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Scheduled to be mailed 1/6

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    For those of us that will be receiving checks by mail 1/6 let’s update here. Last stimulus had a mail date of 5/1 and it was in my informed delivery on 5/2. Hopefully it will be that soon this time. Anyone with a 1/6 mail date received theirs yet?

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    so i decided to check”my payment status” on IRS website, it now says it was deposited on jan 4th, instead of mailed on jan 6th..????? i am so CONFUSED! and i get the same info using my old and new address🙆‍♂️

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    Nothing in summerton sc

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    Just got mine in South Texas

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    Just got mine 😁 in South Texas

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    Nothing In Anderson SC

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    I have decided that the checks or card isn’t real! Lol

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    Nothing again today.. Bklyn NY

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    @mama2011, it will come to the address the IRS has on file(supposedly)…i filed taxes with new address last year, got my 1st stimulus at new address last year AND still got my 2nd stimulus sent to old address..called IRS and even they were puzzled!

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    Huntington WV. Now showing in ID on…Woohoo!!

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    Nothing today in brooklyn

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    My friend in huntington, wv just got hers

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    Has anyone received one that didnt show up in their informed delivery??

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    I’ve never in my life waited this long for something to arrive in the mail. What is so hard about giving us our money? First they make us wait months to decide to give us another check then they make us wait to decide on how much it is gonna be. And now they make us wait longer to receive it. But yet they are talking about a third payment . They need to get their shit together. People are suffering out here. Things aren’t good in some places and not everyone can find work .

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    Tammy T

    Informed Delivery showed my check as of Monday not in the mail again today. Any one else have this issue? From the 757 area

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    Garrett wants the government to take care of his food, housing, healthcare, and diapers. He wants to walk everywhere he goes because of carbon emissions and eat tofu to save the earth from cows (got that from AOC). Lastly, he may be still living in his mother’s basement so let’s give him a break. Typical couch potato that deserves our tolerance. Garrett, it’ll be ok. Don’t forget your appointment on Thursday, I know you need to refill those pills to keep the serial-killer urges at bay.

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    Hoping by Friday

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    American Made

    Supposedly that if you moved and did a address change and forwarded your mail that you should still receive it. However if you haven’t received anything by February 6 you should contact the IRS for a mail trace . Most post offices will forward the check but not all of them do so the best thing to do is to contact the post office that handles the mail for your previous address and notify them about your check and make sure they forward it when they receive it.

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    American Made

    Government said that they were gonna be delivering checks to those in need first . Like the elderly,handicapped, homeless and low income families . But from what I’m reading and hearing it sounds like they dropped the ball and everyone who didn’t need it got theirs first. While the common folk suffer. Imagine what it’s gonna be like when they send the third payment. Hopefully they figure shit out by then because this is ridiculous.

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    Nothing again today here North Carolina

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    You realize those of us with spouses and kids get more than $600 right( $3k)? Which is helpful. Even with jobs and things $600 is still helpful to someone who is struggling or got behind due to being laid off or furloughed. Maybe stop judging everyone on a thread you clearly don’t need to be on since you’re doing so well!

    I hope your day gets better :)

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    Dear Garrett… You are an ass.. . Not worth anymore if my time.. just thought I’d let you know..

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    So if we did a change of address and have mail forwarding will it come to the new address or get sent back? I’m so confused on this topic

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    @garrett Why r YOU so mad bro? 😂😂😂

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    Jen Carter

    Nothing in Eastern NC yet. Could really use that money soon.

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    The Eagle has landed!! I repeat the eagle has landed. CHECK IN HAND Jackson Co WV

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    Lord all mighty

    All I know is that this whole ordeal is a big cluster fuck. No organization what so ever. The common folk were definitely screwed over this time. I am sorry that we all have gone through this in such a time of need and through the holidays. Stay strong and patient my people we will eventually get what is coming to us. Just keep praying and all will be well. Blessed with hope!

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    Bad Chic..Damn

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    Central NC and nothing yet again today. I think they forgot about NC, WV, and SC..WTF is really going on?? Worried about impeaching someone that’s not even president anymore, what about the American people??

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    Shut the fuck up. If you not worried about it why the fuck you on this website then. Everybody depending on that money for different reasons with a job or not. You bitch made Mf 💯

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    Happy to see some people are finally getting it here in Colorado springs ! Hopefully it reaches Longmont Co too !! Haven’t checked the mail yet

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    I haven’t heard of anybody in Florida getting anything yet! I’ve seen every other state pretty much wtf is right!!!

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    Nothing again NC

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    Just cause we are at the bottom of the country shouldn’t mean that we should be last wtf.

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    mailed to old address and returned to IRS, even though i got my first stimulus

    did you forward your mail??

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    Man what’s up with Florida any word yet?

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    UPDATE: if you moved within the past year, look in your old address for the check. mine was mailed to old address and returned to IRS, even though i got my first stimulus at my new address🤷‍♂️, the IRS decided to mail it to my old address! WOW!

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    I am a teacher in NC and we get paid monthly….our last paycheck went in on December 18. That EIP would come in handy right now

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    Ann T.

    No, nothing in NM.

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    Going to check mail I I will post later

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    Still nothing in Lewis WV but I’m not surprised.

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    Nothing again Cabell county WV :(

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    My bad Really123 meant to post to @ Garret, I’m kinda new to this social media. I apologize it was meant for @ garret.

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    Ghost of Colorado

    Still nothing in golden co here. Hopefully it will come soon.

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    You should scroll down to see who @Garret is and why my comment was directed at him. 🤦🏾‍♀️ Until then I’ll ignore your statement.🙄

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    Got a 1099 from social security but not that famous suppose check that was scheduled to be mailed on 1/6 in today’s mail

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    [email protected] Garret, Why are you on this feed being nosey if you got a job and aren’t worried bout the bandaid stimulus. Saying positive vibes when your putting off negative vibes. Anyway don’t comment on this feed if you’re not worried about stimulus. Was just wondering?

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    Still nothing in southeast missouri today

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    did i just see someone from colorado getting a check today? wow they have finally reached colorado hope mine comes today

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    Let me rephrase…. with informed delivery, you may not see all of your mail and you may not get it all the day you see it.

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    There are people here with jobs. Why are you so mad? Who hurt you? Why are YOU here? Getting the updates to see when YOUR “little 600” coming? 😂 It’s too early to be salty. Positive vibes only!

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    Still no check in NM as of 1/26

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    It’s showing in my Informed Delivery as of this morning.
    I have a Huntington, WV address but live in Ceredo, WV (Wayne CO).

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    Co Springs

    Colorado Springs – picture on informed delivery today

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    Nothing in new Mexico yet..anyone get theirs in the mail yet??

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    I still have not received anything as of today, January 27th, 2021.

    Tacoma, WA

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    Informed delivery a few days ago showing my check and still nothing in Northeastern Arkansas

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    Colorado Springs

    Informed delivery today

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    Nothing in wayne wv

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    Glad to see 1 person got there check in WV. Nothing in the Northern Panhandle.

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    Glad to hear 3 people from WV got theirs, in Greenbrier, Kenna, and Huntington. Im in Brooke and still nothing again today. Hopefully tomorrow i will have better news. Good luck to all who havent received them yet.

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    Not sure why some of you tripping on 600 bucks you could get a job there are jobs everywhere hiring.. get off your ass and get a job . 600 don’t pay rent … also some say you need food go to food bank .. apply for food stamps if not working … stop relying on the damn Government that can care less about you ..600 .. 1400 checks are bandaid to whats going on … people need to wake up

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    Nothing in SC as of yesterday. I’ll let yal know if the mailman drives by again today. Wishing everybody good fortune. P.S. Informed Delivery is not reliable!

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    Had something in my mail that couldn’t be pictured and thought it was my check and when I checked it wasn’t in there at all.

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    Informed delivery updated from this morning and no check for me today. This is just absolutely ridiculous. I think I’ve seen maybe 3 people from Maryland get theirs. Philly isn’t even that far from MD?!?! Last time my check was mailed on the 25th and it was in my mailbox on the 27th. What gives.

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    I’m literally 2 hours from the beach and still nothing in SC… I’m getting aggravated.

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    Going on 3 weeks of waiting🙄

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    Southern WV

    @drew glad to hear somebody from WV got theirs. Anybody else in WV received it? I’m from Wyoming Co. Still nothing

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    Finally! Check is showing on informed delivery for today. Spicewood TX (west of Austin)

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    What is going on how come no one in SC hasn’t got theirs yet….not understanding

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    I gotta give a big fluckyou to centurylink.. because I’m still waiting on this payment.. I was an hour late on my payment plan.. so they shut me off !!! Just a heads up guys … They are turning people off…

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    I’m in Huntington wv. Check was just in the mail.

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    At this point fuck it man 💯 Mfs wanna say “Y’all be patient” like that Shìt is nerve racking 🖕🏿 I’m over it. Fuck the check or card. Barely anybody in NC got there’s. And it’s been 3 weeks. That shit is dumb asf

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    Nelson VA nada again since day one I signed up for ID hasn’t showed me shit from day one. Keep saying I have no mail but I do have mail when I check my box but not my check or card. Wtf smmfh

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    This is fucking bullshit I won’t pay another goddammit tax dollar. Fuck this government.

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    Piece of shit government

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