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    WMR says Take Action and Reference Code 1541

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    Mine still says processing. Waiting for a ddd still. Good luck everyone!

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    Mine is also saying being processed. Hopefully we will see a change this week.

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    Same take action ref code 1541 for weeks changed to we received your refund and it is being processed on 3/1 got Verified identity letter 3/1 passed and was told my refund will be released But due to The irs being very busy i should Receive it by April 11

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    Has the post been slowing down becuase people are getting their taxes back now or ddd at lease??? Mines still says “still processing”.

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    Filed 1/29 accepted 1/30… Received and being processed until 7 whole days of 1541 take action. Called said they should finish processing by Friday…apparently that’s when they started processing cause now I’m back to we have received your return and are processing. Also said I should receive a letter by March 11th bit to keep checking wmr cause It could change. Basically gave me the run around…I’ve received no letter…and I have no offsets…so just fed me the bullshit they are feeding everyone. As of today received and processing. Seeing all these ddd’s and reviewed returns makes me worry. :/

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    Congratulations to those who got their date I ordered my transcripts so hopefully it tells me something Orrrrr I’ll just keep waiting like I have been…but I’m still at the processing screen which anything is better than 1541 lol

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    Still on processing…They update again between 9-12 tonight, maybe I’ll get a date then. Congratulations to those who got their date!

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    tolu akinrinola

    Hey guys! Mine changed this morning to refund approved. DD is set for 3/6/2019. Yay!!

    Good luck to everyone

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    @tommy mines still says processing, sorry to hear yours moved back to delayed.

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    Mine still says processing, just praying and hoping for a ddd sometime later today 🤞🏽

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    @tommy….mine hasnt changef from processing back to take action…. Sorry

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    Everyone that went to processing this morning check again and see if it back to delayed i was at processing this morning now it says delayed again

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    I had code 1541 since February 15th. I called was told I was under review and it would take 45 days from March 4th. I called an advocate. I had to send W2, paystubs, bank records showing direct deposit to show income verification and proof of financial hardship. I faxed it last Friday, I was told to wait until March 8th, I received my direct deposit this evening at 6pm.

    Call and advocate. Last year I made a mistake and didn’t receive my taxes because the IRS never sent me notification I made a mistake.

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    had the 1541 up until this morning….after I called the irs twice. One guy told my husband wed have our taxes by the end of march and a lady told me id have a letter set to me on the 11th and it’d be 45 days from the date of the letter wed have our refund. Now I wake up to the weve received your refund and its being processed…how longs I going to take now?

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    1st time posting here, was accepted 1/28, a week later seen 1541 code called last Monday the representative said our return looked fine but it could take 45 days. This morning code gone and is processing.

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    So i filled my return on January 26 it was excepted on the 27th. For 2 weeks it said we received your return then i got the 1541 message saying my taxes have been delayed with no info, so i called and spoke with a rep she said that everything was fine mine just got caught up with the child tax credit and they are not releasing those until after the 27th. OK so i waited for the 27th and nothing so i decided to call yesterday and the rep told me the same thing all you guys have been says you will receive a letter but it have not went out yet if you don’t received anything by the end of April give use a call back. I was like oh my god i need my money are you series, then she was like but if you need the money faster let use know if you are having a hardship like your rent like be late are car payment she said that we will assign you a tax avocate so i said yea this will be a hard ship for me so she took my information and told me someone will be in contact with in 3-5 days i woke up this morning to check the status and it says in process like really i advised the lady yesterday that i have been on a bunch of site and everyone is saying the same thing something just not right. she said that we just have to make sure everything match up right if it did not why in the hell did they except our taxes something not right, so now sense my taxes are being process i hope i get the Asap

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    Summer Yandle

    Yes my employer claims they submitted them 1/30 but even social security doesn’t see it, and that’s how the irs gets those wages. A tax advocate should be able to get it done though.

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    Mine was changed to received and In process now no more 1541 yayyyy I must be with the batch that changed over night. I too have been stuck on 1541 for weeks no offsets and claimed the credit… filed early FYI never again.

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    *meant to say (updated) this morning

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    Updating to the processing message as well with my original refund amount being displayed. Thanking God for taking over the process and hoping to get a DDD tomorrow morning on the website. We are almost there folks!

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    Call local TA if you can’t view transcripts online, mine just told me I have ddd for 3/6.

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    Muneca H.

    Hey yall,
    I never posted here but been reading. I filed jan 29 accepted same day. Feb 20th about i got the take action. Ref 1541. Today i also got the now processing your return and no more take action. So weird alot of us are getting it at same time.

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    Thank you guys for you updated message I also am no longer on 1541 which is a good thing. Just hold on guys We are almost there we’re making some progress so that is surely a blessing.

    Have a great day all.

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    Updated this morning to still being processed…There is hope after all. Hopefully we will not have to wait too much longer. Good luck to all of you!! This has been so frustrating.

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    Summer Yandle, have you contacted your employer? I harassed my employer all last week about incorrect wages.

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    Summer Yandle

    This is actually discouraging now. Everyone that had the 1541 seemed to now have the processing message. My guess is they did an update to slow down the phone calls. My wages still are incorrect on the ssa website. Hanging on to a tiny bit of hope I guess.

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    Changed from 1541 to recieved and processing as of 6am. I figured it was gonna happen. Hope to have ddd tomorrow morning like my coworker did last Sat. He also had the 1541. Just hang in there guys. Pretty sure all this fuss was just over the irs being backed up from the shutdown and giving us a generic delay code till they got caught up.

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    Summer Yandle

    Also, still waiting on a TA. Spent 4 hours in holds yesterday for more dropped calls. I finally just ended up having them submit a referral for TA and they will be in contact within 3-5 business days

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    Summer Yandle

    My 1541 error updated to processing today, hope that’s good news?!

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    Mine has also changed to it’s been received and it’s being processed. The 1541 is now gone.

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    Good morning I called the IRS Wednesday and spoke to an agent who said I would be getting a letter March 11th and to just follow instructions but she didn’t tell me the problem said she didn’t know. I just went on the social security website and I see that my earnings for 2018 Are listed incorrectly. My job that I’ve been on for almost 5 years didn’t report my earnings so I’m lost as to what I should do they gave me my w2. Does anyone else have this issue because I need my refund as much as everyone else. Any suggestions please. Thanks in advance

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    Ok so I had the tax action code 1541 on February 9th I filed and was accepted on Jan 22nd today when I woke up and checked it it changed to we have received ur return it is being processed anyone know what that means

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    Can’t get a tax advocate because the call keep getting dropped. I was on the phone for almost 4hours after getting transferred and the call dropped after saying it was experiencing technical difficulties.

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    OH ALSO I DID HAVE A VERY VERY VERY LONG HOLD TIME In total the call took 3hr but if you are in need like me and my family are of our taxes then it is worth the wait

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    OK UPDATE on 2/15 I got messages 1541 called the next week was told the income IRS had did not match what I put I KNEW this was inaccurate because I used my W2’s IRS told me there was nothing I can do about it and I would have to wait to get a letter in the mail AFTER going through what I did last year I was not going to wait till October or November to get my refund I CALLED A TAX ADVOCATE and will have my refund in 6 weeks and they will do all the leg work and it is a free service the only requirement is that you are going through a hard ship and need some kind of proof such as a disconnect notice on any bills or something saying you are late on rent. I highly recommended ANYONE GOING THROUGH CRAP with IRS to call a TAX ADVOCATE

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    The tax advocate is Bs I have tried numerous times got pin number and put on hold for hours n call magically drops. The IRS is playing us! A holes.
    Is not your phone is the IRS dropping us.

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    Summer Yandle

    Per my call earlier
    Well. I did nothing wrong. I had a part time job who did not report my wages so they of course didn’t match what I entered from my w-2 so it raises a flag. I’m livid. This company is old school, still gives me paper checks. Guess who is quitting? Lol I can’t do anything right now they said I have to contact them and make sure they submit my wages and if there are issues then I need to call the IRS back.

    Called my employer and they said they sent it 1/30

    Call the TA line waited 45 mins, they answered said I need special handling and gave me a pin to give to the department she was transferring me to..transferred and call dropped 😭😭

    Called again waited 45 mins and it dropped again

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    Re Wilson

    I actually filed with my loan company.
    I got accepted that day and had half my refund up front in hand. When I finally got around to checking my status, for the first time since I’ve started filing, I see something I’ve never seen before. I’m not under “audit” I’m under review. Ref code 1541. I’ve been reading public posts like these since that date and figured why even bother calling? Like someone else said, if the government wants to speak with you.. They will. I dislike having that money hanging over my head that I was given up front by my loan company and not knowing any dates or info. I dislike the anxiety that goes along with the wait. This is the one time of the year the working American, for the most part, gets to have a little extra $$ in their pocket and a little less worry in the head… TY 2019 for blowing that one.
    Thanks for sharing, everyone!✌️

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    AmberP you go to ssa.gov and you’ll make an account. After that you’ll log in then you should see it say something along the lines of last reported wages for 2018.

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    Call social security administration and them that something is wrong with your taxes. Make sure you have a copy of your return when you are talking to them

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    @Dominic you’re absolutely right which is why I just prayed on it and left it be not going to call them anymore not checking WMR I figure I would wake up one day and I’ll I have a notice from my account saying I have a balance lol. I also believe sometimes reading others situation will stress you out too everyone is different. It will be here soon guys just have faith.

    We all was counting on our returns we have bills and children so I understand the frustration at first I wanted to cry now I just keep myself occupied. Have a goodnight all and stay positive.

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    Everyones situation is different, different codes for different reasons. If the IRS needs to get a hold of you, trust me they will! Alot of early filers got caught up on review or test batch..we will see our refund soon! BUT…calling the irs everyday is not gonna help your situation any. I’m waiting too…it’s coming soooon!

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    Can someone please explain how to check wages on ssa website?

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    I have been looking at all of y’all testimonies on here and I too am a victim of the code 1541 take action. I filed jan 21 and was excepted Jan 22nd. Had a bar for a week then disappeared and the 1541 code appeared. The irs told me all that y’all are talking about. I’ll get a letter 3/4/19, there is nothing wrong with my return, the eic/path, wait til after the 27th, up under review, I have to wait up til 45 days, and etc. I have been ver frustrated with the irs. Until I callyon Monday and a lady told me why my return is being held. One of my employer has not turned in my w2!! I even called ssa and they said the same. So now I have to wait to see if they can find it because my employer say that they gave it to ssa. It’s say since they was shutdown the w2 might not have hit their system them yet! If the irs tells you that they can not tell you anything ……they are lying. The lady said that they are not really required to tell us anything but the bullshit that they been telling all of us. Which I don’t understand because it’s my information!! Crazy because I got my state the week before last.

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    Beyond frustrated right now! I filed taxes on 1/7/19, accepted 1/14/19, got the 1541 message 2/9/19. On my transcripts My cycle code is 20190605 and my processing date is 2/25/2019. I just got off the phone with an IRS agent and was told that there is nothing I can do. A letter will be sent out 3/4/19 saying that I am under review and it could take 45 days-90 days to be over with and to just “sit back” and wait. How the heck do they expect someone to just sit back and wonder what’s going on with my stuff.. so now I’m stressing myself out wondering if i messed something up. Hoping and praying that this review goes daily quick and I dont jave to wait for months

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    Same. Lame. There’s not much more to say. Except that I payed 150 dollars for the deluxe edition all for this to happen and again be provided with little to no details, very vague. First bad experience with turbo tax. Might still recommend based off previous years of filing, not a single issue but this one is going to set me back..

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    Mico Ancrum

    What does that mean

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    Filed 01/24 through turbotax and have the take action reference number 1541 code. Spoke to an IRS rep and she said that they will be mailing me a letter on 03/11 regarding my refund but could not tell me what was going on with my refund or if anything was wrong with it.

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    Has anyone gotten a update ?

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    This is beyond frustrating I keep calling and calling the irs to only be told I have a post dated letter for March 11th and it should be in the mail soon. I need answers this never happened before. How do they create letters for future dates but won’t provide you any answers? What does the transcripts supppose to tell you all this is so confusing. I pray we all get answers and it get released. I stop checking and calling it all it does it makes me stress more if there is no progress.

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    Nothing for me yet.They say there a discrepency with federal witholding but have sent me no letterTranscript still shows processing date of March 4th.If its wrong adjust it as I know I did nothing wrong,Its on them!! But give me my money.Filed 1-28 and accepted same day.

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    No update for me either.

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    No update today for me

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    Summer Yandle

    Well WED and SAT are the 2 biggest update days of the week. Hope we see some movement.

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    Hi, I’ve been watching for an update here since the 15th.
    I filed early through TurboTax.
    It says accepted on Jan 25th on TurboTax.
    I checked the wmr on the 15th and received the 1541 take action code.
    I have tried to call several times and never got a live agent.
    I ordered my transcripts they should be here in a couple of days.
    I downloaded my return and I see nothing wrong, missing or any different than the previous year, or years prior.

    As of today the message is still the same.
    So, it seems that the general consensus is that if we don’t have a change or receive dd on tomorrow, the 27th then maybe we can expect some movement on March 4th?

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    @kimberly try 18008290582 ext. 652

    I was on hold for like 20 minutes but i was able to get a live agent on the line.

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    I got the code take action but when i call they told me i was fine no need to do anything is they lying

    #4301956 Reply



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    @kimberly Little they did the same to me jus no. Gave me 2 diffwrent extension codes that say that same thing. Im kind fed up at this point.

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    Kimberly Little

    Still have the take action Delay refund code 1541. filed on 1/28 accepted on 01/29 still claimed One Child no update tried to get a live Rep with Ext 312 line just hangs up when placed on hold HELP!!!!! Also everyone that filed before me will be receiving funds on 02/27 not for me.

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    Have any of your called for a Taxpayer Advocate? I decided to call last week and they are working on my case now. I too was told I was under review by a rep at the IRS but once I contacted an advocate I was told I was actually on hold for wage verification.

    I contacted my previous employer and he states he mailed out everything well over two weeks ago and considering how backed up the IRS was with its mail, I doubt they will get to it any time soon so Im glad I was able to get an advocate this soon.

    I dont know it it’ll move any faster tho because I just checked my ssa and realized there were no earning reported by my previous employer in 2017 either. I have a feeling Im really screwed thanks to them now. I did file that year and go my return so I dont even know what to expect anymore.

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    I called twice and got a run around both times I couldn’t even get in with a rep. Will they calling later if not Wednesday if i dont get my deposit.

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    The IRS is the biggest pieces of 💩💩 in the world. People need to go to their House of representatives office in their state and file a complaint. It’s bad enough they claim the PATH ACT is to protect taxpayers. After the 15th they start putting freeze code 570, 1541 take action codes on 100’s of thousands of taxpayer returns. I filed my return 1/29 and was accepted the same day with Jackson Hewitt and they are saying I was picked for a random review that won’t start till March 4th and last till April 11th, that’s nuts😮 I’m seeing taxpayers report their cars are getting repossessed, utilities are getting shut off, and even getting evicted from their homes. I’ve seen several women pregnant like myself so they can’t work, students, and the disabled 😢😢😢 This is a sad country we live in.


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    IRS is lying and just saying anything to get us off phone caught agent in a lie. I had called before was told income needed to be sent in and verified now review. She was stuttering and all they just don’t want you to call and wait 45 days.

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    Susan Canora

    I files early, Jan. 15th, been checking the status. 1. “We cannot provide any info” 2. Take action code 1541 so i called twice they said they sent me a letter to follow instructions which i havent received. So nos im wondering what the hell this letter is going to say.

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    Filed on 1/28/19. Got accepted on the same day.. Been on 1541 since then. No update yet.. Called IRS 3 times with a different answers.. Im just going to wait…

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    Correction i just double checked and i received mines March 14 2018

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    Good afternoon,
    I have hesitated to post this info because ive been lurking as usual and the site has surely Changed in the last 5 or 6 years ive been on here…partially as a lurker lol. I filed on Jan 19 and didn’t check WMR until this Friday because i know about PATH. The only reason i checked is because i had not received any deposit. When i checked WMR i had the Take action alert with no info under it. I had this happen to me in 2017 when i received the EITC,the CTC and a Education credit. I filed early that year as well, around January 16. It magically fell off and i received my refund on March 1 2017. I’ve been seeing a lot of different comments for reasons why the alert came up, maybe everyone’s situation is different but i don’t think alot of us have anything to worry about. I think its because we either filed too early with all the credits and got held up or some of us are under review. Either way piggy backing off of someone else’s situation is going to stress you out so relax :-)

    i filed through HRB by the way. I did it through freetax last year with no hold up but i didnt have a school credit. I did with HRB in 2017, same results as this year TAKE ACTION, no info under it if that info helps.

    Peace and blessings

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    I’m n California and I still have a 1541 take action still processing message I’m just praying mine come thru with every one else on the 27th some times u get the deposit before the bats come back or the approval show up on WMR site
    Please respond if u still have take action still processing

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    Ella @MilkyWay777

    No update here, still 1541 ‘delay’

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    Melissa Hadden

    I got take action n 1541 code..i filed jan 24 its been acknowledge…first time filing n Va ..cpuld that b the case..moved here n july been working ever Since..idk whats going on..

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    Elenor Cleaves

    I cant understand what went wrong with my taxes this year. Nothing has changed & I need more information concerning this matter.

    #4299484 Reply


    Filed accepted 1/29, On 2/15 transcript updated with 570 with a 03/04/2019 date next to it, On 2/16 WMR updated to 1541 Take action, 2/22 transcript updated to 971 letter sent with a 3/11/2019 date next to it… Cycle code 20190705 with a processing date of 03/04/2019 stayed the same. 2/23 wages updated on SSA website.

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    If you got updated this weekend can you please provide the date your returns were excepted or what date you filed please and thank you!

    #4299023 Reply


    @sarah, I ordered mine and they were blank too. I think it’s just blank because they haven’t done yours yet. I called and they said they have mine.

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