change. Once accepted, it has to be actually reviewed and could up until “approved” be sent back for corrections. Please do not get all excited at this point. Get excited once “approved” shows up.

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