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    Mama of 6

      Ok so my mom filed on 1/25 with TT and didn’t have any fees to pay it was free but her WMR is still showing the path act msg. I’m just trying to figure out if anybody else is having this issue ? We can’t/don’t know how to check transcripts

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        Mama of 6

          Yes we finally got an update on WMR as well with a ddd of 3/7 !!! Thanks for sticking around with me @ Impatiently_waiting and glad that yours updated as well !!

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            @Mama of 6
            They lifted it because I called. My transcript just updated to a refund date of 3/8. Yay!! Hoping you get yours soon as well! :) Definitely give them a call to see what the hold up is!

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            Mama of 6

              @ Impatiently_waiting did they lift the freeze because you called or it was lifted and that’s why your WMR updated to processing?

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              Mama of 6

                Yes WMR updated today as well to processing so hopefully we will see something as far as a ddd and money in the account !!

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                  Just got off the phone with the IRS. They said there was some sort of freeze on my account and they weren’t sure why but they lifted the freeze and I should be updated within the next 2 weeks.

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                    I got my state refund today and my WMR now shows processing with PATH messahe gone 🙌 hopefully that’s a good sign!

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                      All of mine are over 18 so I quit claiming so they can get benefits and rebates

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                        I am not path so I am just stuck on one bar since 01/25

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                        Mama of 6

                          @ ShottyB is your WMR stuck on the path act msg ?

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                            01/25 accepted here with TT and big ok NOTHING BURGER still for me. I did all 3 of my college kids using FreeTax around 2/3 and they got their college credit refunds along with 50 bucks for state from summer jobs….mine hasn’t moved at all! Something is up with that date of a week before 01/25 and the week after as I am seeing too many around this date and usually TT!

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                            Mama of 6

                              Ok so once again still no movement on WMR from the path msg and no letters in the mail. At this point I’m thinking WMR maybe froze on the path msg for me. It’s been on the path msg since feb 16th which is the day after the path lifted and hasn’t changed since then

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                              Mama of 6

                                I’ve seen people on other post that are still waiting and they ended up getting a transcript update over night with a ddd of 3/1 so hopefully we will update on wmr this weekend !

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                                  Still nothing here. I’m a weekly every year, and every year my transcripts update on Fridays, but this year mine updated on a Saturday when the codes were all loaded. So hopefully tomorrow.

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                                  Mama of 6

                                    Has anybody updated yet ? Just checking in to see because like I said can’t check transcripts and wmr still hasn’t updated

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                                      Weeklies typically update today. I update on Thursdays but I don’t think my WMR did until later. Check your transcripts and look for the 846 code. Do not stress about the bar!

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                                        @Mama of 6 she might be a weekly update. If that’s the case wmr won’t update until Saturday

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                                        Mama of 6

                                          I just checked wmr and nothing changed or updated again I’m getting frustrated

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                                            Absolutely! And to check transcripts, you can go onto the irs website to check them. I Google irs tax transcript and it should pop up with the irs site.

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                                              Omg! So glad I’m not the only one. I was accepted 1/23, TT/CK, fees from refund, 1 bar and my WMR never gives me a path msg it always says still processing each year. I can’t check transcripts so hoping for a WMR update soon.

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                                              Mama of 6

                                                @ Impatiently_waiting if yours updates will u please keep me posted or if you happen to get a dd without an update ? And I will do the same. I feel like wmr is stuck on that msg but at the same time who knows lol

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                                                  I’m so glad you asked. I’m in the same boat. Filed 1/29, accepted on 1/30 and still showing PATH on wmr. All transcripts have shown since around the 10th except wage and income. Filed with FreetaxUSA, fees taken out. I’m a weekly (20230605) so hoping for an update this weekend.

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