Scheduled to be mailed 1/6

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    For those of us that will be receiving checks by mail 1/6 let’s update here. Last stimulus had a mail date of 5/1 and it was in my informed delivery on 5/2. Hopefully it will be that soon this time. Anyone with a 1/6 mail date received theirs yet?

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    I saw my card on USPS informed delivery on !/11 get my payment says it was sent on the 6th but i havent received anything ive tried to talk to the postal service i get nothing from them .this is not ok people need that money

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    Stuck like chuck

    Wow this is insane. Why does the government make it’s people wait and suffer to receive assistance. First it’s the Potus and Senate that makes us wait then the house of representatives then the treasury then IRS and now the USPS . That’s why it’s taking so long and screwed up. Think about the telephone game and how much things change in translation. There is too many people involved and too many hands in the cookie jar.

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    Irs Website says that they will forward the checks as long as new address is on file. Hope everyone gets theirs before Christmas 2021

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    I still have not recieved my Stimulus Check as of January 28, 2021.

    Tacoma, WA

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    Nothing Asheville nc getting old

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    Angela paris

    So it showed on my informed delivery today. Brooke Wv. How long will it b til in my mailbox?

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    Charleston, SC. My moms check came on Monday. Still waiting on mine and I’m also in Charleston.

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    Just talked to the post office he said it will get forwarded
    It just takes longer is what he told me

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    Nothing Gaston County,. NC

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    Killing me softly

    I’m not sure how some of us can make it another week. I’m tired of checking the internet and mailbox for a stimulus check and being disappointed this is friggin torture!

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    Whoever is saying IRS mail can’t be forwarded. That is not entirely true. I have a piece of mail from the IRS that was forwarded to me recently since we moved mid year last year. Then I had a separate piece of mail a day later with the correct address. My stimulus is yet to come but, I don’t think there is an absolute method to their madness at this point

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    At this point I don’t know what is more elusive the stimulus check or the ps5 and xbox series-x cause right now they are like unicorns. I’ve only heard about them but never seen one in person .

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    Nothing yet in southeastern n.c.

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    Nothin in
    Craig Co

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    Nothing yet in New Mexico ugh I’m losing hop

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    Nothing in Columbia SC. Friends in Orangeburg and Charleston areas have not received anything either. I see Virginia and NC getting hit. SC maybe we’re next week.

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    Got mine today in WV. 1/6 was the send date and the check was dated for the 6th. They are coming! Hang in there!

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    Nothing still in lumberton n.c

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    I guess we will have to claim this one on our taxes .. smh

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    Dat dude

    Nothing for me in greenbrier county West Virginia today. Post lady did say that they seen a few come in yesterday though

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    Nothing here once again in Western Maryland

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    Nothing again in SC

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    Got mine today. Wv

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    Has anyone received their check without it showing up in Informed Delivery?

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    Waiting in NM

    Yay showing in ID today, 1/28, in Rio Rancho, NM

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    Where the hell is my money damn it?

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    Still nothing in my part of Iredell County, NC but it’s my understanding people in neighboring towns have been receiving theirs the past two days.

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    Here in El Paso Texas I see my mother’s check from the IRS is coming today from pensalvaynia and once again it also separately says important mail about economic payment card coming soon when it had disappeared on Monday I am so confused I guess the checks. For El Paso Texas are arriving today but not the cards crazy hopefully tomorrow or Saturday anyone else going thru this in Texas?

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    THEY DO EXIST… i got mine in Marion County WV today and perfect timing its my sons birthday and i only have $5 in my wallet

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    Hi everybody just got my ID today an the checks are there today ….. here in LONGMONT COLORADO

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    Sanford nc just got mine I had the date of 01/06/21they are coming slowly but surely keep the faith

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    Nothing today.. Still waiting in Lexington SC.. Hopefully it come Friday or Saturday. I’m tired of waiting. Haven’t seen anyone from SC get their checks yet😔

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    El Paso, Texas

    Check Has Finally Arrived (79905)
    Hope You All Receive Yours Soon!

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    Deb in WA

    Hi everyone. Still nothing at my address in Tacoma WA. Nothing in Informed Delivery either.
    I posted before that I had received a check last time. And may get it again that way. Who knows. I will post when I get it.
    My daughter in law, same address, received hers last week in the form of a debit card. It DID show up in the Informed Delivery the day that she got it.

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    In my ID for delivery today. It’s a check from Kansas dated 1/6. Aurora Co. 80013. I know the wait is excruciating, but hang in there. All prayers.

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    Momma bear

    It’s a Check from PA…. hope that helps

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    Momma bear

    Pueblo, CO… scheduled mail date 1/6…. finally showing in ID today!…. I had given up hope already…

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    🤞🏼maybe today

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    My EIP card is showing in informed delivery today. It shows a barcode label with a sent date of 1/26. My GMP was for 1/6. Portland Oregon.

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    check is in the mail today aurora colorado. the wait is over

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    Hi everyone! Husband and my check is finally showing in informed delivery today. They did one check this time, unlike the last time where they did ours separately. Raleigh Co. WV.

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    Last time it didn’t show on my informed delivery so I guess it’ll happen this time too. Everyone else got there’s near me but I don’t have mine…. south Carolina come on what’s the problem

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    Does anyone know if they will forward the stimulus check I put my address change in a while ago so haven’t received the check so maybe that’s what’s causing it?

    Jason, legally, usps isn’t supposed to forward any federal or state official mail. They’re supposed to return it back to the irs. But, you can call the post office and request your mail to be held and have them call you when it arrives. If you request mail for pick up, they won’t return it.

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    sorry had to do my post in two comments

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    We forwarded our mail and notified the post office cause we moved and somehow they have that address on file when we lived there for 2 months and NEVER reported that address to the IRS if they had sent it to the one we filed with that would have been my inlaws and fine…now payment number 2 status says something like we need more info…guess we are claiming it on taxes

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    Still waiting for the mail to come. The mail runs around 12:30. So hopefully I’ll know something soon. Lexington, SC

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    see the important mail aboubt stimulus in informed today. dont know what that means

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    Looked at my husbands transcript and it states that it was undelivered and returned to the IRS. Last time we got our deposited together this time they split us up and gave us each one dependent i got mine after the turbo tax mix up.

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    its not letting me post…this is a test

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    Ch in sc

    Sc? Anyone got anything yet. Still waiting…

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    I live in sc and i didn’t get mines yet my brother got his monday and his said mailed out jan 6 and mines says mailed out jan 6 too anybody on here from sc who got theres

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    WV Bluefield Brandy

    Informed delivery showing my check in the mail from Kansas City MO. Irs sent on the 6th of January aslo. So WV check your mail it’s coming. Bluefield WV.

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    Update: Tax Advocate was absolutely no help!! Once I got into explaining she cuts me off and says “Oh IRS isn’t sending out anymore payments you will have to file on your taxes”

    I say well I have a dd for tomorrow only issue is it’s being deposited into same closed account they tried before

    She says “Oh well I didn’t think they were still sending any out”

    I can NOT!

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    I’m in central NC, Asheboro to be exact and I haven’t seen shit..

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    Nothing in Idaho today , looks like several in other states are getting theirs gives me hope maybe mine will be here soon.

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    Got some thing from the treasury on informed hopefully that’s it!
    -denver, Colorado

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    3 stim reps & now on phone with tax advocate and no one can help!! :(

    Closed account deposit on Jan 4th
    Get my payment update last night for dd deposit for Jan 29th into same closed account!!!!

    Whyyyyy? I thought once bank rejects its auto mailed papercheck

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    Does anyone know if they will forward the stimulus check I put my address change in a while ago so haven’t received the check so maybe that’s what’s causing it?

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    Nothing on ID for me today in Ripley WV

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    Finally coming today in NC! Praying that all of you receive yours today!!!!!

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    Ghost of Colorado

    It’s in the mail today for Golden colorado. I will pray for those who haven’t got it for a quick delivery.

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    Finally it arrives here in NC and on a wolf moon howwwwl!!

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    I see someone in Richmond va got it and someone in Lynchburg va got it. I live in between both and I’m still waiting. How da hell that happen.Damn this shit is pissing me off so bad. Got my anxiety through the roof.

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    @SLGEARIN what part of NC?? Congrats on finally getting your check!!!

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    I had that same problem with my last check getting it cashed without a valid ID. The banks would not allow me to endorse it to anyone, even my dad’s bank account and we share the same name except I’m a Jr. Luckly I know a lot of good people around my home town, and a local beer store owner cashed it for me because I work on his vehicle’s. Good luck to you getting it cashed, it’s a big hassle.

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    Thanks for responding to me, really? I can getbit cashed thru paypal? Even without a valid ID? I dont want to sign the back, then be screwed cause theres no way i can access the money or cash it ya know

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    I just received mine in NC. It took almost 3 weeks to mail.

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    Broward County Florida

    Its sad that they claimed our money to be mailed out on the 6th because i checked my transcript and it says my check was written on the 18th… This whole cluster fuck has me pissed off and stressed. I’m bout done waiting for this imaginary check/card. I’m just gonna let it come IF it comes…..

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    We should all get some interest for having to wait this long. Wtf irs, the government isn’t worth a fuck. What da hell is da holdup?

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    My check is showing in Informed delivery for today west Virginia

    #4450143 Reply


    @MistyS set up a PayPal account u can cash it on there

    #4450141 Reply


    Nothing here again. Nelson VA

    #4450139 Reply


    My girlfriend and I just got both ours in Preston county West Virginia

    #4450138 Reply


    ITS HERE! Cabell county WV.
    I hope all of yours come this week too!! Good luck everyone, sending lots of good vibes!

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    If i get the check… how am i going to even cash it without a valid ID?
    and i currently domt have a bank account, would i have a bank account, would i have to endorse it to someone, and have them cash it for me? Hoping i get card, but with my luck, ill get a check..

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