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Tax Topic 151, Reference Number 1242

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    The following is the message I receive now on WMR. Anyone else with this situation?

    We have received your tax return and it is being reviewed.
    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
    Tax Topic 151, Your Appeal Rights
    If you have questions or need additional information, please have the following on hand when you call:
    A copy of this page.
    A copy of your tax return.
    The Social Security Number, Filing Status, and refund amount claimed on your return.
    Any notice that you have received concerning your refund.
    Please mention reference number 1242 to the IRS Customer Service Representative.

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    Victoria Martin

    I got the same message being filling the same ever year nothing change can someone please tell me what I need to do please because this is really crazy.


    I received a letter from the IRS to show prove for claiming my step child and my child. For the past 4 years I never had a issue with this. Now IRS is asking for birth certificate and marriage certificate. Which is a bunch of BS. I think this is a part of trump screwing us over. I believe this was his plan to screw the middle class family over for our taxes.


    I received this reference # today as well. The mail service here is horrible and I am worried I won’t receive the letter. Are the documents they need the same for everyone or is it different depending on situations? I claim my girlfriend’s children (and have for the last 3 years with no issues) she hasn’t been working since the end of 2016. Do I just need to prove that we all still live at the same address?


    Question: So when you receive partial refund, is it also DD?


    I filed jan 23 accepted jan 29, path msg appeared about feb. 6 and around feb. 12 checked wmr and got message. take action! with tax topic 151. and that to wait until i recieved letter in mail before calling irs. Received letter in mail few days later. when I called number I was told to send supporting documents of my dependents . I’m claiming my grandkids for first time so I have to send proof of head of household, utilities, mortgage, copy of their birth certificates, also a copy of my daughters birth certificate(which is my daughter) shot records, school records which should include their residence as my address.

    I have 30 days to send in the info . If i need more time I must contact irs to extend time line. I’m almost done getting documents in order, I’m sending as much info as possible to support my eligibility. I did recieve partial refund a few days after i got letter. I was told it could take anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 months.


    What did letter ask for? I got same message


    My fiancee claimed our son this year and he has the same message. He has had the same address for years. We moved from that address a few months ago. Will they really need prove of all the bills because I don’t think we have it. He called the IRS three times and got got different answers each time. We are still waiting on the letter they claimed that was mailed on February 12th. IRS needs to find a better method in asking for more info and not wait until money is suppose to come.


    I got the same message, first my status just said under review, and later on Friday 2-16 I saw a deposit in my bank account for just my tax withheld I’m missing the eitc and ait credit. I called and verified why they said that i only got partial and the rest is still being reviewed. If anything is needed I’ll get a letter, if everything is okay I’ll get the remaining later. I think this delay is because of the new law being passed about the eitc and ait credit. I’m just confused because by law it said they couldn’t issue a partial refund and i have one


    Still no change in the status or any mail from them. My return is short and straightforward, just a W-2 and education credit. No dependents, so I dunno.

    Seems to be no real definite answer to the topic and reference code.


    I got same thing what did letter ask for?


    Updates anyone? End of June and still no letter for irs like they said


    hi everyone, I went into audit about march 2nd, I recieved a partial refund , later around may 1st I got a letter saying I was being audited and I needed to send documents as proof of dependents, I sent birth certificates, school and medical records, utilities bills, grocery receipts,etc…was told to wait until sept 10 for them to sort through my info and by then they would approve or deny eitc. btw. I’m claiming my grandchildren which caused audit.


    Got my transcripts online 846 shows when they sent me partial still showing -$4400 as refund owed! $800 was partial sent back in February


    @js my refund $5200 and w’2 like every year still nothing have to wait until June like letter said


    @SJM Yes, transcripts updated to 846 which is my direct deposit
    811 freeze removal on Friday along with 421 which is audit removal/completion.
    Money hit my bank account today.

    WMR did not update at all during the process. It only changed when my trans did and even then it only said “WE have received your return and it is being processed”


    @goblue are you talking bout in your transcripts? Do you stay change on where’s my refund?


    Got my 846 for today, I’m finally out of audit jail… thank goodness and good luck to everyone. I will still be around if you guys have questions


    @Dely how much was your return and where you self employed or used w2’s


    Updates anyone?


    Lol I just got a letter that was dated april 2nd. Im already working with an advocate and have been for over a month. Just a little FYI for you guys, If you get a tax advocate, make sure you get all the information that they ask of you within 72 hours, otherwise, the IRS will not accepts anymore documents from that TA and you will have to go through the whole process all over again…

    Savan a

    Doug I am in the same boat!!! I have not yet received a letter from the IRS!!


    If you guys haven’t already, get a tax advocate which will hell did the prices along. You shouldn’t have to wait that long if you had one as they put time limits on things..


    Today I received a letter from irs
    Stating that they did received my documents and that they have until 6/15/18 to verify information and get back to me . That if I have questions to call them . So I have no choice to wait ! Just wanted to update everyone here .


    My boyfriend of 6 years has always claimed my daughter from a previous and our second child but this year is different i guess. We received a letter telling us to send in more information, (birth certificates, etc.) After we sent that stuff in we waited almost 30 days to receive a letter saying that they received our response. Also told us that we could wait up until 6/23/18 to receive any more information from the IRS and they may even ask for more information from us at that time….. SOOOOO I am thinking all of us that are in this boat could be waiting a lONG time this year to see any money beyond what we wanted to be held, because he got back $170, but nowhere near the amount in the high thousands we are supposed to get back. I for one am mad because that is how we pay most of our rent for the year. Its just crazy. We originally filed like 1/23/18.


    Same boat as a lot of you…my fiancee claimed our son and my three daughters and this showed up. We’ve filed the same way for three years now, this is ridiculous. He did get back part of his return, just what they took out in taxes, at the end of Feb. Still waiting for the letter telling us what else to do, etc. Not sure what else to do but wait…

    James Light

    We may never get a refund this year


    Don’t amend. Just be ready to submit proof that you provided more then half thier support for half the year, receipts from grocery, lease or mortgage, Dr bills, anything to back up your claim. If you claimed them incorrectly, get a tax advocate and they will tell you if you should amend or not. Don’t amend while you are under review, your amended will go to the bottom of the pile and then the system will see that there is two 1040’s filed for the same person and it will put you back into review

    Cecelia Glenn

    I’ve been living with my boyfriend for 12 months and his two children he doesn’t work and neither does the mother of the kids work I am the only one that works I claim them on my taxes this year and I got a Take Action Tax topic 151 I’m wondering if I should just go back and amend my taxes and take them off


    Same situation, No letter received. told me to wait 30 days for a letter and still nothing


    Still no letter & no refund balance yet! Told to wait for letter and/or watch my bank account????? Silly!


    What will happen if you decided not to pursue since you didn’t have much evidence? But i will start saving all those for the following year. But this year i will just drop it. Do i need to ammend my return or just wait the 30 day window so IRS will adjust themselves


    Rish 2
    Mine was DD $800 that was my tax and that’s what I received back
    Sending as much as I can Monday


    I got the same issue. I filed my taxes this early (on February 1st) for the first time in my life and I have lived long enough. I have a child with someone and she claims him one year and I claim him the other. I also claim my niece. in 2012, they audited me and I came on top. this year, they rejected my taxes 2 hours after I filed them online. they said my son’s name was misspelled and does not match their records. then I reverified it and filed it again. I come to know today that they have a tax “freeze” on my filing. not sure why but I’m ready for a battle with bureaucracy. here’s what you need to prepare for:
    1- set your mental state to Trump era dial”
    2- don’t be courageous and don’t argue with them.
    3- give them what they ask for which includes, your utility bills (electric bills only) at least six one for every other month of the year (prove you’re the head of household), receipts for payments made to the electric company, your lease or a letter from landlord, birth certificate of your child saying he’s your child. you must be listed on their somewhere. court documents if custody is an issue.
    4- don’t hire a lawyer or an accountant unless you own a business. this will irritate them and make them look deeper into your situation. this process is usually straightforward. they haven’t sent me anything yet but I’m preparing for it and on the move.


    My sister had the same status. Last week she received a letter stating that she is under review but no action is needed at the moment. We called IRS and rep told her to wait for additional letters to come in the mail. She is claiming my son. I will update here if she receive additional letters from IRS. She haven’t receive a partial refund as well.


    How do you know if you are going to receive a partial return?


    Same thing here! Tax Topic 151 Ref. 1242.
    After speaking with someone today I will receive a partial refund in a few days, but not EIC and I have to wait for a letter in the mail. I only have one school aged child, but we are gathering documents now! I wonder if a lease would work as well for proof of all three kids.
    This is so frustrating and I am in shock of how many others are finding themselves in this predicament!
    Filed HoH w/ a W2, 3 dependents.

    Hey now

    @Tammy what documents did they need from you to claim your nieces and nephew. I’m in the same situation but waiting for the letter. I just want to be prepared. Thank you! Good luck everyone.


    I got the 1242 message as well today. I filed the same information I filed last year and had no problem at that point. I haven’t received any letters and they appear to not be open to call them. What documents are they asking you for?


    Tammy what did they ask for


    ok, so i filed my taxes and had this same message. i got a letter asking to verify my nieces and nephew that i claim…the problem is now, the mother doesn’t want to give me any of the documents the IRS needs…even though she and the 3 kids all live with me and i support them.
    What do i do???


    Got this message today. Have no new dependents or eic or actc. Only ctc. Have no idea what this is about. Have ref1242 and tt151


    @Tiesha Wait 45 days? All this sounds like hogwash. They seem to be delaying things intentionally. For me it isn’t a big setback but for many they are relying on that refund 💰 money for various things.


    I received the same notice and when i spoke with someone at the IRS this morning she stated that the reference number meant nothing and that she doesn’t know why they put those numbers on the letters and that i should just wait the 45 days


    My husband got the same msg he has been claiming the same children for a while this year he added his nephew. What happens if you don’t have all the information?


    Seems to be most everyone is being singled out for the EIC. I only have the AOTC (American Opportunity Tax Credit). No problem the last 3 years. I will wait a few more days and see if I receive any mail then I will call the IRS.


    Received same info and letter couple days after which was Monday the 19th. Today Thursday 22nd received partial basically what i paid in taxes
    Letter stars eic verification they requesting all of the following, proof of HoH lease gas electric bills also birth certificate social security child care school records doctors records proof of receipts things I bought for nephew etc
    Hard because he is 4 no school no day care I only worked part time and paid someone to watch him
    Don’t know if I let it go ( and if that decision will hurt ) or continue


    @latoya No I haven’t received anything and I have not yet called them. From what I have gathered from others is that I might just as well call you :-) No one seems to get anywhere with the IRS on the phone. It would appear they are trained to get rid of you quickly and without giving you any information.


    I got the same crap message, and talking to the ira is like looking at the stupid message on the site, except for that the rep told me they are looking at eitc particularly. Rubbish. Now I have to see if I have, or get a letter. First time in eight years. The government really knows how to screw people over. Now I get to watch everyone around me get their refund today except me


    @Doug Did you receive anything or have you spoke to anyone yet about your refund.


    @Sheri I think it would show on WMR. Although WMR hasn’t proven to be very reliable so maybe make a phone call. All the best and hope you receive your return soon.


    Received my packet today they want proof for EIC ….Birth certificate , day care, school records etc I have 30days to mail or fax info


    @Doug: same here. straightforward w-2, education credits & schedule C. Received same message 2/2 with partial refund. Since then, changed with code 1242 (which I understand is automatic after 21 days) but still no letter received. TT151 obviously covers a wide range of issues so I am just waiting for that letter…if it ever comes! When I called the IRS I was told to get back to them if I have not received the letter by 3/14.


    As I can see many of us are getting same message, that 1% they claim to get review every year is a load of sh%$, with me it stated refund approved on Thursday to now reference 1242 today. 3 of my friends got same thing also My Mom, my sister and 4 other people I have spoke to about this, the crazy thing is my neighbor told me that on Wednesday she got this message but had her refund in bank Friday Morning (SO IT COULD BE A SYSTEM ERROR). Last year the bar wasn’t moving and people wore getting their refunds before the bar moved to refund approved. I believe that anyone that is claiming the EIC is getting reviewed. In 2016 they ask me to send proof that my kids wore mines-********************* This is what they asked for: Birth certificates, school grades ( or something from school where it shoes their full name and address) , Drs notes, and since their last name do not match mines MY birth certificate,my social security card, marriage certificate & divorce certificate. After I sent all that in via fax 4 times and by certified mail twice – signature require due to them saying they woren’t receiving it and you only having a certain amount of time to reply….. I got a letter saying they wore going to disallow my EIC and dependents and took those credits away which put me in a hole me owing over $5,000 I had to appeal and From March fighting them I got my refund in late November.



    I also received the same message, I was just wondering how many receipt you had to send to them for self employment?? I’m also self employed myself, never had to deal with this before. Just need a lil help.. Thank you in advance

    Ashleigh Madison

    I got this Saturday as well as a friend of mine got a partial refund but not credits I haven’t gotten anything in mail or in bank


    I just never had a 151 code ever my taxes always came back no issues. Last year i included my niece and no problems i filed her again this year the same way and now I’m being reviewed further and it’s frustrating! Especially having kids


    Same message

    Elba J Roark

    Yesterday when I checked mine it stated that it was accepted and being processed. Checked this morning when I got up and I received the same thing above. Did a general Google Search on the reference number and there are too many conflicting statements on what it actually means. Some people say it is for an offset and some say it is for the EIC/ACTC, but no one can give an actual definitive answer on what the damn thing means. The website does not state that I am to receive a letter from the IRS, just that if I have questions, to call them and mention the reference number to the IRS Representative.


    I have the exact same thing. With the exact numbers. They sent me a letter last week, I had to fax over proof my children belong to me. Doctor notes, a letter from they’re school birth certificates. Had to have receipts, and fill out they’re questionnaire about how I have my self employed business.
    It will be ok though once you get the letter send in everything they want. The bad part is , it will put a delay on our refunds.


    I Haven’t had that situation, but it looks like they need more info. They should send you a letter.

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