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    My husband and I are weekly, so I checked our refund status this morning, and his bars have disappeared along with the tax topic and it says “still being processed”. When I checked under my social, the bar was still there showing processing and tax topic 152. We aren’t PATHers and didn’t claim EIC or ACTC. What gives? Why is his not showing but mine is?

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    Filed on 2/11 accepted on 2/14, i was waiting since then for my return, after repeated calls to IRS, and there standard message of 10 weeks, finally i got my Bars on WMR and Transcripts been updated to ddd date of 4/16, guys don’t lose hope.

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    @ Sabrown2017 mine says the exact same but does that mean we’re getting it tomorrow or on the 26th?

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    There is some hope everyone! Filed 2/12 accepted 2/12 bars disappeared 3/3 still hasn’t updated. Transcripts finally updated today 4/9 with a 846 DD of 4/15 or 4/26 whichever is later

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    I’ve looked at this site for years and like many others, I never went back to it til the following year once I got my return.
    This was my first time having my bars disappear, TT disappear, “Still processing” early March. I was accepted on 2/12. My TT reappeared last week around Wednesday, and then I got a DDD of 4/7 on Friday.
    I used freetaxusa, with CTC and EIC.No recovery rebate.

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    I also filed on the 2/18 and accepted 2/18 went from tax refund still processing then yesterday it went away and just had tt152 and file date dec 31 2020 but that dissapeared again this morning back to the same bullshit refund still processing this is soo fucking unfair fucking goverment/irs is such dog shit

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    My tt 152 is gone today and amount is back. 3/30 my return left errors and WMR showed tt 152 and tax year ending Dec 31, 2020. I’m thinking I might be a daily. Hopefully, I’ll see a DDD sometime next week and this will be all over. I’m a 2/18 accepted filer. Anyone have this same situation and then receive a DDD in a couple of days?

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    Oh, to Netspend if that matters.

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    Finally, FINALLY got my tax refund yesterday. Accepted 2/12. I was one of those whose line 30 was wrong. The IRS fixed it.

    WMR never changed from “still processing.” My tax topic disappeared, briefly reappeared and disappeared again. Opposite for the amount. No letters in the mail. Couldn’t ever see my transcripts.

    I pass my hope on to ye who still wait!

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    File 2/11, accepted 2/13, 2/27 bars gone still being processed until now. 3/15 Got letter cp05 and Check my transcript but I did not see any code mentioned notice send. Now I’m confused what is going on here. Still No refund update yet. But if we owe money to irs they will hunting you like crazy.

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    Hey everyone filed on the Feb 12th. Lost everything on March 6th. Today on April 3rd looked on site to still see the same damn message “still being processed, and date will be provided when available”. I feel like telling the F’n IRS how about I pay my taxes when I feel like it. Today makes 50 days with my damn money. With no information from the IRS or Turbotax

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    I finally was able to view my transcripts yesterday with code 971/570 I can see my expected amount with the 300 dollar correction that I knew was coming… did anyone else wait forever to get their return processed have these codes? If so, how long did it take to get a ddd? Stressed out

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    I am in the same exact boat as you. Everything you’re saying happened to me. I’m hoping we don’t have to wait longer and we’ll just get a date soon.

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    I Finnair can see my transcripts today. I was exuding a stimulus adjustment as I entered a 300 dollar mistake. I can see that they adjusted my return amount by 300 , but I have the 570/971 with no 846 ddd. How long did it take for you to update with your ddd?

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    @Whatajoke – yes, but they’re both at $0.00

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    Same as you. Do you also have codes 971 and 570?

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    My transcript was updated. Says ‘processed 4-19-21’ and gives an update on how much my account balance is (refund amount). But no DDD date.

    Filed 2-12; accepted 2-13

    What does this mean for DDD? Anyone know?

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    FINALLY UPDATED with DDD 4/7 after receiving 570/971. It was a stimulus rebate adjustment.
    WMR still shows the “still processing” message.
    Filed early feb and accepted 2/12.

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    4464c LETTER i mean*

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    Received 4883c letter 3/12 ID verified 3/12 the same day, status changed from “still processing” to “being processed” on 3/18. But yesterday 4/1 i received 4664c letter that is dated 3/29 wth is the suppose to mean saying theyll hold my refund again for 60 days after being released from IDVerfication on 3/12

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    Filed 1/11 accepted 2/ verified few weeks later and WMR changed from Still Being Processed to Being Processed. Lost bar and tax topic 152 on Feb 14th and they have not returned. Amount and filing status are still there. Transcripts finally updated yesterday but now have a code 570 at the bottom. No refund date. This is getting very frustrating.

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    I filed on February 12 was accepted the same day when I called they said as of feb 16 it went to their processing department for further review could this be because I used my 2019 income for the EIC

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    You should be able to create an account by using a credit card or any loans you have on file to verify. If you cannot verify this way the IRS will send you out a confirmation code for you to verify in order to create an account. That’s what I had to do.

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    If you look at your account transcripts the “as of date” should be mid way down to the right of the page. Below that should be previous stimulus’s that have been sent out, credits ect.

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    No bars, no ddd can’t create and account in please help I do not have a credit card to anyone know how to do it.. also accepted 2/16/21. Filed for 2nd rebate credit never received 3rd both sent to the wrong account 2nd was mailed I never received it so 3rd say it will be mailed on the 26th or March please help.

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    @brayb where does it state the as of date?

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    Shawn B

    @kylady, call the TA line. 877-777-4778, you may have to call a lot to get the “your estimated hold time is..” but they will be able to actually look into your return. Just say you’re experiencing hardship. They will give you an actual answer of where you return is at currently.

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    Ridiculous! Filed 2/15 accepted 2/15
    Status on wmr still being processed

    Called today IRS and was given b.s everyone else has been given. No problems 10 weeks blahs blahs blahs!
    So I asked if I haven’t received refund by what date do I call back? 4/25 is what I was told. I have never had it take this long to get my money back!!!!

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    @Drew Well, the only update I have is that my “as of” date changed yet again. It is now April 5th. No other changes at all. No bar, no tt, Being Processed, etc. I hope you get your stimulus soon, as well. It certainly is very frustrating indeed.

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    No I didn’t have any funds taken out because I used one of IRS’s free tax services FreeTaxUsa. It was free of charge.

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    I filed 2/12 got accepted 2/13 and I am STILL seeing the “still being processed”. I have the 152 topic and have had it since last month. I cant access my transcripts and don’t know what or WHO to call to talk to someone cause evry number i have tried nobody answers, just automated messages.

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    @Drew :
    Did u have funds taken out of your returns By a tax preparer such as Tax?

    Be patient , the congressman will reply

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    Finally free

    Filed 2/10 accepted 2/12 , bars diss 2/22 came back 3/12 with TT 152 now 3/19 my transcripts updated to 2020 with DDD 3/22! Which is exactly what the irs representative told me which was I would receive my dd by 22nd! I think most of you will get updates really soon!

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    @taiwo Congrats i fax info to my congressman now waiting to hear something. It’s not like the irs gives me any info anyway!

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    I’m glad to hear your situation is settled now. @JLB1270, any luck or update on your end? Still awaiting stimulus payments here. Frustrating

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    @usuallylurking look for the code 846, it should have a DDD next to it with the amount in transcripts

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    @aquafina never lost my amount and remained T152, only lost bars for weeks

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    I’m new here. My transcripts finally updated, but where do you guys see the DDD?

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    @Danny you never lost your amount or TT152? IM IN THE SAME BOAT IF SO….

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    Bars disappeared weeks ago with only amount, and T152. Finally, transcripts updated with DDD of 3/24. Bars still gone with T152.

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    I filed 2/5, accepted 2/12
    Bars disappeared quickly after. I’ve been going nuts but then yesterday my tax topic 152 came back but transcripts were n/a. WMR never updated but my transcripts did overnight and I have a refund date for next week.
    Hope this helps.. it’s coming guys. Just slowly.

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    Finallly transcript updated from N/a to a DDD of 03/26

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    Today: TT 152 or whatever it is reappeared on my WMR while my refund amount has disappeared.

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    I googled my senator up, and look at caseworkers for irs. The email address was listed on the senator’s website

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    Exactly. The TAS can’t help us. I think the people who are being helped was assigned one weeks ago, but for those of us who tried to get one as of the last week or two cannot be assisted.

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    IF THERE IS NO IPDATE TOMORROW IM CONTACTING MY CONGRESSMAN!! @taiwo how did you contact yours? Just google congressman tax help??

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    That was exactly told to me word by word. I spoke to the TA this morning and clearly told me that everything has been delayed and things are different this year. Its not worth trying the TA. They are not helping much.

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    Am optimistic 🙏, my advocate called to say that it pending but should either post tomorrow morning or next week Friday

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    Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see anything new on your transcripts at 4am tomorrow. Mine didn’t update until about 830/9 in the morning. But they did update! You should have a DDD by tomorrow

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    Yeah that was me that said that about the TAS. I definitely didn’t make that up but you all are welcome to contact them if you can get through. I called and have spoken to the ITS a total of 6 times and each time I have been told to allow up to the 10 weeks which I think it’s ultimately come down to for us. Some will get theirs before the 10 weeks, some of us possibly after.

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    Married Filled jointly 02/12
    Accepted 02/13
    WMR bars disappeared with no TT 02/17
    Contacted senator 02/26
    Caseworker opened case with TA 02/26
    Documents mailed to TA 03/02
    Identity verification issues solved by TA 03/11
    TA demanded refunds be released not later than 03/19
    WMR updated &4am 03/18 from still being processed to being processed

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    I will be looking forward to my transcript at 4am tomorrow

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    I heard by reading another blog that the advocates are no longer assisting with people in situations like ours. Plus, I can’t even get thru to one and I’ve contacted my congressman weeks ago.
    Does anyone else know if this is true? Or heard the same news?

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    Hey @taiwo,

    Did you contact IRS at all that may have sped things up? And are you filing for HOH by any chance?

    Still in the still being processed phase.

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    Thank you, I appreciate that. Hopefully you see some changes soon for your refund.

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    Same happened for me last Wednesday into Thursday went from still being processed to being processed. Take a look at you account transcripts. Those changes for me either Thursday or the next day being Friday.

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    @Drew :
    When did your transcript changed from N/A to DDD

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    WMR just changed from still being processed to we have received your return and it is being processed, still no bars and N/A on transcript

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    @Drew Still waiting on tax $ but did get stimulus as mentioned before. My stimulus is not showing on my account transcript. Only the first two are showing.

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    Anyone still waiting on the stimulus? For people who’ve received their stimulus checks, are the amounts and dates they were deposited being shown on your tax transcripts?

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    I will go through a congressman. Getting a tax advocate is a 50-50 game. Sometimes it really slows down the returns with respect to the advocate you get. A good advocate will get your returns released in 2 weeks. A bad advocate can slow things down.

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    Thanks a lot for the information!

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    You can contact an IRS tax advocate if you are having issues with getting your refund or your having issues with the IRS forms or having issues resolving issues with the IRS. . Their number is 1877 777 4778.

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    What is the process of contacting the Tax Advocate? How does this work?

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    now that you see a DD on your transcript, has the where’s my refund tool updated to reflect that as well? Or does it still say that it is just processing?

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    Mr Nic

    If you call right at 6:59/7:00am CST you can get someone on the line within minutes. If you wait to 7:05 you’ll probably have a long wait or either told to try again later due to high call volume.

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    My TA said he has forwarded a request to the irs to release my refunds not later than 03/19.
    My return transcript is still N/A
    I hope they listen . Would update my timeline if I get an update. My verification has been complaining, which I did through congressional assistance

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    @Drew I called 800-829-3676 “forms” line, a live operator got on and asked me what department I wanted to be transferred too , I told her personal income taxes and I was transferred first time speaking with someone and I’ve been trying since feb 21st . Smh

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    The number you can call at is 800-829-0582/Ext 652. You still have to try multiple times but eventually you will get them.

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    After I ID verified the next update which was a Wednesday into Thursday I went from still processing to being processed. I would give it another day or two to see if anything changes for you. Hopefully you should see a change this week.
    Btw what number has everyone been calling? I’ve tried the 18008291040 and it says it’s a non working number??

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    @taiwo last year and the year before my husband got an ID Verify..called and passed the verification and 2 months later, called to check on status and they said he didn’t complete the id verify and had to do it again. This happened a total of 4 times each year. Your best bet is to get a TA after you call to check the status after two weeks.

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    ID verified on friday, and passed. But i have not seen any update on WMR though? it says “still processing, a refund date will be provided etc etc” should i wait tomorrow or thursday? they do mass updates wednesdays, correct?

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    I finally got thru to someone that the IRS been calling for a month now. Smh
    Filed 2/12
    Accepted 2/13
    Finally I spoke to someone for them to tell me my acct hasn’t even been selected for review so it’s just been sitting there since 2/12 n to give it 10 weeks since the acceptance date 🤦🏻‍♀️😑😑😑 fml . That’s around April 23 🤔 They on super major bullshit.

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    #4472727 Reply


    Creating an account on the IRS.GOV website and verifying yourself is different then having an ID verification letter sent out to you and having to verify yourself that way for your taxes. I too created an IRS account verified myself and was still sent out an ID verification letter a month and a half later so they could process my return.

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