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      Received 60 day review letter last Monday 3/21. Woke up today to 846 for 4/6. Cycle code was 20220805. If anyone responds to this I will reply as fast as I can between work today.

      I did have code 570 3/14 and 971 3/21

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          I received those same codes on 2/11
          Got the 60 day review letter on 2/21
          Still no progress at all smh

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            I filed on 3/3 and had a notice issued and woke up to 846 code. Now it’s a waiting game. Sbtpg doesn’t sya funded yet so hopefully sometime soon.

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              My trans finally updated this morning with the 971/570 4/15/2022 codes with the adjusted refund amount. No 846 code yet. Those with the 570 did it have your amount? If so, how long after 570 did you get your 846?

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                Just got my 846 code. Yay!!

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                Kirsty Su

                  Congratulations 🎊 my codes 570 and 971 is just like yours date and all. I really hope I update. I filed 2/05. 60 day review due to my previous employer allegedly did not submit my income to IRS.

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