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    Anybody have experience with this?

    -Filed 1/24 with EITC
    -Accepted same day
    -No path message just went straight to (we have received your return and it’s being processed)
    -2/23 Tax topic 151 reference 1242

    Anybody have Any knowledge on this??

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    Im going through the same thing an exam audit I’ve been waiting since January i had to get a tax advocate she’s sent over a 911 form to get my refund released im 🙏 they’re by the September 10 date she gave me



    As anyone got there taxes back yet after getting acode 151?



    Still no update my review was up on the 22 of may called on the 23 saying to give them 45 more days this is bs been waiting since jan23


    Jan V.

    I am in the same position.
    I mailed everything and they said they got the mail on 5/2.
    any idea how many days it will take to get my refund, has anyone gotten their refund yet .



    I’ve been having that code sine February 18 just received my first letter April 23 telling me to give them to may 21 to finish my review



    Fiked thru Turbo Tax 2/25. Accepted same day.
    Went into review 3/4
    CP74 mailed out 3/18
    WMR has stayed in “Your return is still processing. You will receive a refund date when available.”
    4/28 WMR just now says I’m in review with tax code 151 and reference code 1242.

    Why did WMR just now update to say the refund was in review when it has been in review since 3/4 and was only supposed to be a 45 day review. We haven’t rec’d any other letter other than the CP74 saying our EIC is approved.

    We are in financial hardship and reached out for a tax advocate to call us back within 5 days and never received a call back. Car has been repoed because we were expecting our tax money.
    This is so crazy and causing so much stress! I’m so confused.
    Are they extending our review or is WMR just WAY behind? We should’ve received our refund by now.



    Any one get any updates



    Got same code. Was told by irs that i will receive ddd of $2300 on 2/27. The eitc is under review and i should receive a letter or i may even just receive the rest before i receive the letter. She said its normal and not to worry about it.



    I have that same code



    1541. 570. Still stuck


    Stacie Caldwell

    It just happened to me to? What is it? Do we
    Get our refund? When would we get it? Amyth8ng I need to do now?



    I got the same thing. I’ve read that it means your taxes are frozen for further review. You may owe someone and they are taking money out, they may need more information on your dependents.



    There are some pinned posts located at the top
    of the discussion threads and it’s has some info on tax codes

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
  • The forum ‘2019 Tax Season’ is closed to new topics and replies.