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      I filed w/TT 1/20 accepted 1/20 so I called the IRS basically askin why i still can’t view my transcripts when other people who filed after me could.. So Ms.Harris (wouldn’t look up my info) but basically said that everybody situation is different(duh) and it depends on which site location your return got sent to and if it’s delayed or not she also did CONFIRM once you can view your transcripts your return have been processed and you just have to wait til your refund have been sent.. So congrats to the people who can view theirs *sigh** the wait continues..

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          @ Sparkle, I have answered you elsewhere on a couple of occasions, but here goes…

          My status was like that for awhile too. Yesterday everything was filled in. Today, I have the desirable 846 code, and a cycle date.

          Hang tight. :)

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            So I just called and talked someone and she told me my Direct deposit will be going out on 1/30. I filed on 1/8 and got accepted on 1/12.. I was worried for a while. But they are not updating the system until next week.

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              If Kathy wasn’t worried about her refund she wouldn’t be on this site. Just sayin’!!

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                So I can look at 2014 Account Transcript and Wages, but there is no amount. Does not show my return informationi. IT states no return filed, when I know I filed and was accepted. Why am I able to pull this up but have no information. It also has a date of February 16th, but no cycle date. Anyone feel free to answer. I don’t know what is going on. i’m happy for everyone else, but left in the dark for myself lol!!!

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                  So i called and the ladyvhung up on me. I asked her what was going on with my refund and she said they don’t give out information until the 21 days are over. I am pist. When i get off I will be calling back

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                    Well let’s just hope its the same as it’s been in the past because if so, Friday is the first DDD

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                        @trina I saw the post you are talking about on IRS.gov let me see if I can find the link.

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                          I am not trying to discourage anyone but if u look on the IRS website this if u are able to get your transcripts means your money is coming soon is just a myth that people are assuming and this is something I read on the IRS website if I knew how to upload it on here I would but if u go to their website and go to frequently asked questions it tells u that’s just hear say

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                            @Amber if you have direct deposit and you can view your transcript your money will probably be in the bank Friday or Saturday :)

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                              @Kathy you aren’t the only one doing well. People just need that peace of mind and how dare you judge people. Some people aren’t doing well and would if they could. Karma is a beast and it could be you one day

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                                It is 800-829-0582 ext. 6 3 2

                                I just verified it right before I typed this and got through just fine.

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                                  Still not working. If anyone gets through and actually remembers what prompts they use, please share. I’m having surgery on Monday and am wanting to find out if I am expected to get my refund that day or before.

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                                    Ok, thanks I will try again

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                                      @Jdabenport & Latisha28 I just called the 1-800 829-1040 .. I can’t remeber exaxtly which buttons, but I do know I DIDNT push the options for refund status

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                                        @Kathy I don’t need your advice , I’m actually doin OK Financially, it’s just nerve recking, when I know my return have been processed error free & without problems I will be ok! Thanks but no thanks!

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                                          How did you get someone on the line? What steps did you take? I can’t seem to get anyone on the line and they just tell me to try back later (at least the auto system tells me that.).

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                                            Nebraska- thank you for posting. I had that question earlier so I appreciate the post. Did you happen to ask how long after seeing transcripts, will you see a DD! Thanks!

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                                              What number did you dial to directly speak with a rep? I’m having the hardest time getting someone on the line with all these different prompts

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                                                I must say I used to be like most of guys, every 5 minutes checking for updates..lol. This should be a lesson. Manage your income, Budget your spending, save for emergencies, so when you file next year all you will have to do its file and let it be. Try it….it works. I’m out.

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                                                  @ dude it seems to me atleast your return is getting worked on, & is maybe in the process of getting approved, she did say unlike WMR it updates as soon as the return is done processing. Mines says n/a still only Wage transcripts show up and they are blank so be a lil happy

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                                                    I do recall last year that once I was able to view my transcripts or request that they be sent to me I received my refund within a couple of days. I have yet to be able to view my transcript or request it by mail. I filed and was accepted on 01/20

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                                                      Exactly @ dude. I can view my 2014 Account Transcript, but it’s blank. The only items on there is Head of Household, and a date of February 16, 2015. No cycle codes and at the bottom it says no return filed but if that was the case, that date nor Head of Household would be on there!!! W need help for those that have this issue.

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                                                        I cant view mines im getting a error message saying to contact identity protection and wen i called she says she dk why im getting that message. Hopefully we will get our update to see our transcript.

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                                                          Unfortunately this doesn’t help those of us who can see a 2014 account transcript but the transcript is blank.. No return information inside.. This is the worst. Stuck in the middle with no hope. WTF

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                                                            @c jttsmom….mine said same thing, I had to try again using husband info, he is primary in joint return…dim if that helps you

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                                                              I got the same error when I first tried that just means your return havent been processed yet.. If you use your 2013 address it should work thats what I did but mines still have yet to be processed

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                                                                I have tried but got a error my info doesn’t match theirs.
                                                                What does that mean?

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