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    Just me

    File 1/29/16
    Accepted 1/29/16
    Lost bars and tt on 2/6/16

    I called 2/8/16 and was told that everyone was getting that on the WMR and she believe that it would be change by the end of the week.
    As long as I didn’t have another tt telling me to call I shouldn’t worry…

    She didn’t ask for my information

    2/12/16 I called and got a nice rep
    My hold time was between 5-7 min
    I told her that I had lost all of my information and was wondering why. She ask for my information and asked could she put me on hold to check. Came back on the line after 5 or 10 min and told me to verify my amount so I did and she then stated my refund is schedule for 2/22/16

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    Just me

    @joshua I was just blessed this time I was actually shock that she asked me for my information….. My wait time wasn’t long at all.



    @Justme How do y’all get so lucky? Every single time I call IRS to figure out why my return still isnt processed, I always get the canned “21” days response and I filed on 1/27. I was even told by TT to call them yesterday for transcript information and the lady who answered told me to not bother calling back despite what TT says until 21 days passed “as we are not allowed to look into your taxes til that time”…its actually very very annoying


    Just me

    @jessika I don’t believe it gonna take that long at least I pray it doesn’t. The rep I spoke with Monday say that almost everyone will have to do the 21 day mark before seeing anything



    i spoke to someone to was told my refund was pushed back a week on top of it went to error’s department so i wouldnt get it for 8 weeks

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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