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      Accepted 2/20
      WMR one bar and says “Still Processing”
      Bottom two transcripts have 2020; Top two have N/A
      I haven’t received any notifications from the IRS for this tax year.

      Let’s start a thread for those of us who have “Still Processing” instead of “Being Processed” on WMR.

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          Tori…same here but I was 1/25 accepted same day. Last weekend my transcripts updated with some credits I didn’t realize but no 846 yet… dreaded 570

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            found out today from speaking to an advocate that the reason for my 570 Still Processing code and the 4464C letter was that the wages the IRS have dont match what i filed with on my W-2 so that is why my return got immediately flagged for review. she assigned another advocate to me because otherwise id probably have to wait the 120 days for the IRS to clear it up. so frustrating that this was not even an error i had control over and now i have to wait to hear back from the other advocate.

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              Filed and accepted 1/23 and still being processed. No bar, no transcripts, no notices. I’ve called and they told me to sit tight, it could be months. So, I wait.

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                I e-filed 2/25 and it was accepted immediately. 3/3 WMR updated to still being processed and on 3/8/ WMR updated to refund processed and my transcripts showed DDD of 3/15. I received my refund today.

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                  WMR and my transcripts updated to a DDD of 3/15 today.

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                    If it makes anyone feel better, for 2 years in a row now I have received my DD in my account before getting 2 bars on WMR

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                      I can see all of my transcripts today but don’t have any codes yet. The Record of Account Transcript says no return filed instead. I’m weekly (05) and normally get my updates on Saturdays. I’ll check again tomorrow…

                      WMR still says the same thing.

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                        The only thing I really noticed was Tax Topic 152 disappeared at 21 days and came back 2/3 days before my transcripts updated.

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                          Same TurboTax 01/25

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                            I’m in GA and got my State refund today. I normally get state a lot later than Federal. I guess this year is different.

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                              @norefundforyou Did your return say “Still Processing” in the status as some point? Glad you got your DDD!!!

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                                Little update, filed on 2/4. All transcripts N/A until this morning. Now have all 2022 w/ 846 code for 3/13/23. Guessing I’ll get a DDD this weekend? I received nothing from the IRS. I filed with Turbo Tax, I think that maybe their software was off by a $1 or $2, but just a theory.

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                                  For those of you have gone past the 21 days you can call the tax advocacy line at 1-877-777-4778. They may be able to give you additional information.

                                  Mine hasn’t changed. I’ll wait until the 21st before I start calling since I didn’t get accepted until the 2/20.

                                  If anyone gets movement please post here.

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                                    F/A 2/4 transcripts all N/a except bottom right shows 2022 but says no return filed. WMR says “still being processed” called on day 22 after filing they said I was in the corrections department since 2/6 and it could take 10 weeks and they said don’t call back till April 17. No letters no notices.

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                                      Still Waiting

                                        I am in the same boat.

                                        Accepted on 2/4. I started to get worried when towards the end of February, I hadn’t received my refund yet. I am PATH but have always got it around 2/21. I had not received any letters prior to me calling on 2/25 and the agent I talked to said it would be mailed that day. It is now March 7th and I still haven’t received anything. WMR still shows processing with no bars and my top two transcripts are not available, so nothing has changed.

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                                          Had a slight update with WMR now showing Tax Topic 152 again. Transcripts still N/A.

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                                            Mine says the same thing as well filed and accepted 2/9 “still processing” and no transcript update either. Been over 21 days just don’t have a number to call irs

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                                              I still don’t have an update either. I did read on another post where someone had the same issue but then they got a DDD about 3-4 weeks after filing. I’m going to give it 21 days before I start calling. Let’s keep hope alive and keep each other updated.

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                                                Filed 1/23 accepted same day. Wmr says delayed still processing contacted irs 3* times. The first 2 times they stated I just have to wait, last time I spoke with them the lady said a letter will be sent out. But no transcripts.

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                                                  In the same boat filed 2/6, nothing crazy w-2 and standard deduction. Zero movement and haven’t received any letters.

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                                                  Seriously Eve

                                                    I agree. Accepted 2/7, WMR 1 bar, “Still Processing”, 2022 transcripts n/a, no notifications from IRS as well.

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