Scheduled to be mailed 1/6

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    For those of us that will be receiving checks by mail 1/6 let’s update here. Last stimulus had a mail date of 5/1 and it was in my informed delivery on 5/2. Hopefully it will be that soon this time. Anyone with a 1/6 mail date received theirs yet?

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    @Garrett I’m in AZ with a mail date of January 6th and still nothing either

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    Hey if anyone in va get it let me know on the site tomorrow

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    This is so Wicked awesome of you! My daughter and I could really use it to help with Type 1 supplies for the month. Would be absolutely grateful as we are still waiting . / Tiffanychanelle81 . Thanks for considering

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    Yellow Horse

    Check mailed 1/6
    Received today 1/21-Minneapolis

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    Received mine today. Mine said scheduled to be mailed January 6th and it came today finally. Just hang in there I’m sure they will be coming very soon. Kansas city.

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    800.919.9835 is for IRs to start a payment trace if its missing but it takes 6 weeks+ to get a response and if its missing they’ll send another one and you get to wait forever again or just file it on taxes n wait again if dd messes up.

    Power Ball jackpot is up to 750 million think we have a better chance winning that vs this bs..

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    In south carolina ain’t seen anything yet.

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    Said it was Scheduled for 1/6 still nothing in Mesa Az

    Anyone in Az Received there check in mail ?

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    Durham nc
    Anybody in nc/sc got yours yet?

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    Informed Delivery showed check this morning and it was in the mailbox when I came home! Pittsburgh

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    Anyone in northeast texas got there check in the mail yet????????

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    Brian B

    Got mine in SW Pa today along with many others. Praying you are next…

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    No check yet in west Virginia scheduled on the 6th which is terrible me and my son have no food if anyone can help I would greatly appreciate my paypal is thank you and godbless

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    To DemonWarCry, I want to apologize as I came across as a bit rude! Thank you for setting me straight and explaining to me about how this sight works! I am located downtown Salt Lake city and still haven’t received mine but did call # I learned about on here as to check if mine will be in check or card, and found it is a card they are sending. Is there any other people in or around Northern Utah that received theirs in last day or two?

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    People cannot be that nieve !!

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    Its all based on if you voted or how you voted!!

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    Ill say it again and again .. give it 3-4 months covid will be a thing of the past!

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    You got your stimulus! Already know that !

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    REALLY, REALLY… Nevrgotastimulusever !!!!! Wanna go there! Cry about politics..

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    at this point i need money somehow since this stimulsa hasnt arrived.
    my instagram is mmirand.a im gonna be selling nudes. i need money to pay rent because i am going to be homeless soon.

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    A lot of people saying if I haven’t gotten the check yet I have to claim the rebate even if my Gmp has a mail date!

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    Can we go anywhere without seeing someone cry about politics

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    Non voters and Biden voters are getting 2019 refunds and stimulus! Why even vote to begin with when it just comes down to electoral votes?? Im done never voting again!

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    Nothing yet in New Orleans. Mail date 1/6. Maybe tomorrow?

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    Nobody in WV has received them yet. They’re coming! I know it’s stressful but our day is coming!

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    Dat dude

    Nothing in southeastern West Virginia. Has anyone on here from Va or Wv received a check or card yet? Surprisingly my patience has lasted this long but it is running out fast. If it isn’t here tomorrow or Saturday I’m getting evicted Monday. Lol. The sad part is I work full time but have had to do a mandatory company quarantine 3 times within the past 3 months and fell behind on ALL my bills. This really sucks

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    Dat dude

    Nothing for southeastern West Virginia

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    in aurora colorado still nothing. havent seen anyone in colorado receive one yet. sad day

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    Nothing in Ohio same as all others mailed1/6 talked to others in Cleveland area nothing either

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    Big no in Louisiana

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    South central Kansas:
    Mailed 1/6
    Received today 1/21

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    Mine had a mail date of 1/6. Came today in Western NY. Just mine though nothing for my qualifying dependents..

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    No Checks Sent

    It doesn’t take this long to mail anything anywhere…I don’t believe they were mailed out at all..really really sad to do that to anyone and especially to the American people… Mail man hasn’t seen any checks or cards in the mail….WOW

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    Brandlynn Y

    I’m in Arkansas and still nothing.

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    Southern California still haven’t received it 😔

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    Nothing in in VA yet. Heaven help us if it is alphabetical order by state.

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    I’m in northeast Texas and we didn’t receive anything today

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    Relatives got theirs today Mansfield, TX. We live near, but ours didn’t come yet.

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    I got my check today in NY. Only mine nothing for dependents. Mail date 1/9

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    If it says it was mailed y’all will get it hopefully in the next few days so you can get the 🔌 paid

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    Got mine today mid mo

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    Mike S

    Portsmouth, Virginia no check yet

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    Anyone in northeast texas got a check in the mail yet??????????

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    Baton Rouge,La
    Mailman says he hasn’t delivered ANY checks yet!😒

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    Virginia Beach, VA – no checks yet

    I believe the issue is in USPS. Imagine if you dump millions of envelopes there and then they have to sort it out. Understandable situation. Let’s just be patient.

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    The Woodlands Texas – mail date 1/6 and NOTHING! Nothing in Informed Delivery and no card or check in the mail box.

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    Ivor, Virginia

    No check.
    Maybe tomorrow.
    1/6 mail date via IRS

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    nothing in rock hill sc again today. looks nc/sc are getting shafted

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    I wonder what states have received a check so far. There’s gotta be a method to this madness

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    Tommy P

    1/6/21 schedule mail out date
    N.Y.C. QUEENS. Got my check yesterday cashed it today. Bless everybody here and hope every1. Received their check this week. Thank you for keeping hope alive. I. Hope if we get a third check they can get their shit together and get it right. They not the ones in need we are. Get it right irs.

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    April J

    Upstate NY, got the informed delivery notice yesterday, check was in the mailbox today.

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    lost my part time job in July, was denied unemployment due to me having Parkinson’s SSDI still pending.

    No check yet in Northwest Arkansas

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    B Las Vegas

    Received the Debit card today Vegas here. First stimulus was a check, I guess they changed. Good luck everyone in getting your funds.

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    I got my Check today in North Eastern Kansas

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    Nothing today in VA 1/21

    Mailed date 1/6

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    Nothing yet central Cali

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    ennis, texas

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    nothing again in central pa.. but i received an out of state bill postmarked jan 18

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    IRS said 1/6 . I recvd a payment card today 1/21

    Claremont ca,

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    Showed up on informed delivery Tuesday and Wednesday, nothing in the mail either day though. And nothing on ID or in the mail today. Bastrop, TX here

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    That is so nice of you.

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    @john [email protected] is my PayPal email. Times have been pretty tough lately..unfortunately we have a 1,000$+ electric bill and while We don’t have any “human children”, we do have 2 dogs that are our children and it’s been a struggle to feed them lately. If I was in your situation and able to, I would do the same thing.

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    Anyone in Denver CO got stimulus in mail yet? Please let me know what the envelope looked like and what date. This is getting scary

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    Hello friends I’m in Va and still nothing, my lights are scheduled to be shutoff Monday, I’m a Disabled Veteran and still fighting for my VA benefits, if anyone wants to help that would be a blessing. My cash app is $EssentialFisherman

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    Galveston Island,Texas here, and still NOTHING Today!!
    I see on this forum a handful of people from Texas have started to get theirs so I’m hopeful

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    I hope that you can help someone who really needs it. There’s a lot of scammers out there taking people like you for granted. You are an awesome person for doing that, and you will be rewarded 10 fold. I’m in NC and still waiting on my check also, however we have a roof over our heads, and food in the refrigerator, and we will make it. Good luck to you, and god bless you. Got shoes on my back, and clothes on my feet!! Lol

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    @ john i need it disconnect notice lights email dont want all my info on here

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    Me and my brother both got our checks in the mail today. We are in madison county, Illinois. So hang in there people they are coming!!

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    My fiance Recieved his check in Missouri still waiting on mine tho. Both said mailed 1/6

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    Johnny McCheckless

    Baton Rouge NO CHECKS!!! As of 1/21, scheduled to mailed 1/6 anybody Louisiana got check or card?

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    I agree with @msparrow7 but I will add that it may take 4 weeks to arrive

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    Mz. Ballard

    @ms wheeler jr I’m in Houston as well and no check showing on informed delivery yet! Praying it comes soon. Starting to lose hope :-(

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    All I know is, that when the IRS wants their money again from me… Imma reply, “Scheduled to be mailed out on Feb 30th with address on file”!!!

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    Said mine was mailed on the 6th finally received it today Splendora Tx

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