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Scheduled to be mailed 1/6

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    For those of us that will be receiving checks by mail 1/6 let’s update here. Last stimulus had a mail date of 5/1 and it was in my informed delivery on 5/2. Hopefully it will be that soon this time. Anyone with a 1/6 mail date received theirs yet?

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    Washington state, informed delivery says both my daughter and mine is in the mail today. EIP card. If it is in your informed delivery under the piece of mail which is a plain white envelope it says somethihng about your EIP card and gives a link to get more info about it.

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    1 6 2021 is not a mail date. It’s the date on the check. The checks are being sent out 5 to 7 million a week and theres no telling if yours has been sent. IRS said by the end of January. Repeat it says January 6th for everyone being sent a check even though that’s not the day they mailed the checks.

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    seems like no one received a check yet

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    Kevin in Michigan

    Mail date 1/6 nothing yet and not in informed delivery for today.

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    1/6 mail date…My informed delivery has 3 pieces of mail, one of which does not show a picture. Fingers crossed…will update. NJ here

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    Mines say the same mailed on1/6 n still nothing.last year it said mailed 4/24 n it came that exact day..let’s pray it comes today or Wednesday..Houston tx

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    Well I just got a email from usps with informed delivery email and unlike the app the email does show a picture for the 3 letters I’m receiving today and sadly their is no check today. Tomorrow hopefully….

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    1/6 Mail date . Informed delivery today, I have 3 pieces of Mail with no image available hope it’s there if not I hope for the best tomorrow. Southern Illinois here near Missouri. Waiting for this Mail man before work with a glimmer of hope ….will update if I get anything.

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    Nothing here in MO.
    Informed Delivery shows some of what you all are saying no image.
    I heard they come on Wednesday not sure how true that is but I did get the last one on a Wednesday.
    Also please post if you got check or card.

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    Same mail date 1/6 no pic available from informed delivery

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    My mail app says the same thing about a piece of mail with no picture. Fingers crossed 🤞🏾.

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    In Michigan mail date 1/6 nothing yet

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    Nothing in my informed delivery for Southern Wisconsin. Mail date 1/6. I hope if they do $2000 checks (or $1400 difference) they don’t have this issue, otherwise just let us claim that on our taxes too. Smh

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    Mail date 1/6 but still haven’t received check in the mail and nothing for informed delivery today… soooo still waiting here in Oklahoma

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    Ms. Fletcher

    Informed delivery says there is a piece of mail we do not have a picture for and the last time my check was mailed it read the same. Won’t know until after 2pm. Will keep you informed.

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    Mothing yet for me. Im in Missouri.. Mine says mailed out the 6th also. Fingers crossed it comes soon!

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    I have not received mine yet, it says mailed 01/06/2021. Im in Washington State! I will post here wen i get it.

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    nothing yet in PA… the first one came a day after the mail date. I do know mail is still backed up so hopefully soon

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    Just found out that all the paper checks are dated January 6th everybody. They started going out dec 30. It can take up to 8 weeks to get it. It wasnt mailed on the 6th. 5 to 7 million checks are being mailed per week. This sucks. NJ here and still no check.

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    1/6 still nothing…let us all PRAY🙏🏼💕

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    Mailed the 6th nun yet and informed delivery wint let me sign in smh

    Illinois here

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    Not yet here in Texas 😁

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    C ma

    California…1/6 said it was mailed and nothing yet…I need it asap. Pray we get it soon.

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    Ohio n mine was for the 6th too n nothing yet

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    Not yet in ohio hopefully Monday

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    Dawn Mccormick

    Mail date 1/6 nothing yet I had changed my address wit usps last year got at new address but nothing in informed delivery as off now

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    Mine was also mailed on on 1/6…nothing

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    Hopefully tomorrow January 11th nothing here in OKC

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    No in new hampshire

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    Have not yet got mine. In California

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    Jan Jan

    No in Oklahoma

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    No in Georgia

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    *got* not for

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    Nothing yet in Florida although 2 if the people at the same address where I get mail and filed there taxes at the same place as me for theres Friday. SMH it’s freaking lost me how they are doing this shit.

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    not yet in illinois

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    Sarah michigan

    Michigan nothing yet

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    Gordo Cabrera

    My date is 1/6 and nothing yet in Texas

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    April J

    Mail date given: 01/06/21

    Nothing yet, also nothing in informed delivery. Upstate NY

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    Mike Oxlong

    Mail date of 1/6. Still nothing in informed delivery.

    Southwest Ohio

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    Ed anthony

    1/6 nothing in southern california inland empire. Hopefully mon

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    What the hell is going on with the these HALF deposits?? That makes no sense at all. 1/6 mail date here, Tenn. Not a GD thing in the mailbox.

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    Arkansas here with a 1/6 mail date… Nothing yet… Anyone else in arkansas receive there’s?

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    South bend in. Mailed 6th its 9th not in mail yet

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    This gaither

    Mine was suppose to be mailed on the 6th as well and it is now the 9th and I still haven t gotten it…. Im located in Chicago….

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    @Waiting every year, thank you for sharing! I’m in CA so maybe I’ll get lucky and see it next week 😊

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    Waiting every year

    I live and work in Oregon!

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    1/6 california and nothing yet . Last time it went out may 15th and I got it 17th. Fuck the government .

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    Government dont care Americans know that now

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    @Mercedes, thank you for the info 😊! @Waiting every year, are you able to share what state where you work where you have seen the debit cards received? Thank you

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    @LS my friend in Cali got a debit card on Thursday instead of a check. She did not check the GMP tool to see her status though. So idk what day it told her it was mailed.

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    @Mrs.Hardaway and @mer0, do you mind sharing if the payment mailed was a debit card or check? Just curious if checks are being received already or just the debit cards… Thank you

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    Erik Thor Parker

    NJ nothing today. Monday I hope.

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    Waiting every year

    Hello all,
    I work at a very large corporate bank and have seen NO checks yet. We are expecting it to be very busy next week with paper checks. Only checks that have come by mail are the pre loaded visas the irs is providing. They’re cards with loaded funds and you do a cash advance at the bank to take the funds off and then either keep the cash or directly deposit into a bank account.

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    Had a mailed date of 1/6, but nothing yet. Unfortunately, noticed someone was using my mailing address through the IRS. Hope this doesn’t mess me up! :( I’m in California.

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    Nothing yet in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

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    Did not receive it yet, in CA…

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    nothing today either, missing yesterdays mail though..what a crock!

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    Informed delivery says nothing today. Why should anything in my life go right all of a sudden

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    Erik Thor Parker

    NJ here still waiting. Scheduled Jan 6th. Hopefully today.

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    I still haven’t and im gettimg worried

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    Rhonda Carolina

    So I’m in NC and my date was also 1/6 I have not received anything. And for these person who said you moved. If you did a change of address with USPS they will NOT forward this check. It will go back and get reprinted with your new address. I moved before I got mine last year and that’s what happened to me I didn’t hey mine until the end of June.

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    -Lost Hope- my roommate got his mailed today but I DONT wdf
    Checked Usps I live in Northern VA

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    Rob w

    Nothing yet as of 1/09 Baltimore md just got my informed delivery for the day. Earliest I could see it now is Monday

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    nothing in mail yesterday, hoping for today😖

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    Mail date of ohio for his half nothing yet did receive my half dd today

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    We received ours today in alabama. Hope everyone else receives theirs soon.

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    Nothing was sopposed to mailed jan 6. Im in PA

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    Ky nothing, sh*t this is getting old

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    Nothing in NY. Was due to be mailed 1/6. 🤞 Tomorrow

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    Did anyone get there check in mail today? Still waiting in Florida😭

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    Mine and my husband’s just showed up in the mail today. I/6 was my mail date. We live in Alabama. Good luck everyone ❤!

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    Ours is in our informed delivery today. They’re coming guys.

    Location please

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    Ours is in our informed delivery today. They’re coming guys.

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    @Mercedes, did your friend have the “check scheduled to be mailed 1/6” date?

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