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      So, we filed and “were accepted” on 1/22. We have had no update since then. Called the IRS today and for the second year in a row, we were “randomly” chosen to be resequenced. Apparently they got our return 1/26, what should I expect now?

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          i called again and the irs agent said that it just means its being processed there wasn’t nothing wrong that’s what e said the number to call is 18008290586 #632

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            Resequenced means you’re scheduled for reprocessing the following cycle(a cycle happens each week). It does not affect the 21 day timer. If you still don’t have any updates by Feb 10 the IRs will look into it.

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              Does anyone happen to know what happens when you are resequenced? Does that “21 day” timeframe go out the window? Also, what number did you call and/or options you selected on the phone to get ahold of someone?

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                I got the same thing I called the irs but after talking her into faxing my transcript I just look and it say mf resequenced what do that mean? she said they didn’t receive mines until the 22nd but I put in on the 20th now I’m freaking out. than she said good luck lol

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                  I called today as well and the rep told me I wasn’t accepted until the 26th. I said noooo I filed and was accepted on the 22nd… She looked again and saw that I was accepted on the 22nd and to told me to wait until 3 weeks. I’m not sure how reliable her info was but she said nothing was wrong and that I was still processing

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