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“Still being processed”

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    Austin M

      WMR changed overnight from “tax return being processed “ to “still being processed”. Should I anticipate any issues? Has anyone experienced this before and not had any delays?

      Filed and accepted 1/31.
      Transcripts reflect N/A (I’m a weekly)
      No EITC or PATH.

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        If you are still processing after 2 weeks you probably will get a letter to id verify. I did and verified with an agent on Friday. Never got the path message just the still processing message.

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          @ Austin M

          Have you received your refund yet?

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          Mrs. KR

            Hello everyone

            I filed 1/30 and was accepted on 1/30. I claimed the EIC, C,TC and ACTC. This is the first year we qualified. I am a weekly. My transcripts are N/A

            My WMR just updated to still processing has anyone in this thread received a letter or did you eventually process?

            Thank you

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              I was under review two years ago, I waited the 21 days didn’t get a letter…called tax advocate and they helped me. Got refund two weeks later. It’ was because I had self employment that year and had a schedule C filed and they needed proof (receipts, etc) which I sent to the advocate same day I spoke to him.

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                Me too! I’m even passed my 21 days and I am on “still processing” with no tax topic, my transcripts are not updated! WTF Also, I live in NY so here almost everyone is on “further review” status.. I haven’t gotten a dime. Sad, I’m calling the first week of March if I still have no updates. I mean at least if i’m on review they should send a dang letter so we can get the ball rolling… this is wild.

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                  Mine still is sitting on “still being processed” I have gotten no letter. If I already have an account with the IRS will I need to verify my identity? I read that is why most ppl get stuck on still processing.

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                  Austin M

                    @MH Did your bars go away on the WMR website as well?

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                      I have this same issue and when I went to my online account it said see why your not processed, clicked on that and it was saying a letter was coming out, called the IRS and I need to wait for the letter and then I will have to verify my identity

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                        I’m with you there! i hope i update soon. The only thing i can think of is I have filed MJ for the last 5 years and this year i didnt. But that is an easy thing. I dont know why it would hold it up. Just waiting to see.

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                          Thanks for that though it gives me some hope that I was re-sequenced!

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                            Last year I was 05, if I don’t update this Friday or Sat morning, I’m sure I’m under a review. I’m SAD ;(

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                              It’s frustrating bc some people have filed after and they have updated transcripts. Maybe we will update on friday! I’ll keep fingers crossed!

                              Find out your cycle code. There are instructions on this forum from previous years. Then you know what day to check for movement on WMR.

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                                I had this message last year. It took a tax advocate to explain it to me. Your return is cycled once a week, and your cycle code = the day the IRS views your return. On that day, they either process it (WMR would update at this time), or you are re-sequenced. If you are re-sequenced on your cycle day (tossed back into the pile), WMR will reflect Still Processing. You have likely been re-sequenced until your next cycle day. Hang in there!

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                                  I got same and I received a letter saying I just had to verify that I actually filed the return and it was not fraudulent

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                                    The word STILL being processed usually means..bottom line, that there’s a delay for some reason. Most of the time, but not always. :(

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                                      I’ll be blatantly honest with you, last year when I filed, I waited 3 weeks and the message went from “being processed” to “still being processed”, only to find out another 2 weeks later I was being what they called “light audited”. IRS sent me a letter, requesting hard documents of certain wages. I sent it back, waited another 3 weeks and then finally got my return.

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                                        i wonder why it is doing the “still being processed” thing. I have seen in a couple forums where ppl are having this same issue. I have double checked and i dont see any issues. Only my return changed from joint to HOH… but thats a normal change for ppl

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                                          It’s frustrating bc some people have filed after and they have updated transcripts. Maybe we will update on friday! I’ll keep fingers crossed!

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                                            Mine says the same. It has stayed like that since 2 Saturdays ago. I am a Path and never got the Path message. Nothing on transcripts except an as of date.

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                                              I’m in the same boat as you, but I have PATH and EIC. I filed on 1/24 and accepted the same day. My transcripts say N/A and online profile says that my return is “not processed”. WMR says “still being processed”. UGH

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