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Scheduled to be mailed 1/6

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    For those of us that will be receiving checks by mail 1/6 let’s update here. Last stimulus had a mail date of 5/1 and it was in my informed delivery on 5/2. Hopefully it will be that soon this time. Anyone with a 1/6 mail date received theirs yet?

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    Had info on file with IRS and had check mailed this time instead on AMX serve card like last time.. Not sure why.. Check said mailed1/6 and still nothing yet in Denver CO

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    Get my payment said 6th of January still nothing yet Magnolia Arkansas

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    Central illinois January 6th mailed.notta damn thang

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    mail date 6th nothing yet in VIRGINIA

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    Christopher Carson

    Mine was scheduled to be mailed January 6th, still nothing as of January 13th!
    New Orleans, Louisiana

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    Mine was scheduled to be mailed on January 6th, still nothing as of January 13th…
    Greensboro, North Carolina

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    Still nothing in okc on the 13th

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    @manda was wondering the same. Haven’t seen any in Texas. Still waiting here in East Texas

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    Said it’s mailed on 1/6 still nothing. Michigan

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    SE Texas
    So not one person in Texas has received stimulus by mail?

    Mail date1/6

    …. informed has been updating slow usually updates at 7:30 now at 11or 12 all depends I guess

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    Nothing yet in Leavenworth Kansas

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    Hudson Valley New York . DD last time , mailed on 6th this time .. Nothing yet …

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    Scheduled to be mailed 1/6 & as of 1/13 still havent recieved it…Oklahoma City

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    Tammy E

    Mine said the 6th also and still nothing. My husbands said it was deposited on the 4th but to a card we dont recognize so maybe its an eip card cause last time his was a paper check.we are in Texas

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    Delois Colston

    Mailed on the 6th..Haven’t received as of 1/13
    Oklahoma City

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    Nate dizzle

    I still have yet to receive mine that was mailed the 6th

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    Howard mccormick

    Got mine today it was a check I’m in nj said it went out on the 6th it’s not the irs it’s your usps going slow

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    I honestly think it’s all bogus the mailing out on the. 6th. it don’t make any sense to me. It’s a week nothing yet; i am not busting my brain looking and hunting everyday it come it come and if it dont so be it.

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    People receiving them are they actually checks or debit cards?

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    @Fiercill. yea I dont know anymore. Im thinking ours should come tommorow or Friday. I’m in New Haven. Where are your friends

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    mine also says mailed on the 6th , i haven’t received anything . im in SC

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    Latino heat (sicilian)

    Mailed on the 6th still nothing here freaking as clowns the RBBC ( Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus aka the the government especially the IRS we get crap come down in a day what a joke

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    Andrew Gill

    6th mailed today 13th still not received

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    Mailed on the 6th and today is the 13th….still nothing! Waiting and hoping it comes soon.

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    Still nothing. Here in NM

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    Still have not received my check and it was mailed out 1/6 spokane washington

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    Mailed 1/6, still nothing.. South Dakota

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    Not yet

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    Status says check was mailed 1/6/2021…… no check upstate NY

    Also upstate ny

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    At this point Im giving up on getting that money. Who knows if they were even mailed out on the 6th. I’m done stalking my mail lady.

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    Mail date of 1/6 nothing as of 1/13wtf is my check? Buffalo

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    Lindsey Atwater


    According to IRS website was to be mailed out by 1/6
    But I am EXTREMELY HAPPY to let people know that my check did finally come in the mail today!!!!
    I live in Middlefield, CT, 06455( if that helps anyone)
    But I truly hope that you all received your soon.

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    Said to be mailed on 6th i call bull shit. Not suprised thow they want us focused on this so we don’t pay attention to what’s REALLLLLY GOING ON!!!!!!!!! Here in Iowa

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    Mailed on the 6th, still nothing yet

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    Also mailed on the 6th still nothing yet

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    I’m wtg. Sent 1/6. 2-3 weeks for first class mail is a little wrong. I can get junk mail faster than my check. In western central wisconsin.

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    Mailed in the 6th and still nothing

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    From St Lou, of course, it’s possible he re that the mail truck could have been car jacked, I wonder, the get my payment tool says mine mailed on the 6th, nothing to date. The Informed Delivery app is a joke because I get mail, it says I have nothing. (Prolly just a distraction to prevent the masses from blowing up the phone lines at the IRS!) Good luck everybody… Waiting… Waiting .. Whats new?… Waiting… Waiting…

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    turbo user mail date – 6th – still nothing. I damn near out of tissue

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    Liz – NC

    Also mailed on the 6th, nothing yet. Mebane, NC

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    I haven’t got mine in KY. A bunch of ppl whose was scheduled for the 6th just like mine got theirs already. Getting worried.

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    Supposed to be mailed January 6th…now the 13th, still no check…Albany, OREGON

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    Me too and nothing yet?

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    Ryan ohio

    Still no mail man said 25%of route today are getting them.almost everyone I know got theirs days ago.columbus ohio

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    John doe

    Our government is ran by a bunch a pedophile cooked individuals why we are dealing with this covid now because it was man made to distract us when joe Epstein was about to go to court and reveal all them sick [email protected]#!$ irs sucks to this country has went to [email protected]$

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    @crucialr17 my friend got theirs today and we live in Indiana. Makes me wonder if they are picking and choosing who receives them and who doesn’t. Mine was supposedly mailed the 6th like most have

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    Mail date 1/6 no check yet. Iowa

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    I got mine today and I’m in CT..

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    I was told by the post office all checks were mail first class which can take 2-3 weeks to arrive.

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    Mine said mailed 1/6. Still haven’t gotten it even though other people that have the same mailed date have gotten theirs within the last 2-3 days. In Milwaukee, WI. I don’t get it, but it’s really frustrating! Especially because mine was DD last time.

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    Howard mccormick

    Relax I got mine today the 13th I’m in nj its comming

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    Still nothing for me in Indiana
    just checked smh

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    IRS “where’s my payment” says my check will be mailed Jan. 6th.
    Annoyed and confused because my first stimulus check was direct deposited.
    Still no check or debit card in the mail as of today Jan. 13.
    North East Indiana.

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    IRS says mailed on the 6th, had DD 1st time, not sure why a check this time, because nothing has changed. Still no check as of today!

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    Hello to anyone who lives in Texas, I call my local post office and was informed that no stimulus checks has been delivered to Texas. You might wanna call the IRS . I’ve been waiting as well.

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    The IRS is full of shit. They trying not to send checks so they can focus more on income tax. If you owe a bill I bet you’ll get a letter in 3 days or less.

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    My friend got theirs today here indiana but I didn’t geuss some will get it and others won’t the irs is picking and choosing I guess

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    does anyone’s status actually say it was mailed? mine says scheduled to be mailed on Jan 6 but tbh my first one also still says scheduled to be mailed April 24. i got that one the next day or so.

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    Status says check was mailed 1/6/2021…… no check upstate NY

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    Here in ny haven’t gotten mine know people around that have closer to the 6th had dd first time as well says check this time isn’t the 15th the cutoff

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    Thomas Peters

    Mailed on the 6th. Waiting here in Virginia. Out of work, out of food. Don’t blame folks for their anger at our inept government, hopefully this new administration will be better, I doubt it,

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    Debra in ND

    Schedule to be mailed 1/6.
    Hasn’t arrived yet!

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    Debra in ND

    IRS site says scheduled to be sent out on January 6th, but nothing yet and very sad about this!!!

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    My check is scheduled to be mailed 1/6/21…today is January 13…check is Not here :(
    What should I do?
    Thanks guys,,

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    Mailed the 6th. Still nothing from Oklahoma. 1/13/2021

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    @Fiercill: It seems they are sending them at random. You would think our mailmen and women would know when they will arrive

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    Mine was Direct Deposit the first round as well and a check this time. Nothing has changed so not sure why a check this time???? Says it was mailed on 1/6 and still no check as of today here in VA.

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    My first time was dd I don’t get why they would mail it… so frustrating while everyone else has theirs. I filed my taxes on time, my bank has not changed either…. but besides that says it was sent out jan 6 and still no check today…. here in az….

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    Thank you @ebony for sharing! Gives me hope

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    JV in TX

    Nothing yet… it shows mailed on 1/6/21, but I still have t received it as of today

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    So I spoke to a lady at the IRS and she said that if you’re get my payment status says that your check was mailed on the 6th it was actually mailed on the 6th and if you haven’t received it by the 15th call the IRS and they’ll track it for you

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    Ann T.

    Still waiting, no check here in NM

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    Brittani D.

    Check was set to be mailed on 01/06/2021, it is now 01/13/2021 & I have yet to receive anything in the mail. Informed delivery isn’t available at my address, located in Western NY

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    IRS says scheduled mail date of jan 6th, On informed delivery still says nothing. Checked the mail still nothing its kinda upsetting when everyone else has gotten theirs. I’m in Murray Utah

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