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    WMR says Take Action and Reference Code 1541

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    I was told to check back on the 27th for an update…take action message is still there. Ugh. Beginning to think my husband and I will never see our refund.

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    This will now be the third IRS rep I’ve spoken to in 3 weeks.

    After a 26 minute wait to speak to someone, and a 5 minutes wait after THAT for the rep to “look over my account,” I was told that the 1541 means I was “just a random pull.” She could see where I got the 4464C letter saying that I was under review for no particular reason, and as of today, had no errors/flags on my return for anything. I don’t need to verify ID, fill out any paperwork, resubmit my return, or correct/amend anything. Nothing needs to be done. The review itself could take up to 4-6 weeks total before I see my refund, and it’s already been 3. She said there were no notes about any further letters being mailed out. If they did need me to do anything, they would notify me via mail — but because she saw nothing in the system indicating so, she said I should “take that as a good sign.” Yet again, I was advised to keep checking WMR daily for updates.

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    @Mandie: An update after 1541 on WMR seems like promising progress! Let us know how is goes.

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    Updated this morning from 1541 to “Your return is still being processed.” Offset line says my offset will be satisfied by the payment of XXX.XX $ on 2/28… Filed Injured Spouse, which is evident in the amount they are sending them. His debt is significantly more than our check was. So, according to all of that my refund should finally be here sometime next week. :) Yay!!

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    Same! We filed & were accepted 1/31/18.
    On February 13th, our onlune status went from the PATH message to the message regarding reference code 1541 and to ask for extension 312 when calling the number listed.
    The rep said our return was “delayed” due to “re-examination” & that the “re-examination” case was closed on February 15th. When I inquired as to WHY, no answer was given. THEN, I was told it could take up to 90 days to receive our refund. WTH??
    I then asked if our refund would be mailed or deposited to our banking account specified on our e-file paperwork and she put me on hold. Then she disconnected after I’d been on hold an additional 17 minutes!!
    Total hold time to reach that rep on that ONE call was over 2.5 hours. So aggravated and frustrated that I was in tears today trying to reach an available representative…once again to NO avail.

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    I received them 1541 code over a week ago. My husband called the IRS yesterday and he was immediately told it had nothing to do with our taxes and that it was because of the PATH Act. I still find it odd. They didn’t bother to look into our file at all, just heard 1541 and gave us that response and quickly got off the phone,

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    I had the same 1541 code and called and was told to wait for a letter. I decided to try my luck and call back and was told that I hadn’t filed my 2014 taxes and that my 2017 refund was on hold (they called it CP63) until I filed.They gave me this number 1-866-897-3315 and they are open from 8am-8pm est, I believe. Its the hold department. To this day I still haven’t received a letter to tell me what year, or why its a hold. However, I did the tax forms and sent them overnight and was told that once they look at them and update they will release my 2017 refund if I don’t owe any money, and then process the 2014 return.
    Even if you arent sure its worth the call to check. it may save you weeks of time.

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    Anyone know by chance? Or have the same happen?

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    If I got topic 1541 and 1242 “We received… it’s being reviewed” no letter, got refund not associated with eic and actc could they still release that portion the 27th?

    I received my portion not including eic and actc this morning.   I’m assuming they want to verify something but I haven’t gotten a letter yet.  When reading I see things that say don’t expect your eic/actc related refunds to be deposited before the 27th.  Is it likely they would do separate deposits?

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    Seems everyone’s 1541 code is related to different circumstances and we just have to wait to see. ughhhhhhhhh

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    Found this topic from 2017: https://igotmyrefund.com/forums/topic/wmr-take-action-reference-1541/

    Looking at what Elizabeth Clark said there…. ughhhhhh.

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    Hey Everyone,
    So I got the 1541 message when I checked last Saturday. I’ve done an obsessive amount of research and digging these past few days. People are saying everything from I’m under an Audit to I have debts owed. I started with debts because I do have student loans but are deferred. It’s the federal govt so you never know, right? I called the treasury offset phone number and found I had no debt. I waited until this morning, called the irs panicking, and they gave me the “because of the path act” speil. Yeah, okay, i get it, but that message is incredibly alarming and i wasnt convinced. The next thing I figured out was I needed to look at my transcripts. I saw that I had a tax transcript for 2017, so according to some people on this and other sites, that means nothing, but some say that it means the irs has processed it. I ended up ordering the account transcript, because I read that this updates with actions taken. I showed a 570 code with $0.00. I quickly gathered from various sites that this means a hold of some sort. Okay. But below that was code 896 with a positive amount listed next to it. This amount was identical to my penalty for not having healthcare. So, i was positive that this meant there was a hold of some sort because of the money owed for aca. I looked for hours and hours until I finally figured out that two years ago people had similar issues. What it amounted to was that the irs has to send this money from your account to the market place prior to releasing the 570 hold. The 570 will then be replaced with another code to indicate it’s release. There was a lot of speculation on sites about why some people had this code and why others didn’t, but the conclusion that was drawn on one page was that there wasn’t enough room in the batch to the marketplace, and that funds were delayed a week. If I understand correctly, the funds will be released on the next week’s cycle and from there, there is a 4 business day turnaround time to process and give a ddd.

    I’m sure this isn’t the case for everyone on here, but it might apply to some. All the pieces add up in this scenario, for me at least, so I’m fairly confident I’ve gotten to the bottom of my issue. So, if anyone else with the 1541 code is able to order transcripts and shows the same information, this could be what’s going on. I apologize for so much info but I just wanted everyone to know how I figured all this out. Hopefully this helps someone.

    Is anyone else able to order transcripts and in the same boat?

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    @willbeas: Thank you for clarifying.

    I personally think they’re hitting a lot of people with this 1541 just for shits and giggles.

    I’ve been sitting with it for over a week now. I spoke with the IRS again, and he said he couldn’t see anything wrong with my return, just that I was under review and didn’t need to do anything.

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    1541 is an an internal code that the IRS uses to identify returns that have been “Delayed”. The doesn’t mean there is something wrong with your return, it could simply be that the IRS has an overflow of returns at this time and is behind schedule on issues refunds.

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    I, too, have received the code 1541. I filed on Jan 19. Called IRS last week (twice). Was told they were just reviewing info and it would take 60 days to complete. Said something along the lines that they could not verify my wages/withholdings as my employer had not sent it to them yet. Well, that can’t be true because my co-worker filed (with my problems) and has already received his refund back. (there’s only 3 of us that work here). On my 2nd call to the IRS, I was told that I shouldn’t have been told that about my verify my wages/withholdings. Said she reviewed my account in detail and they were just verifying my dependents. Which doesn’t make much sense either since I’ve been claiming the same two kids for the last 5 and 17 years. I had delays last year as well and didn’t get my refund until June!! I had a Tax Advocate as well. I called that same Tax Advocate last week just to see if she could help me again, but said I had to call the 877 # to be assigned to someone. However, she did look in her system and said the same thing that the IRS could not verify my wages/withholdings. I don’t know what to do at this point!

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    😊Whomever is telling you that you are being pulled for review is pulling your chain. The 1541 code means there is a simple delay in processing your return. Both my husband, and 2 of his aunts work for the IRS. One in the computing division, and the other two in the Wage and Investment division. (Which handles the returns and refunds). In some cases when you call in to the IRS, you will get a temp worker who do not know how to cross reference the codes, or are too burned out and angry from prior calls to care about giving people the proper information. Your returns are simply delayed. There are no holds or reviews on them unless you receive a internal code that reference a review freeze. I hope this helps ease your minds. 😊

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    Kaylah Bennett

    My refund status on where’s my refund is still saying TAKE ACTION 1541. Me and all my friends filed the same day, they has their date for Thursday, while mines is still saying take action. Has anyone refund been deposited in their account after they seen the rake action message?

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    Mine updated to the same code a little over a week ago. Just wondering when that’s going to go away. I’m tired of seeing it… When I called the IRS they told me it most likely wouldn’t update until the 22nd. I have been updating on Saturdays, so I am thinking I probably won’t see a change until Saturday. Then maybe a did for the 2nd of March is what she was telling me. I am planning on calling tomorrow to see if I can get more info. This is frustrating. I am in a very bad position. I need to get my money soon. I hate this whole PATH thing. I get not being able to receive refund until now, but do they really have to wait until the 15th to start processing? Geez why not process everyone as they come in and just hold the refund until the 15th?!

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    My mother’s situation is miror to yours. Same filing date and she was told the same thing when she called in. I hope the 570 drops this week and you all get a ddd. Let’s keep each other posted.

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    Has anyones status Updated from the “TAKE ACTION There is a Delay” message? Mines been like that since 1/31/18. Says Take Action but then doesn’t say anything. Only when you click contact us does it list a reference #. I called and they said there’s no issues it’s because I’m an EITC filer and they will start processing on the 15th. Well it’s now the 18th and that message is still there. No letters, No other codes, No nothing. Turbo Tax doesn’t show any issues either. Anyone else in the same exact spot?

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    @Shirley thank you so much for responding and I will give them a call Tuesday morning.

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    I didnt get that 1541 code but it has the stil being processed message I called and is was I’d verify holding me up no letter yet

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    I received this message…………TAKE ACTION

    We have received your tax return and it is being reviewed. You will receive a notice from us requesting additional information within 30 calendar days. You may not receive all or part of your refund until we receive and review the information we requested. If you need more information after you receive our notice, call the number on the notice.
    Please do not contact us until you have received the notice as we are unable to take any action until then


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    Filed and accepted 1/23, Head of Household, never received a Path message, been sitting at Take Action/Reference 1541 for over a week now. When I called the IRS this past Monday, I was told nothing was wrong and that I was just being delayed because of EITC and to expect an update 2/17. Imagine my surprise when here we are, the big day, and NOTHING. No update whatsoever. I’m heated.

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    Just asking


    filed 1/29
    Accp 1/29
    path mess 2/3
    151 message 2/17

    for some context…

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    Just asking


    I got the same thing I did not check WMR after path message. I had some back taxes federal, now I called and says I owe $0 confused……

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    @jemar707 I’m not sure if my mom was. I read that the delay could be a system glitch. Over load of returns which would make sense because my mom never updated to the path. She stayed at one bar and when she called they didn’t see anything wrong. No letters sent nothing. They told her to give it until the 27th

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    Get a tax advocate. 1877-777-4778 u have to have a hardship like eviction, utilities shut off or emergency they will get it done faster. Mine was from a w2 employer didn’t send in til after irs processed my return computer automatically flags it now with the new path law. She said I should get mine next update.

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    I was told I was under review when I called the Irs to order my transcripts. The person I spoke with said it could take anywhere to 45 days which would put me st April 1. He said if I received a letter it would be CP something. This has never happened to me. Will it take that long and what can I expect ? Will I see a update tonight or will they hold it until they’re finished reviewing me ?

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    Just checked my status and I have the Take Action huge exclamation point in red and it says “ there is a delay in processing your tax return” ref # 1541please call 800-829-0582 ext 312 when I called the automated number it said the same thing only to dial ext 712. My status was fine up until midnight. I only checked the where’s my refund site maybe three times after filing. I didn’t send mine in until the 27th of January. I’m positive I did everything correct I’ve been doing taxes since I was 19 years old I know the tax laws. This is a first for me and we can’t call and get any information until Tuesday go figure….

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    Were any of you affected by Equifax breach? I was and thought that might be a factor.

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    Woke up to 1541 called and they said my refund is being held for identity theft, can’t do any verification until I get a letter

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    My mom got the take action 1541 and they told her the same. Gave her the PATH stuff and said nothing is wrong with her return. They said give it until the 27th.

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    Valerie Mason

    Same issue, when I called they said it was due to the path act and delay in processing.

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    My WMR this morning now says Take Action and when you click on contact us, Reference Code 1541. I created a thread here if that is a common thing among any of us: https://igotmyrefund.com/forums/topic/take-action-1541/

    Woke up to 570 on transcript. Take Action on WMR, and 1541.

    I never had the Path Message, only 1 bar.
    I don’t have any offsets or federal tax debt.

    Let’s see… what else can we compare…

    I didn’t file during shutdown, I filed 1/29

    Called this morning for the hell of it, knowing I would just get some bullshit. Rep said wait a week there just hasn’t been a refund release date yet. I asked then why would it say take action? Stumped her. She started in on the EITC/ACTC script that they give them, I was like oh no, that ended yesterday. All in all, she said wait a week. I figured that is the way she wan ted to get me off the phone.

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