❓So when will my DD **actually** drop?

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    Queen slash

    I got a DDD for NJ State this morning but still no DDD For federal

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    Anybody get a refund or a ddd for the NJ state refund

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    @Jade I also used Paypal (DD to Paypal Cash card) My Federal has not been approved yet but my State was “issued” on 2/26.

    I called FTB (I’m in Cali) yesterday and they confirmed that the direct deposit was sent.

    I’m going to call Paypal In a bit and see if they can give me any info, I’ll post back when I do.

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    No refund yet. I have PayPal. The IRS said they sent my refund to my bank on the 26th. Does anyone else have PayPal and have y’all received your refund?

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    FINALLY!! Hang in there guys, hope still exists. DDD 26 received funds 1AM on today 27th. Turbo Tax is using a 3rd party processor who takes out their fees which can delay the funds by a whole day. Also I bank with Chime.

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    Hugo Garcia

    Anyone get there refund yet from turbo tax to to turbo prepaid card Las Vegas and still nothing and it’s literally about to be midnight 11:53pm what’s going on anybody know anything

    #4383986 Reply


    Chase bank Las Vegas, DDD 2/26 it’s 10:58 pm I just received it.

    #4383974 Reply


    Did anyone with chase bank receive it?

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    In Las Vegas, it says my refund was sent but I still don’t have anything in my account. This is really stressful. Hopefully it will drop
    Tomorrow it’s 10:46 right now.

    #4383941 Reply

    Hugo Garcia

    10:27 pm pacific time Las Vegas NV still nothing used turbo tax prepaid filed with TurboTax but still nothing hope it hits at midnight or tomorrow morning has anyone using turbo got there’s

    #4383914 Reply


    The IRS site said my refund has been sent. I’m waiting on PayPal now. Hopefully today I’ll get it. It’s about the same time I received it last year but I owed the IRS and they took it all. This year I owed but I’m getting a pretty good bit back. Yay. Maybe in the morning I’ll have it in my account.

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    It was dd 26th and I got then at like 4am back account credit union

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    Had a DD for 2/26 and still nothing using pay pal… It’s 9:52pm . Turbo tax used my Western Union card last year and it hit early. Maybe it’s pay pal

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    I meant has anyone received their refunds yet? I haven’t received mine yet.. I have PayPal.

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    Has anyone received their refunds yet? I ha sent gotten mine either and I have PayPal.

    #4383035 Reply


    PayPal has my money they are just holding it when it hits I’m getting it all and im closing my paypal account and they can f off

    #4382814 Reply


    DD says 26th… still nothing.

    #4382804 Reply


    I haven’t received anything yet I have PayPal

    #4382795 Reply


    Has anyone received anything?

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    My DD 2-26-20 I filed with turbo tax and had my fees deducted from my refund sbtpg says they received yesterday and sent it to my bank 2-26-20 but its 238pm and hasnt been deposited yet

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    Mine is PayPal and it still has not showed up yet I will never use paypal again

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    Mine is PayPal and it still has showed up yet I will never use paypal again

    #4382391 Reply

    Mike d

    Still nothing with vystar in Florida. But I did check with sbtpg and it says they gots it yesterday and took their $80 and deposited the rest in my bank so I’m guessing it’s the bank not releasing it.

    #4382098 Reply


    Wa 9:15am 2/26 capital one haven’t hit yet anyone ?

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    IRS bar shows approved (wheres my refund) and to be sent to the bank by 02/24/2020- today the bar STILL shows refund NOT sent. I use TT to file but there is NO update from them. IRS bar has not moved since 02/22/2020. So NO refund today either.

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    I used my chime card last year I got it two days before the estimated date use TurboTax last year had no issues use TurboTax again this year and I still don’t have anything on the website it said it was supposed to hit 226 is 226 9:10 Pacific time today and still nothing what’s the deal who else has got time and have you gotten

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    Has anyone that used turbo tax received their refund yet? My DD was for today and I havnt gotten it… Im so confused

    #4382011 Reply


    Irs says i was suppose to receive my refund today, 2/26 it had to go to turbo tax third party bank first. When i call it says they havent received my refund however when i check online it says it was received yesterday. Im so confused

    #4381809 Reply


    If it doesn’t show sent in the status bar I’m not getting my refund today right?

    #4381801 Reply


    Seem like Turbo is being trash 🙄 I have never had all these issues I won’t use them next yr it’s 11 am and still nothing in 9 yrs I’ve never had this issue

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    So unless it says sent in the status I’m not getting my DD today right?

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    Nothing here in NV either…..804am. Pacific time….Chase bank.

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    DDD 2/26
    located in NV with chase bank and it’s 7:55 and nothing yet anyone w chase get theirs?

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    Did mine with turbo tax used chime still nothing DDD 2/26 and its 9:38am anyone esle have a problem with these two

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    Sucks that some people haven’t gotten theirs yet.

    WMR won’t update to “sent” until the normal update between 3-7am tomorrow morning.

    #4381522 Reply


    DDD 2/26
    Located in NV
    Nothing yet ☹️
    Last year it arrived around 5 am

    #4381432 Reply


    Idk why you guys think your bank is going to clear it TODAY it was sent today not received by your bank today calm down you guess stress this here one minute gone the next check way tooo much chill out

    #4381422 Reply

    Renae Nae

    Im in NC my DD is 2/26 and i still have nothing. Not even sent on the WMR site. Getting worried. Normally its there as soon as i wake up. Its already 9:30….. Anyone else still waiting

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    Anyone know for Fifth third bank, mine was suppose to come 2/26 nothing yet its 8:53am

    #4381281 Reply

    Marie Mauras

    File with turbo tax DD 2/26 and still nothing Fl

    #4381227 Reply


    Mine is not in bank either. Turbo Tax, DD sent 2/26

    #4381192 Reply


    It’s 8:30 I filed with Turbo and got a refund date with irs of 2/26 still nothing!!!! I bank with a credit union in Ky

    #4381135 Reply


    Last year with chime i got my deposit at 3:46pm in Arizona.

    #4381113 Reply


    Direct Deposit date was for Feb 26th, It is 8:07 in NC on Feb 26th and my status has not been changed to sent

    #4380986 Reply


    I see its been sent to SBTPG but nothing on my account yet. Its 4:38 AM on the west coast so hopefully it posts in a couple hours (it does say it can take 1-2 days on SBTPG page). Although in all previous years I usually have it when I wake up-although I normally wake up at 7 AM not 4 AM.

    #4380970 Reply


    Got a DDD for 2-26, here in GA still nothing at 7:35 am

    #4380343 Reply

    Pamela Beasley Halpert

    Wells Fargo in Philly hit at 4:30am.

    Woot woot!!!!!!!

    #4380728 Reply


    Filed with TT, DDD of 26/2 sent to WF bank this morning @5 am

    #4380632 Reply


    anyone know what’s going on with the New Jersey state taxes

    #4380602 Reply

    Rhonda Vee


    #4380551 Reply


    Finally TurboTax NJ

    #4380380 Reply

    Rae RE

    Filed through H&R Block DDD posted at 8.50pm WA state

    #4380371 Reply


    I’ve used tt for 8 years…they fucked up the last time i ever EVER use them oml…turbo lost alot of business this year

    #4380356 Reply


    Anybody received it with Wells Fargo already ??

    #4380349 Reply


    Turbo tax just paid out in MO at 330am

    #4380328 Reply


    Still haven’t gotten mine either. I’m in KY

    #4380301 Reply


    Central Time zone, sbtpg has taken their fees and says it’s been sent to bank, bet still nothing in varo account.. anyone heard anything?

    #4380280 Reply


    For Colorado it dropped at 10:60 Mst, so 12 midnight EST so yes it dropped when it said money will deposit the 26th. For thoes who fell asleep y’all should wake up to a Nice Surprise!!
    Got My Refund Emerald Card!!

    #4380259 Reply


    Wichita is and still haven’t got mine on my skylight card and its 3:09am here

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    4:03 am filed with turbotax received money on cash app just now !

    #4380224 Reply


    Its 3 am here in MO and still have not received my funds . This will be the last time I use turbotax…

    #4380195 Reply


    Citibank… nothing yet

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    I have PNC and no deposit yet. I am in Western Pennsylvania.

    #4380176 Reply


    Anyone get their refund through pnc bank yet? Filed with e file. Still nothing

    #4380171 Reply


    Any one has delta Community credit union?!

    #4380157 Reply


    Mine dropped exactly at 12 chase bank

    #4380131 Reply

    Neeky Surtain

    Bank with Wells Fargo dd 02/26 but NOTHING yet

    #4380100 Reply


    Bank with Wells Fargo mine just showed up in my account a couple minutes ago DDD was 2/26

    #4380097 Reply


    I will NEVER DO THIS WITH TURBOTAX EVER AGAIN, it’s 255 am in NJ still nothing!!!

    #4380084 Reply


    DD- 2/26
    I bank with Wells Fargo, still nothing yet. I’ve been checking it like a mad man lol.

    #4380030 Reply


    I’m so worried my husband deposit didn’t hit yet. Turbo tax it’s 124 in Baton rouge but mine hit large night we both have varo. But file different places

    #4380026 Reply


    Its 1.20 am in MO and I still havent received mine yet with a DD of 2/26 and I used turbo tax anyone else having this problem

    #4379869 Reply


    @Kayla DDD 2/26 and I have chime still haven’t received DD either

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