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    Austin M

      WMR changed overnight from “tax return being processed “ to “still being processed”. Should I anticipate any issues? Has anyone experienced this before and not had any delays?

      Filed and accepted 1/31.
      Transcripts reflect N/A (I’m a weekly)
      No EITC or PATH.

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          If you are still processing after 2 weeks you probably will get a letter to id verify. I did and verified with an agent on Friday. Never got the path message just the still processing message.

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            @ Austin M

            Have you received your refund yet?

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            Mrs. KR

              Hello everyone

              I filed 1/30 and was accepted on 1/30. I claimed the EIC, C,TC and ACTC. This is the first year we qualified. I am a weekly. My transcripts are N/A

              My WMR just updated to still processing has anyone in this thread received a letter or did you eventually process?

              Thank you

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                I was under review two years ago, I waited the 21 days didn’t get a letter…called tax advocate and they helped me. Got refund two weeks later. It’ was because I had self employment that year and had a schedule C filed and they needed proof (receipts, etc) which I sent to the advocate same day I spoke to him.

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                  Me too! I’m even passed my 21 days and I am on “still processing” with no tax topic, my transcripts are not updated! WTF Also, I live in NY so here almost everyone is on “further review” status.. I haven’t gotten a dime. Sad, I’m calling the first week of March if I still have no updates. I mean at least if i’m on review they should send a dang letter so we can get the ball rolling… this is wild.

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                    Mine still is sitting on “still being processed” I have gotten no letter. If I already have an account with the IRS will I need to verify my identity? I read that is why most ppl get stuck on still processing.

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                    Austin M

                      @MH Did your bars go away on the WMR website as well?

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                        I have this same issue and when I went to my online account it said see why your not processed, clicked on that and it was saying a letter was coming out, called the IRS and I need to wait for the letter and then I will have to verify my identity

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                          I’m with you there! i hope i update soon. The only thing i can think of is I have filed MJ for the last 5 years and this year i didnt. But that is an easy thing. I dont know why it would hold it up. Just waiting to see.

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                            Thanks for that though it gives me some hope that I was re-sequenced!

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                              Last year I was 05, if I don’t update this Friday or Sat morning, I’m sure I’m under a review. I’m SAD ;(

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                                [quote quote=4528650] @Jess

                                It’s frustrating bc some people have filed after and they have updated transcripts. Maybe we will update on friday! I’ll keep fingers crossed![/quote]

                                Find out your cycle code. There are instructions on this forum from previous years. Then you know what day to check for movement on WMR.

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                                  I had this message last year. It took a tax advocate to explain it to me. Your return is cycled once a week, and your cycle code = the day the IRS views your return. On that day, they either process it (WMR would update at this time), or you are re-sequenced. If you are re-sequenced on your cycle day (tossed back into the pile), WMR will reflect Still Processing. You have likely been re-sequenced until your next cycle day. Hang in there!

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                                    I got same and I received a letter saying I just had to verify that I actually filed the return and it was not fraudulent

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                                      The word STILL being processed usually means..bottom line, that there’s a delay for some reason. Most of the time, but not always. :(

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                                        I’ll be blatantly honest with you, last year when I filed, I waited 3 weeks and the message went from “being processed” to “still being processed”, only to find out another 2 weeks later I was being what they called “light audited”. IRS sent me a letter, requesting hard documents of certain wages. I sent it back, waited another 3 weeks and then finally got my return.

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                                          i wonder why it is doing the “still being processed” thing. I have seen in a couple forums where ppl are having this same issue. I have double checked and i dont see any issues. Only my return changed from joint to HOH… but thats a normal change for ppl

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                                            It’s frustrating bc some people have filed after and they have updated transcripts. Maybe we will update on friday! I’ll keep fingers crossed!

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                                              Mine says the same. It has stayed like that since 2 Saturdays ago. I am a Path and never got the Path message. Nothing on transcripts except an as of date.

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                                                I’m in the same boat as you, but I have PATH and EIC. I filed on 1/24 and accepted the same day. My transcripts say N/A and online profile says that my return is “not processed”. WMR says “still being processed”. UGH

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