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    Ok so I received tax topic 151 but when I check the offset number… nothing! What does this mean? I claimed my grandchildren this year due to having custody of them, so could that be the reason?

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    So I called 2 weeks ago or last monday, I can’t remember and the rep said they received my documents on the 17th of Feb. She said that my case hadn’t even been touched at that moment. She also said that they have 60 days to review it. 30 days for me to send info and 30 to review. So basically i said you guys can bs around til 04/15/2016. She said they work everything in date order so everything before mine has to get worked. SMH



    So I called them about 2 weeks ago maybe…The lady told me that they received my documents that were requested on 02/17/2016 but my case had not been touched yet. She said it takes 60 days. The cp75 letter stated 30 days, but anyway, she said 30 days for me to provide info and 30 for them to review it. So I was like, basically you are saying that you have until 04/15/2016. She then said that they work everything in date order and everything that came before mine will be worked first. SMH, then I got a letter on last friday or saturday stating that they are reviewing my case, and if they can’t complete it by 05/02/2016 then they will reach out to me for more info. SMH, I’m glad I have a job.




    I sent in all my documents on 2/15. My letter was also dated 2/15. I received just the money I paid in, with no credits included. I figured I’d give them 30 days and then call. I called at 8am today and spoke with someone within 2 mins. (Called the number on the letter). She told me my case was assigned to someone, but it’s first come first serve and they’re processing November/December right now.

    Crazy, if you can’t afford to staff to process audits in a timely manner then stop auditing for simple returns. They aren’t even saving money with the fraud they do catch, barely breaking even.



    I was accepted Jan 30th, I believe, and a few weeks later a received a letter stating I was under review. I claimed my niece and nephew. I have claimed them for the past 6 yrs or so. The one thing that changed is that I claimed my income as self employment instead of the w2 that I had done for the past 12 years so I expected to get flagged. So in that letter I had to prove self employment income, dependents, and Eic. I had until the 15th of March to submit everything. I faxed over 100 pages proving everything they needed me too. 2 weeks later I received a letter stating my income was not valid so in turn I didn’t qualify for any of the credits. The letter stated I could fight it in court but I wasn’t getting that much of a refund to take the time to fight it. Fast forward to This past Friday, I got a packet from the IRS. It said I indeed proved income and dependency of my niece and nephew. I don’t know what the heck was up with the first letter I received. So if anyone is waiting for a response, it might be coming soon!



    I filled on Jan 29th. Sent in the papers and now is 5-9 and still nothing. Just got a letter from the IRS stating the tax is being reviewed until 5-29. What a bunch of bs



    Has anyone received their refund yet that has had this tax topic and reference codes? I filed in January and sent everything in paperwork wise and received a letter saying they got the paperwork on March 4, 2016. Still nothing else since. Never got a partial payment or anything. Filed the same exact way last year. Nothing changed except my job. Same children and everything????


    Evie King

    The US government are a bunch of evil white Devils who enjoy giving some people a hard time. That’s why they’re being targeted by foreign terrorists. Everything the white man has he stole, he even stole me!


    Mark Holbrook

    So I did my taxes on 3/25/16 I got a message saying the irs excepted it the 28th the 30th I got the 151 saying a letter is being sent the irs needs more information then today 4/6/16 a partial payment of 1000 was deposited in my account im supposed to be getting 9500 I claimed an extra child this year that I didn’t last year another thing I didn’t do is show proof of insurance oops sucks I have the proof but just messed up im still waiting for the letter has anyone gotten their letters if so how long did it take



    I called to check the status yesterday and the examiner said that they are behind. She said that they were just working early December cases yesterday and everything is in date order. She said it could be 4 months from the day i sent stuff in which was feb 17



    So Ben when did you get the refund last year?



    Thank god I’m not the only person with the problems

    mine was accepted in mid of January and wait and wait for 3 weeks like last year, hoping that the money will be deposited to my bank account… after 3 weeks it showed on IRS website (track my refund) that they needed more information.

    **Thinking maybe because this year I have claimed my first house bought beginning of last year**

    so I waited to see whether there are letters coming to my house and yes. Topic 151 with a number and a ref# 1242 to call IRS if I have further questions…

    The letter states that they DO NOT need any information from me at the moment, but it is being reviewed.

    So here it is March 15, 2016

    Still haven’t heard anything from it




    I’ve been trying to update but the site wouldn’t let me for some reason



    I’ve been trying to update but the site wouldn’t let me for some reason



    Well I sent all the info they requested and still nothing.. when I call the number I’m placed on hold and after 30 mins I get inpatient because the time prior I was waiting for an hour. This is ridiculous! I talked to a CPA and they said that with a simple return she doesn’t understand why the audit… well those were my exact words! Hopefully I will hear something soon



    I got my letter CP75 from the IRS on 2/10/2016 that states this is an audit and a list of things you can provide- it’s a generic letter for the following: HOH EIC CHILD DEPENDENT CREDIT AND AOA, after filling on 1/19/2016 and being accepted the same day. With that said, I sent everything possible to prove HOH and EIC on 2/12/2016 and have yet to hear anything back. My tax topic did change from 151 ref: 1121 to 151 ref:1242 … however, whenever I call the number provided on WMR with the reference number to the extension provided, ( I call 3 times a day, every single day at different times, usually twice in the morning and once in the afternoon) I get the same recording ” CALL VOLUME TOO HIGH, CALL AGAIN AT ANOTHER TIME BETWEEN 7am and 7pm”, this has been on-going for 11 business days now.



    ShannonInSC? any updates?



    I received a tax topic 151 I have claimed my nephew for 4 years and this is the first time I have claimed my niece she stayed with me while her mother was going thru some issues I have paperwork from Medicaid and the SS department with my address on it but not school records because we did not want her to change schools will there be a problem with the paperwork for him and her or just her being that this is the 1st time I have claimed her



    I sent everything they asked for in last Wednesday. I can only imagine how long its gonna take



    Has anyone heard anything else? My fiancé and I are waiting on his letter. Praying all goes well.



    Here’s the recap filed 1/15 using TT
    Accepted 1/19
    Return transcript 2/5
    Lost bar got generic msg with TT 152 2/6
    Called IRS 2/9 advised resequenced everything find wait a week
    Called 2/17 advised being audited will be receiving a letter CP75D….

    I have probably the simplest return ever 1 job 1 dependent my legal child that I gave birth to my income is wayyyy below the EIC threshold I really don’t understand the point of this. Even if someone else was able to claim my child I made so little money last year that my refund amount would remain exactly the same this is completely stupid and a waist of time!



    So I filed on 1/20/2016 I received 151 a few days later. I got my letter a few days after that .I then faxed info the needed though I was not cleat on exactly what all was needed. What do I do now because there is no change and I still have not received anything



    Update** Hey guys, so I will be faxing all the info today for EIC I’m sending them a ltter from my church and employer, I hope it helps.



    I also got the packet today from the IRS. I claimed two of my nephews and need to prove that they lived with me. I did stay with my sister for the past 6 months after her husband had a heart surgery. Took care of the kids and drive them to school. Anyone know what proof I can send?


    Terra. M

    I was told that my return was under review and that it could take up to 60 days to get my refund processed to get my money.. I font understand .. I have also heard several different story’s .. One rep told me I would definitely not be receiving my refund by the 21st day mark which is the 18th.. Smh one lady said its because of all the scams going on .. And I just happened to fall in the cue to be reviewed .. But my question is does it really take 60 days.. And the part that’s worse is she said 60 days from the 9th when I filed on the 28th



    @IrsDK This is just crazy. I don’t know what letters will suffice because my sister lives here also. She doesn’t work at all and haven’t all year. I don’t let my nieces go without because their mom is having a hard time. I even claim all of them for financial aid. I wonder if I could get a statement saying that I take care of all of them.



    Yep got my packet also. Have to prove school credit, hoh, eitc, pretty much everything. What a joke. Anyone know how long this process takes? Audit the hard working Americans while big businesses steal billions every year.



    Update*** I received my so called letter in the mail which is in fact a packet. In big letters it states that my 2015 tax return is being audited. I claim the same children every year and I’ve been in school for the past few years as well. I basically have to send in my birth certificate, my two nieces birth certificate and my sister’s to prove we’re related. Also have to send in the girls medical records with my address, and name on them. All of this is not an issue but gosh, I’ve been claiming them since they were born. I also have to send in my 1098-T form to prove I’m in school which is crazy because I receive financial aid. I will be faxing this on Monday. SMH I wonder how long it will take



    Still haven’t received a letter. This is crazy!



    I have reference number 1242



    @irsDK i definitely agree with you. i received no letter. i was told 2 different things by an irs rep. Its very frustrating….I called again this morning and the rep said letter cp75 was sent out last friday. she said its a general letter basically stating that my return will be reviewed by the examination department and if any info is needed they will let me know. I’m confused. She also said that its a random review because they are being extra careful this year.



    I’m with the group that received tax topic 151 and now the reference #1121, but everytime I call in I get a different story. Originally was told I was receiving a partial refund on 2/3. One story was that it was “rejected” and sent back while some other agents tell me it was actually pulled and placed on hold with the rest of my refund. Yesterday I was told there was a letter sent out last week and today I was told that there was no letter sent. I honestly think calling them is a waste of time because everyday it’s a different story. If you’re going to request more information just let us know so we can send in what you need. I don’t know what needs to be verified. It’s getting to be frustrating, we just deserve the truth and we aren’t getting it.



    When I got my transcripts, my account transcript said something about February 15th but everything looks fine. When I called they just told me that its under review. I claimed my grandchildren but didn’t last year but did for 2012/2013 tax years. So I’m not sure if that had anything to do with it! I would hope that if they were smart enough they would look at prior tax returns to see that I have claimed them before, but who knows! I did get reference number of 1242! So if anyone has similar situation or know how to read transcripts please let me know



    Mine still only says Topic 151. Hope the letter at least comes today



    How long did it take to get your refund also how long did it take them to send your letter


    bass Fisher

    Ï just received half of my refund. Ï didn’t have any other codes besides 151. And yes u will receive a letter in the mail telling u what they won’t u to prove. They can not legally hold your refund and not tell u why.



    Filed and affected on 1/19and for about a week and a half it’s saying tax topic 151also have not got any notice or reference number and this is also the 22nd day I filed the same way in 2015 anyone got any ideas what could be happening I’m lost



    @Waiting they didn’t say. The only thing the girl said was i may or may not receive a letter, someone was reviewing it and just keep watching the refund tool for a date. She said the 1121 just meant that i may or may not receive the refund in 21 days



    @shannon did they say you would receive any of your return?



    So the 1121 is bad? I’m so confused hearing different things.



    So if im understanding…having no 1121 ref code means you still have a chance of getting some money. My transcripts say my letter wont even come until 2/15 and they also have a 4/15 date. Wtf?



    He had just 151 where would the reference number be. So he should recieve something tomm???



    No just 151



    Bass fisher

    Did you have a reference code on WMR?? Or just tax topic 151?

    I have claimed the same way for 4 years now same dependents. Just different job.

    I dont understand. Its very stressfull.


    bass Fisher

    Just got off phone with the irs. They said you should receive some of it. The part you won’t get is the eic part which you will have to prove you earned it when the letter gets there. They told me mine will be put in my account tomorrow and I’ll get the eic portion when I send in the paper work.



    My fiance recieved a 151 on saturday and still there. No reference codes juat said we would be contacted in 30 days. We ordered account and tax transcripts just want to know if he will recieve something until we recieve this letter? We claimed nephews this year



    Still nothing new :( ref 1121 after a 151.



    Son on 1/30/2016 i received topic 151 then on 2/6/2016 it chaged with reference number 1121. I called the IRS this morning and basically they told me to wait for a letter and that the reference number was just saying that i wouldn’t get my refund within the 21 days. She also said that the letter may require me to send some info but she didn’t have details. I file the same way every year, nothing changed what so ever.



    Anyone have any update? I filled1\22 got 151on 1\30. I’ve received 0.00 as of yet. Still waiting on letter. Wtf?



    Would tax topic 151 be directly related to an offset?

    Ive claimed the same dependents for 3 yearsnow…



    I found this, it is for us code 151 people. I sure hope it helps. I owe 200.00 they had just sent me a letter prior to me filing. We shall see.

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