Scheduled to be mailed 1/6

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    For those of us that will be receiving checks by mail 1/6 let’s update here. Last stimulus had a mail date of 5/1 and it was in my informed delivery on 5/2. Hopefully it will be that soon this time. Anyone with a 1/6 mail date received theirs yet?

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    Huntersville, NC

    I’ve been reading these comments for weeks. I work for a hotel and my husband is in the restaurant industry. We were hit hard by covid and been struggling since. Everyday i check informed delivery and it finally showed today that we’re getting out check. It may not be alot to some but it is to us and we’re still both working. I hope alot of you get yours today or tomorrow.

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    Mine is here !!!! Colorado Springs .1/6 date.

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    Showing in ID today. Paper check, not debit card. Salisbury, NC
    Now just hoping it’ll be the right amount, I keep seeing ppl w/dependents saying they didn’t get the extra for them. Looks like they’re hitting everywhere in NC today.

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    Showed on my informed delivery picture of check on Monday, still haven’t received in Northeastern Arkansas. Anyone else have this happen?

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    I wanted to let everyone know that there is still hope.. I seen my check this morning in informed delivery.. Hickory NC!

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    I wanted to let everyone know, there is still hope. My check is in informed delivery this morning. HICKORY NC

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    Odessa, Texas

    In mi ID today. Looks like a check here in OD

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    Houston we have lift off… Jacksonville nc.. ID shows a check.. mail comes at 12 noon.. so will confirm then…

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    Rockingham NC here. Shows in my informed delivery for today. Will let everyone know if its in there

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    Salisbury nc here. My check is on my informed delivery today. I think they are sending them by state

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    Check date mail January 6th as of today nothing in delivery informed . Mooresville NC

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    Swamp Lyfe

    I’m glad the rest of you all are finally receiving your stimulus money cause it’s been excruciating having to wait this long our mail system is so backed up by the covid pandemic it’s sad.Imagine if it was truly a emergency like matter of life and death, some of us would actually be dead! Wellmy dad always said we are powerless over people places and things. So guess we are all at their mercy and just have to wait hope and pray that it will eventually arrive.

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    Swamp Lyfe

    There is 6 different people that get mail to my address and you mean to tell me that not one person got mail today? Seriously??? This must be a joke! Where are the checks???? Florida is friggin suffering here. I don’t understand what is so hard about delivering some mail.

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    Happy birthday

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    Got something in mail saying important info on eip. So here’s hoping…..hold on sc it’s coming….slowly…..but it’s coming.

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    Showing in my Informed Delivery today- NC

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    Dillon SC still no check

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    Gaston County
    Heads up! Informed delivery notification today! And it’s my birthday! Yay! It’s really coming everyone’! Don’t lose hope!

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    Is in informed delivery today. Mail comes around 4 pm. Will let you know. I’m in Charlotte NC.

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    Showed in ID yesterday and arrived yesterday… good luck to all waiting! Southeast Missouri

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    I received mine in mail as paper check in southwestern va 24251…so i know yall are tired of hearing be patient so im just gonna say i was about to give up too and it came it was mailed out on the 6th from kansas…IF the irs gmp website shows a mail date then u will receive a check in the mail THE WOMAN AT THE TREASURY TOLD ME THAT ON PHONE! so its coming guys!!

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    Sorry – I’m in West Texas

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    It is showing in my informed delivery today. Hopefully it will arrive soon for everyone!

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    Nothing in Dover Delaware as of yet!!! Check maile 1/6

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    Showing in ID finally! Charlotte NC

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    Nothing here for western maryland

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    Showing in ID today Jacksonville NC. We’ll see if it’s there this afternoon when the mail runs

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    Dear IRS, your moms a hoe sincerely SC

    Still nothing today in Anderson sc for neither my fiancee or I.

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    It’s coming today. Shelby NC

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    Finally shows up in my Id …Lexington,sc

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    At long last….. Showing in informed delivery this morning! Irmo, SC

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    Richlands NC

    Finally showing in my ID today

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    Not in damned ID AGAIN going on 4 week’s SC

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    I have seen several who have gotten the informed delivery photo and their checks arrive that day. Others have posted it took several days to receive. I’m praying everyone gets theirs today. Unfortunately informed delivery doesn’t work for my address, I’m just waiting to call the post office to get disappointed. I need to go to the dentist! I wish they would Send me my stimulus or a medical card.

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    FINALLY!!!!Showing in my informed delivery today! Soo thankful it’s finally here! Good luck to you all here! Raeford NC.

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    Check photo just showed up on ID!! Hendersonville, NC! Could’ve used this 3 weeks ago, but thankful to finally have it now!

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    ID has not updated yet. Hoping to see something about it in there today! Lowcountry SC

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    I have a message in my ID that says “Important mail about your EIP is arriving soon” … what does that mean? Has anyone seen that message and gotten their check?
    Hendersonville, NC

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    Has a lot came to the Low country or pee dee??SC???

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    Got my check yesterday (1.28.2021) forgot to update. Lewis WV Good luck guys!

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    i filed mine with taxes after learning it got returned to IRS, more waiting i guess🙄..good luck to those still waiting and happy for those who got it.

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    All I cared about is getting it by the 1st cutting it close

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    Amy W


    Hi…. Stoneville NC here…my son and I both got ours in the form of paper checks in mail today!! I’m just so thankful that the wait is over…I REALLY hope all u guys receive them VERY SOON!! NONE OF US SHOULD HAVE EVER HAD TO GO THROUGH SUCH A STRESSFUL SITUATION… HAVEN’T WE BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH ALREADY??? The IRS could have had a little decency and could have put forth a little more effort to make sure we got them in a timely fashion…just saying.

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    My mail didn’t even run yesterday or today and I been waiting on my daughter as card for 3 weeks now but it showed in my I’d but never delivered… so just imagine where my check is.

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    El Paso Texas arrived today in form of check not card as I’d had stated thank you everyone for the updates they are finally coming

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    Check came today In mail Denver CO. 😍🥳🥳😍

    Hang in there everyone in Colorado !! Good luck!!

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    Seattle, Washington (where I live) not a thing!
    Spokane, Washington (where my parents live and not a thing! 1/6 mail date

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    Nothing here and Mooresville North Carolina yet I see a couple of people have got theirs in North Carolina maybe I’ll get mine tomorrow or Saturday really hoping

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    Got my check in Brooke County WV today
    1/28. Hope you all get yours soon.

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    New Mexico
    Check came today

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    New Mexico
    Got mine today 1/28 IRS had 1/6 and informed showed 1/21 that a card was coming soon but mine was a check so who knows?

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    New Mexico

    On 1/28 my check finally!! IRS said mailed 1/6 and informed said debit card from meta bank treasury economic impact money arriving soon on 1/21 with link to card.

    Nothing has made sense but informed delivery did show a picture of my check pay to: my name in the photo today on 1/28 and it was there.

    So New Mexico people should be getting theirs.

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    I got mines today in california !! Their coming guys date was 1/6 stay postive!!!!

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    Lynchburg Virginia it showed in my informed delivery today. Check waiting in the mail when I got home.. Praying for everyone who is still waiting.

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    Lynchburg Virginia it showed in my informed delivery today. Check waiting in the mail when I got home.. Praying for everyone who is still waiting.

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    Finally got mine today in southwest virginia

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    Paper check received 1/28 in Fort Collins, CO.

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    Im in Arizona and still nothing. Anyone else in AZ?

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    Mine was mailed on 18th and received on 25th here in Baltimore

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    It is not THE USPS it’s our inefficient government to thank…or blame.

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    @Sherry Which part of NC? Still waiting in Kings mountain.

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    Hi. Finally got mine today in NC..

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    Still nothing in lowcountry SC. I received a package that was shipped on the 25th from PA. Not sure how/why it’s taking this long to get the check. Not complaining since I’m blessed to not “need” the $ but I’m sad for everyone on here who is in desperate need of it.

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    Greensboro NC area guys, just recieved mine in the mail about an hour ago. Check date 1/6 from Kansas, but the envelope mailed from PA. Got my last check in 2 days. They coming just slowly.. Good luck everybody..

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    @ Ann T yay that gives me hope nothing in Espanola New Mexico

    #4450268 Reply


    I’m in Greenville SC and I got mine Monday for the people sayin they haven’t seen any body in SC and I have a couple friends who got theirs yesterday

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    Ann T.

    I received mine today. NM

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    Charlotte NC

    Nothing here yet. Postman says he hasn’t seen ANY checks yet in Charlotte area. I live in Indian Trail btw.
    Anyone else get theirs?

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    Angela paris

    We finally got it!! Yes 1200! Was in a check not a card.. Brooke co. West Virginia! Thank God so much stress gone off me and my husband. Can get a car n go bsck to work bc we travel for our job! Everyone keep your heads up bc we almost lost faith n it came!!

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    Alvarado, Tx.
    Still no check either. Has anyone done the transcript thing on the IRS page?

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    01/06 scheduled to be mailed
    01/28 still no check

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    Just checked my mail… Nothing❗❗❗❗

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    Yeah we got our checks here in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho and not just me but some neighbors as well. I hear that Farmington and Santa Fe all got theirs today as well.

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    Anyone is AZ get it

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