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    I have a question. I have already filed my return on 1/26 and it was accepted same day. A few days later, I got the PATH message which is still there as of today.

    My question is: Does IRS immediately compare your w2 and other source of income forms to your return once they’ve received it and processing has started?

    I’ve been told by multiple people and have read multiple forums/articles/web sites that IRS does NOT compare w2’s and other sources of income until AFTER refund has been sent; like after tax season because of how extremely busy they are and that they are required to send refunds out as quickly as possible (in certain cases, after PATH is lifted)

    The reason I’m asking is because I screwed up on my wages. For example I put $12000 instead of $13000 (that’s not the actual amount, it’s just an example) because I filed my taxes online via iPhone. I claimed Head of Household as well as both EIC/ACTC credits. I’m also anticipating a refund.

    Do I need to contact them or will they contact me to resolve this? Or.. will they approve it and catch it later? Do I need to file an amended form? If so, do I file the form now or afterwards?

    I have been filing the same way for 8 years — same name, same address, same credits, same employer, same everything. I’ve never screwed up like this before and I’m freaking out!

    I appreciate any info/advice given! Thank you!!

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    @AmberCC14 – you are MOST welcome! I’m glad to be able to help!!! Good luck to you!



    @ Unicorn Kisses — ok now I understand a lot more now that you and Lance explained it more in detail. I appreciate you taking the time to explain the process and what happened to your friend. It really does make me feel better knowing it can easily be fixed. Thank you SO much!! 😊


    @AmberCC14 – the system works on a cross comparison where it compares items such as first/last name(s), SSN, address, changes in status (i.e. HOH, single, etc.) – not income as we know that changes every year. If nothing has changed, it’s likely accepted as is. If something changes (like a name change due to marriage), it is pulled for an additional review/verification by either a secondary system or manually by a rep. So in your case, you didn’t have an identifying changes – therefore it likely is simply going through the “process”.

    You will have to wait for your initial filing to fully process. Once it is complete – you can then file an amendment. You can’t file an amendment to a return currently being “processed”…
    My friend did the exact same thing. He has gotten his refund and has since filed an amendment. He anticipates he’ll have to return a fragment of what he received…but

    This is per information from my tax pro friend and personal experience.



    @lance — I was hoping to hear from you! You seem to be very knowledgeable about taxes and the IRS process. I really appreciate your response! 😊 I rest assure knowing either way, it will be handled appropriately. I’m not in a rush for the refund. I was only off by a few hundred but I’m just so worried about getting in trouble. I filed using my iPhone and because the keypads are so close, I put a few numbers in the wrong order. I was in a hurry and because I’ve used the same tax company for the last 8 years of my life as well as having the same employer for the last 8 years, everything has stayed the same. Therefore all I needed to do was input the information for one w2. I simply wasn’t paying attention. I just hope I don’t get fined or anything like that.. it was seriously only off by $245. I show that I made $245 more than I actually did.

    Thank you everyone for the feedback and advice!



    They may or may not catch it before issuing a refund, if they do they’ll contact you, if not just ammend after receiving your refund. They simply dont have enough time to match every filers w2 and stuff before issuing a refund. Also part of the reason for PATH is to give the IRS more time to verify income (matching w2s to what you reported) to make sure you are actually entitled to the credits, but they arent able to verify every filer in time before issuing a refund. PATH isnt just about identity theft.



    @sharon24 — thank you! 😊



    The reason I’m asking, once again, is because I wanted to know if anyone else had answers to the other questions I asked.


    if anyone experienced something similar that possibly didn’t see my comment in the thread prior to this post.


    if they had experienced something similar to my situation, how did they go about handling their situation.



    When something similar happened to me I was advised to wait. If they catch it you deal with it then, if not file amended return after refund. They didn’t catch it and we just amended after. I had an accountant do my taxes that year, it was her screw up.



    @momjess – I’m aware of the advice on my previous post but I wanted more than one opinion. Thx



    Like advised on your other post, file an amended return when you get your refund

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