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    I had to verify identity , after verification states could take additional 9 weeks so not expecting a return until mid May :( this is ridiculous.


    Tammy pangaro

    So I went to H and R block last Sunday with my letter and information needed which was the 1095A. Now does anyone know how long it takes to get the status. It hasn’t changed



    All I know is turbo tax can shove that email right up their ass!! Will be calling them this morning. I will NOT pay them the $190 they want to deduct from my bank account! My return was accepted on 1/30 but according to IRS they never transmitted my return so it has to be done manually and I will not receive my refund if I even get one until at least the end of March.



    You figure with all the people having the same problems with delays this year there would be something on the news about it or at least irs would have the decency to put out a statement about what the delay is about



    We’re in the same boat. Filed and accepted on 2/6/20 then on 2/24 bars went away and says still processing on 2/26 received a letter saying we’re under 60 day review starting date of letter which was posted the 2/24 date. Transcript has 570 with 3/16/20. Was told the 3/16 date is the date they will start reviewing and processing but not sure how true it is considering we’ve been told multiple different things.



    My status is Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available. I did electronic filling on 2/6/2020 is anyone with same situation ?



    @ Taxheadache2020. I have the exact same date idk either😒



    I just read they have a new software this year so it’s pulling almost everyone for a “review”. Total bullsh*t! My transcripts have a 570 code with a 3/16/20 date. WTF does that mean? Going bonkers!






    Is the irs website down??



    This wait is ridiculous why the review without an update.😔

    Thank you for replying back!.
    Still processing I don’t know how long is going to take. Very disappointed 😔



    @Mahlahprones, as the letter explains, they send it because they feel there’s a chance someone other than you has filed using your information. It’s a means of protecting taxpayers’ identities.

    In my case, I’m sure it’s because I hadn’t filed the prior 3 years and this time my return has an address from a different state from before.



    I received a ID verify letter on Saturday. Just called and all they asked was questions from my last tax return. They probably have sent the letter to you if you ever called them but didn’t know at least one of the ID questions. That’s why they flag.



    I honestly don’t understand this, if I owe money the irs is quick to snatch it but when they owe money it’s ok to keep it refund for 30-45-60 and someone told me they filed last year on Jan 25 and didn’t get their return until August 6th. I got my 4464c letter on the 12th of feb for the review and my refund status says being processed




    Going through it right along with you girl! No update for me. Got letter 2/27, WMR still processing. Transcripts still show 570 with a processing date of 3/16. ☹☹☹



    Still the same for me. No changes to anything…they haven’t even pushed my as of date up. It’s like I’m frozen in the system.



    No updates for me. wmr still says we have received your tax return and it is being processed.



    Did you have any updates on you refund? I filed the same day you did and got the 60 letter review. Wmr no updates just being processed.
    Anybody else going to the same hard time?


    Aaron Ward

    I filled feb 5 was told when I called I was place under review starting March 16 and wait 45 days from that date to call. Was also told no letter was sent and everything looked good. So I don’t understand the review. I really could use my refund.



    I filed my return on Jan 24th and it got accepted that same day as shown on my state tax but for my federal i receive both credits and it’s been a month that it says its been received and is being processed with no update yet. My friend received almost the same amount as me with credits too and she filed her return 2 weeks ago and hers didn’t show an update but she got her direct deposit on the 4th of this month



    @Margaret1 You need to call them come monday to see for sure what’s the hold up. You’ll be at 21 days since Monday will make it the number of days



    I filled feb18 and its still saying processing will give a date when available?? Any idea now 19 days later



    @gofigure ditto that…I’ll save you a seat 💺

    as of date is a date that your return should be completed by.



    I am sorry that I ask a STupid question like what does as of date means on my account transcript! I also want to know answers to. I thought that what this forum was for was to get some kind of help. If I knew the answer I would never ask. Sorry I asked. I am just trying to get answers that is all.



    I’m right behind you proudfatherof1



    @tbimommy thank you I will be calling Monday to setup. a appointment



    I had no bars, no amount and tt152 for a week, updayed this morning with a ddd of 3/11. Dont worry!!




    Go to your local IRS office I brought my ID , Car registration , this year’s return and last year’s return and was verified. I believe they go by appointments.



    I just called and she stated I needed to ID verify. She said a letter was mailed out so I guess I’m waiting on that. Any idea what info they need to verify you?



    Called IRS I am one of the lucky ones pulled for review, but doesn’t start until March 16 and wouldn’t get a refund until May…thing is they wasn’t going to send a letter informing me until March 16, mighty nice of them to make people wait and stress



    @ bella88 I’m in the same exact boat 😠



    I don’t even know why I am under review . Everything I submitted is on the return . Simple w2 and kids I be claiming every year . This is beyond frustrating and not knowing the real reason. I am calling them them again now hope something chsnges



    Weekly wmr update Saturday morning ..not tomorrow



    I filed January 27th have claimed same kids for 15 years nothing has changed. I’m under a damn random review I’m about to lose everything due to surgery I had to have so behind on bills. This is ridiculous I worked all year don’t make shit to began with now I can’t get my money till when irs decides to give it to me. This shouldn’t be aloud. When their owed money there’s penalties well shouldn’t they have to pay a damn penalty



    So my niece received her refund yesterday and she got a letter from IRS today saying she owes them $3000.00. They are reviewing a lot this year and comparing to other years. So don’t be surprised to be paying back .



    Filed 1/24 accepted 1/27…PATH 2/15..transcripts have 570 code with 3-2-20 date and 971 code(notice issued) with 3-9-20..called was first told 60 day review then changed to 45 day review from the day I received the letter. No update today..wmr still says recieved and is being processed. I’m a weekly update tho so maybe tomorrow.



    My question is my sister filed 2/13 with all credits. She received hers 2/26… Whats the hold up? Did the system go down and everyone who filed certain days get red flagged? This is madness. I filed late hoping and praying to get refund within 2 weeks. But it seems they’re so behind I won’t see mine till April .

    Filed 2/26 accepted same day



    Guys I was accepted 1/21 and still didn’t get my taxes so I am way ahead and than I don’t even get an update to why??? Irs very frustrating because they don’t even update us and we’re suppose to guess where our refund is .



    Filed on 2/ 4, I get EIC , it said still processing for weeks. Called IRS today. It is being pulled for a 60 day review not starting until March 16th . I snapped on the guy on the phone. Im calling a tax advocate tomorrow to see if they can help. I seriously make about 12 grand a year, I’m poor as shit, I’ve been claiming the same child for 11 year. Why fk with me.



    If u contact local congressman, they can place a congressional inquiry and the IRS has to answer them



    Can you say Congress on this site, because I don’t see some of my posts where I typed to contact Congress?

    I’ve seen a few such of your posts in various threads.



    Can you say Congress on this site, because I don’t see some of my posts where I typed to contact Congress?



    Look up your Tax Payer Bill Of Rights and see what the IRS can and can’t do https://www.irs.gov/taxpayer-bill-of-rights and don’t just tell them report it



    They are sending early January filers late letters at the end of Feb without even giving the courtesy to get an update via their website where everyone is logging into the system to check for their updates. They knew they were going to send a letter that can get lost in the mail, so why not use the most convenient technology available to provide a timely updated notification regarding the account instead they have people ordering transcripts.



    @bee, the codes won’t be on the WMR website; you’ll have to view your tax account transcript (or tax record) to see them.



    Should the codes for under review or letter sent be on the where’s my refund screen? Filed 2/18, accepted 2/19, was processing until 3/2 then switched overnight to “still processing” message with the wmr progress bar gone 3/3. Wondering how I know if I’m supposed to verify them if I’m not supposed to call until after 21 days?



    What number are you guys calling , I call the 1-800 892-0582 nothing but a recording trying get me insurance and lower my cable bill and free auto towing???

    It’s …829…, not “…892.”



    What number are you guys calling , I call the 1-800 892-0582 nothing but a recording trying get me insurance and lower my cable bill and free auto towing???


    Ryan B

    Called IRS today.
    I filed on 2/6 and was accepted on 2/6.
    They told me they have no data of my tax return. I filed.. I received my confirmation and everything was accepted. So I have no clue what the hell happened. Not t mention how grossly unprofessional the IRS rep was. Smacking food on the phone and talking to other reps while I’m just trying to get answers. Where do they find these people… I just want my refund lmao 🙄



    Now see I’m about to crack open my beer 🍺because I filed the exact same day and accepted 2/21 and I get put on side of the road like a bum looking for a hand out. No shade no harm no foul but this is ridiculous on soooo many levels



    @pink I’m sorry but that is so not fair. I filed Jan. 28th and I have no update no direct deposit date no nothing still waiting and I called IRS yesterday and I’m under a 60 day review



    I woke up to an update
    Filed 2/21
    Accepted 2/21
    DDD 3/6



    @JenK, now that seems like some mess, to advise not to go off of transcripts! Maybe that rep didn’t know what you were talking about. If your tax account transcript doesn’t contain what’s actually going on blow-by-blow with your account, then what good is it?

    I think you’re right; once you get outside of what the reps have on the scripts, then they probably know little more than most of the rest of us!



    Called just now was told my bank rejected the refund questioned because transcripts have code 971 and 570 the woman stated we advise not to go off transcripts and allow 4 weeks for a papercheck from this Friday. So I ask a few more questions and she kept referring back to rejected by bank. Called bank and there hasn’t been any rejections. LOL They have no clue it will eventually get here I know but if they would just be honest that would be nice.



    @pam im going thru the same thing in nj its my id verify u gotta call the irs and aak them if it the same for your case then u can verify over the phone or they will tell u to come in
    1-800-892-0582 ext 652 or 653 15 min wait



    Who can I contact about this still processing garbage, waiting over a month we were in the tornadoes that came through Nashville and man we need that refund desperately


    L. Hazel

    This has happened to me as well. I contacted the IRS themselves and he informed me that there was a form missing during filing. So you may need to contact irs personality to find what’s the hold up and actually speak to a live person. I suggest calling early to get a hold of someone otherwise u will not be able to get through later. I contacted then about 730 am


    Aaron Ward

    Thank you for the info I will keep everyone posted



    Smh IRS gone UCK around and have tha WHOLE damn COUNTRY filling EXEMPT on dat AZZ…keep PLAYN!!!



    @ Arron they told me the same thing. I filed 2/3 still processing told me to add 45 fm to March 9th



    @Aaron Ward, they froze all returns with at least one of the credits until 2/18 (or after 2/15 — “mid-February” — and 2/17 was Presidents’ Day).

    I’ve been reading from others on here that the review may not last that long. You could well get a DDD for 3/11.


    Aaron Ward

    So I filled my tax on feb 5 2020. I been waiting yes I have both tax credit. I called them today and was told it was processing tell March 16 then will go into a review for 45 days. How can they put a review on something that not processed? Any one else have this from the irs. I don’t understand they had it since feb 5.



    I can’t access my transcript. It won’t move past screens to let me go further.



    You can request online at IRS.gov. You will need a credit card or auto loan or mortgage to verify your identity online but it is faster. That is how I got mi e.



    How do I get my transcripts


    Kamron Howard

    This tax season has been nothing less than absolutely fucking ridiculous. I’ve been waiting past a month for my goddamn money and the IRS won’t even tell me what they’re trying to review or why it’s taking so long. Fuck being nice about this I’ve had it, this is MY MONEY.



    My account transcript also shows an as of date if February 24 2020. What in the world does that mean?? I can not see my return transcript it shows N/A



    So I have no idea what the shit is going on!!! I have no child credits nor earned income just deductions. I was accepted on 1/31 then received a couple weeks still processing and tt 152. Called the IRS and lady told me that they never received my return until the 2/5/20. Anyway she saw no issues just processing. I waited to my 21 days called again and no issues they said



    I would def give it two Saturdays (AKA updates to WMR) to see any kind of movement. Keep checking your transcripts for sure! Look for code 571. They always over shoot that 9 week time frame to cover their b*tts!



    Irs told my daughter to wait for a letter. Need to verify income. Letter came yesterday. DDD updated this morning. I think they are really behind and are just saying and doing anything to cover their asses. You can’t even believe what the agents tell you. They are being totally dishonest this year



    @lcar, how long does resequencing usually take? It seems most people who’ve ID verified usually get their DD within 12-16 days, or so. (I’m quaking in my slippers at that 9-week time-frame they mention in the 5071C letter!)



    More than likely you’ve been under review, you just didn’t know it. They froze your account to verify your ID, but once it gets resequenced after verification, you should be all good. 👍



    @lcar, I’m hoping they don’t add a review to my ID verification.



    “Processing“ is normal, but “still processing” means a review 98% of the time.
    The review could be because of anything. I went into review because of claiming EITC and the fact that I did not file last year. For some, it could mean ID verify. I would just wait for a letter and if you don’t get one, call the IRS and make sure you get one!



    So the codes on your transcripts will go a bit like this after you filed: 570 means they froze your refund for review.
    971 means a letter was sent to you.
    571 is when the “issue” is resolved and they lift the freeze.
    It should then go onto 846 which is “refund issued.”
    If you guys are stuck on 570, then that means they are still reviewing your return.

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