Self employed people check now!

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    negasonic teenage warhead

    If your self employed income has bewn reported by the irs it means your return was accepted and approved. This system of checking for me is bwtter then transcripts.

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    So when should people expect a ddd?



    I checked mind today and it has my earnings for 2017 but I forgot to add my unemployment income and wmr still says being processed I want to know how accurate is this



    Filed 1/28
    Accepted 1/29
    PATH on 2/10
    Haven’t been able to make an account on SSA,but while calling to get it unsuspended for. The 10th time I asked the csr if my income has been reported for 2017.
    He said there has been no income reported. I’m self employed.. with no deductions. Just thought I would see some kind of movement after getting the path after like 10 days.



    Filed 1/19
    Accepted 1/20
    Sat on one bar until 2/1
    2/1 early in the Am updated to path act

    Sat on Path ever since

    Checked and earnings have been reported.

    I believe at this point i’m literally waiting for PATH to clear

    I have been able to see my completed transcripts since 2/1

    The only one empty is my account transcripts

    the only thing missing is code 846

    Process date of 2/12/18

    and cycle code of: 20180405

    If all goes well i’m thinking WMR may not even update
    I expect a DD no later than 2/22


    Brittany Nicole

    Okay so i can see reportd earnings for this year, but it seems that it is my W2 earnings and not my 1099 earnings.



    When I tried to create an account for myself on it would not allow me to. I called ssa this morning and they told me that their is a security lock on my social number. Equifax was breeched last year and I think they may have done that to protect me. But she did let me know that my income from the irs has been recorded. So if its recorded what does that mean?? Trying to figure this out.



    @Patiently Waiting that must enter why my years have so many incorrect amounts. But this year still says not yet recorded. I’m trying to have faith that ssa is just slow though. My transcripts are complete and I have path since last week. My cycle is 0604 but I am still praying for a ddd of 2/21



    Filed and accepted 1/29
    1 bar on WMR by the morning of 1/30
    3 days after filing I was able to look up transcripts with my new address,but did not want to order them.
    Updated to path the following Saturday
    Still on path as of today.

    Just checked SSA and my wages for 2017 have been reported. I have noticed this in other year’s also. I think it’s the best way to know.

    Now…just waiting 😒


    Patiently waiting lol

    On the SSA site sorry let that out


    Patiently waiting lol

    If you are self employed it will show the wages from your form 1040 SE line 4 as your income for 2017 plus any W2 you received in your name not your AGI



    Oh no that’s no good, I tried last night and it said that the services were unavailable, and I tried this morning, answered security questions and it went through

    Did it give you a timeframe for you to try again? Or maybe call the 1800 number tomorrow if you can 😢


    Deanna Elliott

    It won’t let me make an account? Now I’m locked out



    My last reported income was 2016, and I’m still on processing 😩😩

    This is a very accurate way I’m thinking 😭



    Yay, mine is reported. Hope you’re right! Thanks, either way! :)


    Nicole Castro

    I setup an account and my income from 2017 was reported. I’m still sitting on one bar as of 2/1/17. I have no dependents this year. I have some EITC no PATH message either. @negasonic teenage warhead does this mean my refund has been approved? I wasn’t able to order transcripts having issues with logging in etc.


    negasonic teenage warhead

    Go to and make an account and then check your my benefits all your earnings from the time you started working should be listed this year included.


    Deanna Elliott

    It won’t up an account how do you check?



    What if you had both but took a loss? I notice last year only my w2 wages show not my self employment due to a loss I suppose?



    It’s the social security administration… do u have a ssn?



    I can’t even make an account. Do they verify with equifax?


    Just Here!

    How to you check on there?…thanks



    weird smh hopefully it isn’t bad news on my end that mine is much lower than reported


    negasonic teenage warhead

    The income reported- @gemini








    negasonic teenage warhead

    That’s so weird. All mine Match.



    my income on ssa doesn’t match at all. and it definitely isn’t the same amount of my return. for this year it only says 250. that is impossible im baffled last years income on my ssa almost matches last years AGI



    *Completely filled in



    My transcripts are completelying filled in but ssa hasn’t updated to any income this year. My employment is 2 1099s and 1 miscellaneous cash income with no 1099. Does that make a difference? And all the years of income don’t even match. Only my w2 income matches in 2 of the years. The rest are completely incorrect some even have 0



    @negasonic teenage warhead Oh okay, I see what you mean. I just go off the transcripts unless I cannot view them online, which happened last year. Good to know there is an alternative way to know if its processed if you can’t view your transcripts and have self-employment income though!!


    negasonic teenage warhead

    It should match yes unless you have both w2 income and self employed income. If self employed wasnt added it hasnt been approved and reported to the irs yet- @Gemini

    Im basing approval off this. I doubt they would send income over that wasnt approved. I havent used it to calculate ddd i hust kniw it comes after ssa is updated. [email protected]



    are your wages supposed to match your federal return? because mine says a lower number than my return on there



    Are you calculating your possible ddd from having your self-employment income listed, or just saying that it is another indication of your refund being approved? MY account does show my self-employment income, but my transcripts have been near completion (just no 846 w/ddd) since 2/2/18. Thanks! :)

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