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Scheduled to be mailed 1/6

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    For those of us that will be receiving checks by mail 1/6 let’s update here. Last stimulus had a mail date of 5/1 and it was in my informed delivery on 5/2. Hopefully it will be that soon this time. Anyone with a 1/6 mail date received theirs yet?

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    I got a forwarded letter from the IRS saying they sent a check or card…whatever

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    just saw a deposit date on my transcripts for my stimulus, had to file taxes to get it.

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    My stimulus is in my informed delivery this morning. My mail man has been running an average of 5 hours late for 3 weeks when I asked him why he said because of all the stimulus payment and mail from the IRS. Wait and do a payment trace so your taxes are not held up ( that is if you had a mail date of 1/6 )…

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    So Cnn just reported that IRS has sent out all stimulus payments. If you didn’t get one they tell you to file for it! Unbelievable.

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    The Bureau of Fiscal Services received the payments that were scheduled to be mailed on 1/6 that have not been received and are slowly issuing cards. Dont be in a hurry to file taxes and claim your recovery rebate that will only screw your taxes up and you will wait even longer for the IRS to get their heads out of their a*#** to fix your tax return and hold it up for up to a year.

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    I never received my payment but Called EIP number and reported lost card, had to update my address , seems original was sent to my old one and never forwarded. They Said this would take 7-10 days ! Will update on here but I hope it helps someone.

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    Got informed delivery notification twice for card coming soon and still have not received a thing…


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    It’s been long enuff we had to wait since the 6th and they said upto 3 weeks and it has been it will make a month tomorrow wtf this is the USA. If we owed money they would have came for us… Some fucking government…

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    At this point if u didn’t get the stimmy; you won’t …just file for the rebate on ya taxes if filing….

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    Been patiently waiting for my stimulus check that GMP said was scheduled to be mailed out 1/6. But it’s Valentine’s day and I’m broke af.. starting to feel/look stupid looking in my mailbox daily with no reward! I haven’t gotten the IRS letter either. I’m In S.W Virginia.. definitely annoyed atm but I don’t want to lose any hope or faith over it. So hopefully by the end of the month It’ll show up.

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    Hello ive check the irs gmp and it fianally gave me a date my question is if its mailed on 02/05/21 how long would it take to get to me the first ine was dd and sent to a close account??

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    Joshua H.

    By now if you haven’t received it in the mail then file for it on tax return. Probably your best bet honestly.

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    Confused AF

    I had a mail date for 1/6 then Monday 2/8 the GMP says need more information… Does anyone know what that means? The IRS won’t tell me anything

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    @samara thats great👍🏽 hopefully you’ll get it soon..

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    I just tried my transcript again at IRS and the check was returned as undelivered. I did move and IRS did send it to the wrong address. So, I already filed my taxes and now hopefully they don’t take 6 months to process. What a waste of time and aggravation last few weeks.

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    I dont owe anybody nothing… Never went to college no taxes owed no child support no rent no nothing; so i dunno.. The crazy thing is when i put my social it say no offset or debts owed…

    Im good cant miss nothing i never had…

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    BFS would withhold for federal or state debts (student loans, child support, state owed taxes) all of which they supposedly were not holding this stimulus check for so that is strange.

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    @samara im trying to send all info but it wont allow me on this platform

    but call 800- 304-3107

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    GMP says scheduled to be mailed January 6th and still no check here in central Illinois.

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    @BrokeAss which number did you call and how did you know to call them? that’s odd that your payment was withheld there..

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    If u haven’t got it already… Try bureau of fiscal services

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    So i tracked my stimmy down apparently its at the bureau of fiscal services.. Why i dont know but they withheld it…

    Good luck everyone i waited for nothing since January 6th

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    Think it’s a bunch of BS , went ahead and filed my taxes , I’m not going to wait to chase the money down with a trace , if I get the check before my taxes are accepted by the IRS I’ll cah it and they can then keep the recovery rebate that I filed for , good luck to all . Posting from Ripley WV .

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    my 2nd stimulus check was noted being mailed 1/6/21, and as of 2/10/212 STILL HAVENT GOTTEN IT

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    @samara i was denied for the advance you can usually do before actually filing taxes

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    @Candi how were you denied? IRS isn’t accepting or processing taxes until 2/12? I processed mine and it is pending until 2/12.

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    South Florida Woman

    Did anyone else get the “need more information” message on GMP and received their Stimulus payment either by check or card? I was told to wait until the 24th to get it before they can do anything such as a trace or confirm I was even getting my stimulus payment….

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    I agree with all of u …this sucks!!! I called its …basically said to keep waiting or file it on taxes!! But can’t run a trace til the 24th! I feel like it was just a lie that it said a mail date of Jan 6th. I got the first

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    Mail date 1/6/2021 still nothing in mail. In Missouri. Kinda given up hope. Irs website still says same thing it always has, mailed Jan 6th. Nothing on informed delivery. Over this crap.

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    Still nothing. GMP- still ‘status not available’. Received FIRST stimulus DD in may. No problems. Have not changed banks or had a change of address. Will give it another week then will file 2020 taxes . Would just like a legit explanation from the irs why some did not receive stim 2.

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    It’s sad that we haven’t gotten anything yet. No check no letter no nothing still says mailed on January6th…. Fuck it…


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    Still nothing here in Denver, but i know a few people that got theirs within the last week. I filed for the tax refund advance and was denied, which apparently most people have been as well. When i filed though I said that I got the $600 assuming i would get it by the time the IRS starts taking returns. Now i am wondering if that was a bad idea since it still hasn’t arrived…

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    My “get my payment” first said “was mailed on January 6”, now it’s “scheduled to be mailed on January 6”. Either way I still got nothing from them. The 3-4 weeks timeline for it to be delivered is now after that and still nothing. The internet had made February 3, the date it was supposed to be here by. This is so frustrating and unfair. I really need the money.

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    South Florida

    I got a 1/6 mail date. Then on the 16th I got the need more information message which according to the IRS is a generic/general message for people who will get their payment by mail and it wasn’t mailed yet. I have never been this pissed off waiting for anything in my life! This is the type of fuckery I will not stress or hold my breath for… Good luck everyone.

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    I am done too. I just filed my taxes and claimed it on there. It should not take this long to send someone a check. I got a letter from them in no time but the check is nowhere to be found. Who knows when they will process taxes as well but I was tired of waiting. Hopefully next time around they will get it together and get it right. This was beyond frustrating

    NY mail date 1/6 never received

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    I done gave up, i got a letter from IRS regarding other stuff ( it was forwarded from last address) but still no check from the 6th…… Putting the credit on my tax return and if the check still comes im cashing it and they can figure their fuck up out later idc anymore

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    Coconut Creek Florida

    I have given up all hope in regards to the second stimulus payment….

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    Nothing in Broward county Florida

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    Still nothing here in indiana

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    Still nothing here… yet I got a letter from the IRS mailed last week with no problem.

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    Scheduled 1/6 per GMP but still nothing. Phoenix Arizona

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    KeriKouture. Mine also said mailed the 6th and now says need more info. Still no check Bham AL.

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    Hollwood Rob, yes the cards are from metabank.

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    It’s been long enuff we had to wait since the 6th and they said upto 3 weeks and it has been it will make a month tomorrow wtf this is the USA. If we owed money they would have came for us… Some fkng government…

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    I got mine last time USPS mail and it was forwarded to my new address it took a couple of months though because I went through H&R Block so they tried to send it to their direct deposit which was no longer open so it bounced back and was mailed to me mine also said that it was mailed January 6th still nothing

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    Charles Town, WV – Still no check here

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    Another Jan. 6’er. Not received yet, or at least was not on Informed Delivery. I looked at the Tracing material. Hope it doesn’t come to that.

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    Not on Informed Delivery today, also one of the Jan. 6’ers. Read about doing a trace, hope it doesn’t come to that. Complicated if you finally get original, and other things..

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    Check your payment information! Mine first said Jan. 6, then changed to not enough info!! Anyone else have this?

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    I just Googled All Access by Metabank. That is the stimulus debit card @Hollywood Rob.

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    Jass J

    Has anyone else’s payment status changed on IRS website??

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    Been reporting past couple weeks in my mailbox today was letter from IRS and my check informed mail. Mailman not come yet hopefully today said it was mailed from Philadelphia. In Cleveland Ohio.

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    Don’t lose hope y’all! They’re coming! Mine said 1/6 and received the 29th finally… AFTER I too had given up hope. They say the timing is due to printing, processing, and then mailing out the check-thats ALL the IRS can say as to why it’s taking so long and as to why so many people have to wait 3-4 weeks they advise…. smh!

    Goodluck and Godess XOXO

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    @ Hollywood rob

    Sorry hun I don’t think that would be it.. in ID it would say something about an important economic document is on it’s way to your mailbox if that was it. I’m not 100% sure since mine was a check but that’s what Family had got, and I don’t think it came from metabank

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    Hollywood Rob

    What does the debit card envelope look like? I got something in my I.D. that says all Access by metabank from Texas is that it?

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    Hollywood Rob

    What does the debit card envelope look like? I got something in my I.D. that says all Access by metabank from Texas is that it?

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    Nothing Again Today
    Tampa Florida

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    My ID says my check is coming today. I’m in Louisiana. My scheduled mail date was 2/5/21.

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    Nothing in NC

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    North Carolina still nothing. Says mailed 1/6.

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    I have. A date of feb 5th for my. Seconde stimulus check to come im in fkorida how long will it take

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    Hopefully we will get something soon. I spoke to the irs they told me i have until the 25th to receive and if i dont by then to have it traced..

    Brooklyn Ny

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    In Ohio still haven’t seen anything and says mailed 1/6/21 neighbors are on SSI and they still haven’t got theirs either…Crazy this was suppose to be smother second time around Guess Government no matter what party can’t get it right for the People they suppose to support…

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    Nothing in Ohio new mailman today says he has not seen or delivered any last month or beginning of this month. Famous saying scheduled for January 6th funny all my other bills show up immediately tried also get on to check status on IRS and said page is down. There is hope I see a lot of people in different states are getting there’s. So what if that 1 ,400 goes thru we have to wait till 2022 taxes to get the check.

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    Check recieved. Thank you Jesus. Praying🙏everyone else waiting receives theirs soon.

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    Mine showed up in my mail box and I have informed delivery but it didn’t show up in my informed in southport n.c. I received it yesterday and the check had a 1-6 21 date and I got it cashed at Walmart for a 4 dollar fee. Hope this information gives a little encouragement.

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    I live in Weston wv everyone else I know that had a mail date of Jan 6th received theirs last week other than me and my mother

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    Nothing in palm beach county fl

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    Same here I give up also. I’m going to just claim the recovery rebate credit. This is crazy, I have not gotten anything in my box for 6 days. I always get some junk or something. Makes me wonder🙄🤔

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    Nothing again here in Indiana…… Says mail date of 1/6 but I give up. I’m just going to claim it on taxes if it isn’t here by Monday.

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    Broward County Florida

    Haven’t seen a lot of Florida people saying that they received their stimulus payment so most likely we’re going to have to wait until the 24th to do payment traces

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    Haven’t recieved it yet here in indiana

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    Nothing Again
    Tampa Florida

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