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Scheduled to be mailed 1/6

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    For those of us that will be receiving checks by mail 1/6 let’s update here. Last stimulus had a mail date of 5/1 and it was in my informed delivery on 5/2. Hopefully it will be that soon this time. Anyone with a 1/6 mail date received theirs yet?

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    Mail 1/6 still nothing

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    Scheduled to be mailed 1/6….i haven’t received it…Queens NYC..

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    In OKC anybody get theirs yet?

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    Im in Cincinnati ohio any one get there checks here

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    Ryan ohio

    I’m at work and the mail man just walked by so I asked he said a quarter of his route is getting there’s today..columbus ohio

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    Edwin Sinklear

    If it shows scheduled on 1/6/21does that mean it was mailed then

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    Mailed 1/6 received today 1/12 Louisville Kentucky….check form

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    Texas here. Have no idea why my check is being mailed, as I have had the same DD info for the last decade, however, I got the 1/6 date. Still haven’t received a check. There is no way the check was mailed on the 6th. It would have been here by now. Haven’t seen anyone in Texas get checks.

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    Pretty strange they say if you don’t receive it by the 15th you have to claim it on taxes “which I cant do”. But at the same time it can take until the end of the month to get in mail. So which one is it lol

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    Erik NJ

    Everyone that is receiving checks gmp says the 6th. It’s the date they put on the checks. Probably not the mail out date. They started dec 30 and those people says the 6th. There mailing 5 to 7 million a week till they send em out. Could take up to 6 weeks to get it. I hope not but I ve been checking and checking. Only one person said it said the 2nd and idk if that’s a mistake. In NJ and noone I know got a check yet. All say the 6th.

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    Republic of Texas

    IRS has my DD info it’s how I got my last stimulus. Now they said they are going to mail it 1/6 for whatever reason! Makes no sense! I’ve received 2 notices from the IRS regarding my login attempts on the website but no check or card. Im not surprised with how half ass the Gov’t has been. I gving up hope and starting to pack our belongings, can’t pay rent without it.

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    Erik NJ

    Everyone recieved checks it says the 6th. It’s the date on the check.

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    Mail date 1/6 for half my other half is stuck in that Taxact/Republic Bank hell. Today I had 5 pieces of mail in Informed Delivery but no images for any. Within an hour the images showed up and there was mail in my husband’s name from the Department of Treasury so I knew it was the check. I could tell from the envelope. Guess what…the mail carrier delivers the mail and not one of the 5 pieces of mail shown in Informed Delivery for today was there! Smh this is never ending.

    in Michigan

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    Sc nothing yet

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    Ryan ohio

    Ohio brother and cousin got there yesterday.they live 5 miles away and mine not come yet

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    No check here today in NC….

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    Informed delivery showed something from irs, which was transcripts i ordered on Thursday or Friday! Still shows no information on 2019 taxes. Anyways shows how quick they can send stuff out and how mail delivery obviously is not that far behind! So whats the big hold up

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    I pray for the best for all of you I sure do need it as bad as you do. Shady the dog needs biscuits and. I need food for the house .

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    @bd I got that too it’s not it.that’s a go2 bank so that’s not the stimmy.I thought it was too

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    Got an informed delivery with no picture as well crossing my fingers will update

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    Got an informed delivery of an envelope hosting center stripes and a eagle with No return info and can read something about bank account threw the envelope in pic… I don’t have a bank account lol so hopefully that stimmy

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    My informed delivery has a mail piece without a picture. Fingers cross that somehow it’s my check. In NC

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    Saginaw Michigan

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    No check today either guys I just checked my informed delivery. 7:30 a.m. Tuesday morning 12th.

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    Hi all,

    I’ve been lurking for about 2 weeks for updates. My first payment came on my H&R block emerald card just fine. This time around I had the unavailable status on get my payment (still do). I’ve just received notification for informed delivery about the economic payment debit card

    Ohio here. Hope this helps to uplift someone and bring a bit of ease.

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    GMP says mailed on 1/6 nothing here in North Carolina. Patiently waiting.

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    I dont no if anyone has noticed. But no one knows wtf is going on LOL. Bunch of false news being spread. And alot of ppl that got the not available that were not supposed to receive it actually received it. And it seems like most the ones with 1/6 mail date haven’t it’s backwards. At this point don’t assume anyone is or isn’t getting anything.

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    @Geo .. that only applies to those that filed with Turbo Tax though. For anyone else that filed with different source it doesn’t apply.

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    Got mine today in Wisconsin

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    Me too! Said it was being mailed on January 6th and today is January 11th it’s 10:50pm and got nothing today..I live in Long Island New York btw..

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    Erik is where I got the information. The question reads: when will I receive my stimulus payment? The answer given : the us treasury will start sending payments the week of January 4th. Paper check will start being mailed December 30th with a payment date of January 6th. Approximately 5 to 7 million checks will be mailed out each week until all checks are delivered.
    I am in NJ IRS tool says January 6th and have some freinds same. No checks as of yet.

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    Erik is where I got the information. The question reads: when will I receive my stimulus payment? The answer given : the us treasury will start sending payments the week of January 4th. Paper check will start being mailed December 30th with a payment date of January 6th. Approximately 5 to 7 million checks will be mailed out each week until all checks are delivered.
    I am in NJ IRS tool says January 6th and have some freinds same. No checks as of yet.

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    Geo it said my account was not impacted by this error. So basically I’m good to go i just gotta wait on my check that was mailed 1/6. I seen a person or two on here say that all checks say 1/6 I think that’s false info I’ve seen multiple ppl say the irs gave them different mail dates on the where’s my stimulus site. It was mailed 1/2 or 1/4 for example.

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    @Qui, can you please share what state you live in?

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    I checked my irs status a week ago actually opened up account online and everything. Today I received irs mail. So pumped it was the check. I RECEIVED A LETTER TO LET ME KNOW MY ACCOUNT HAS BEEN USED. WTF!!!

    What’s more annoying is that the date on letter is January 11 2021. In California. This shit is stupid my check was “mailed on the 6th”

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    For all who say mailed 1/6. It may not have been mailed at all, there was an error. You have until January 15th to update direct deposit info here ;

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    I have Chase and didn’t file with TT or H&R Block and mine was mailed 1/6 as well when last one was DD.. no one knows the IRS’s logic this time around.

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    How is it taking so damn long for everyone to get a check ? The government only cares about direct deposit yuppies who don’t even need the money . The last of us stragglers with no bank accounts getting royaly screwed by Uncle Sam. God bless America and god bless being poor .

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    Jane. The same thing happened to me.

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    Nothing yet here in nevada. Parents in california got theirs today in the form of a debit card. She said the envelope looked like a regular envelope That says economic impact payment card.

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    Tracy Johnson

    Said to be in mail on Jan 2,2021, todays jan11 nothing I’m waiting still.

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    Bowling green ky

    Paper checks today in mail gmp date 1/6

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    Bowling green ky

    Paper checks today

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    NJ nothing and two others in NJ nothing. 16 20 on IRS site. I’ve been told that is the check date and not the mail date. So it can come anyday this month.

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    I live in Louisiana, and my check mail date was 1/6 also. No check as of today. Maybe tomorrow.

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    I received an informed delivery via USPS with my stimulus check on it.. The email was send on 1/4/21 with date 1/6/21 on the stimulus check… it’s been a week since the notification email..

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    Got a mail date of 1/6. Check came today

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    I’m in Denver. Got it on my AMX Sarve card last year with no problem. Had all info up to date and now I’m getting paper check in mail. Mailed 1/6 and still nothing. No more info given but mail date of 1/6.

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    Im in south Carolina and also have a 1/6 mail date. Fingers crossed soon. Thank God either way

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    My schedule date is also 1/6 and nothing yet. SC

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    Nothing in ohio

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    Have not received ours mail date 1/6 in Colorado

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    Cam phillips

    Nothing at all in New Jersey man this sucks I need it bad and can’t even eat for 2 weeks , tryna just sleep thru the days so my stomach doesn’t hurt to much! Mailed 1/6… bullshitt man😭

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    No need to get all hasty now! People are here venting and informing others with past and updated information.

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    Illinois still no

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    Can yall stop flooding with cap about something your dog’s ate last week or the 1st stimulus check. PLEASE!!!!

    MAILED 1/6 in California and nothing yet

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    I have yet to receive. my first one was direct deposit and my second one was mailed by check but nothing changed does anyone know why this happened or it has happened to anyone else the only thing I can think of is that my ex-husband might have claimed the kids when he wasn’t allowed to

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    I have yet to receive

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    P ray

    Mine says scheduled to be sent 1/6 nothing in my Usps informed delivery and cant track it or get any info on it anywhere. Im in sacramento Ca

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    Still haven’t gotten mine in Sacramento CA. Nothing in my Informed Delivery. Getmypayment stated that 1/6 was the mail out date. But what someone else said about the checks not actually being sent on 1/6 seems like a very real possibility lol I hope it arrives soon!

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    My bad philly

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    Recieved from kansas city ,in louisville ky, doesn’t say what day it was mailed

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    Colorado here – still no check for me. Hoping it will be delivered within the week

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    It was mailed on 1/6, it doesn’t say where it is from. Just apo box the rest of the address is hidden

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    No check 1/6 Oregon still waiting

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    My first eid stimulus was by DD. This time it was mailed. Stupid me filed as the primary on our 2019 taxes and first EID was to 2018 with hubby as primary. So it was my fault for screwing it up.

    It stated mailing on 1/6/21 (Erik, it did not say initiated, but mailed).
    I have Informed delivery. Nothing yet.

    IRS says they can do a tracer AFTER 4 weeks, per
    Sigh, hurry up and wait…………the government motto.

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    TX, nothing received yet and I do have informed delivery active on our address.

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    Nothing here in NC as of yet. Praying it comes soon!

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    @opalmoon75 can you tell us if it was mailed on the 6th and from MO?

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    Nothing yet here in NC. Praying it comes soon!

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    @opalmoon75, do you mind sharing if the mail you are receiving today is being mailed from MO?

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    mine 1/6 have not received it..

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    @opalmoon75 I’m in WA state too hopefully my check comes! 1/6 date as well

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