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Scheduled to be mailed 1/6

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    For those of us that will be receiving checks by mail 1/6 let’s update here. Last stimulus had a mail date of 5/1 and it was in my informed delivery on 5/2. Hopefully it will be that soon this time. Anyone with a 1/6 mail date received theirs yet?

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    I live in Idaho it says check was mailed on January 6th but have not received it.

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    Brock Sampson

    Georgia here. I’ve actually seen what I think is the check in the Informdelivery service since last Friday but it never came with that day’s mail. Has anyone had the same issue?

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    Terry Fanning

    Was scheduled to be mailed out on the 6th I have received any stimulus check

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    Just checked informed delivery and my check is there !! NJ here

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    Nothing in IL

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    Texas has not received any checks from the IRS. I just called my local post office.

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    still no check

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    Nc mailed January 6th and still no check

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    1/6 mailed date, nothing on informed delivery in nebraska 1/14

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    Nc mailed January 6th and still no check today

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    Nc mailed jan 6th still no check

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    Still waiting in Austin, TX.

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    Victoria fulp


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    Victoria fulp


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    Ann T.

    Hi, mine was scheduled to be mailed the 6th, as of today no check 1/14. Has anyone in NM received theirs.

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    Anthony Smith

    My stimulus check said on the portal that it’s been mailed out on January 6th it is the 14th of January I live in Massachusetts and I still didn’t receive anything people already received their stimulus here do not know what’s going on anyone in Massachusetts can help watch appreciate it or anywhere else also I will appreciate any help I can get

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    @s. perkins

    I live in Jax and have not received mine yet but my wife has received hers by Direct deposit.

    they have my direct deposit info because I got mine last year. I check the irs site all the time and says unavailable.

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    S. Perkins

    I moved from NC to Fl, says it was mailed Jan 6, 2021. Still haven’t received, my informed delivery doesn’t show it for today. I did an address change but sent my mom to check old house just in case. Any1 else in Jacksonville, FL receive theirs yet?

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    Sarah michigan

    Still nothing in west Michigan

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    Anthony Smith

    I didn’t receive my stimulus check it said it was going to be mailed out on the 6th of January I’m from Springfield Massachusetts .

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    My second stimulus check according to The IRS was mailed January 6th.Its is January 14th and Nothing is on my informed delivery I live in Nebraska.

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    So mailed 1/6 have not received the check yet but from what I’ve seen some people in Ohio and New Jersey have started to get theirs yesterday so hoping that mine comes today as I live in Western New York if it comes today I will share that info. Also if it says your check was mailed on the 6th it was mailed the IRS isn’t pulling ya chains and lying to you.

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    SATX. Nothing showing on informed delivery today.

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    mine says the i received the first stimulus, which i did and the second it says it unavailable.
    I filed with HRB but I had direct deposit set up with no fees taken out last year and the year before.
    I always pay my fees up front when I file.

    huh, anyway I guess I will just have to wait. I was kinda of hoping to get that money so I can treat the Kiddos to a little spring break vacation. no big deal. oh they still will get a little vacation so no one worry, LOL.


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    No Texans have gotten a check. Not one of us. Katy, Texas here.

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    Glad and sad too see other people waiting in Texas… really wondering what the deal is with 1/6 checks

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    @Rose thank you. I was thinking maybe I’m the only Texas resident in this thread. Still sucks! Tomorrow is the 15th

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    Charles W Bavry

    I didn’t get my payment. Why?

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    What site is everyone check to see if its been mailed?


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    Just checked informed delivery and still haven’t received it here in Indiana but my friend did. I guess they are picking and choosing who gets one and who doesn’t. Fuck the irs and fuck the government I’m glad the 2000 dollar idea was shot down cause I probably wouldn’t have gotten it anyway

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    Site says mailed on 1/6 Still nothing Im in houston, tx

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    Dillon SC here, mail date JAN 6TH still no check

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    Tucson Arizona here says mailed out on the 6th and still nothing

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    Says mailed on the 6th nothing so far .has anyone got there in Texas .we live in a small town so was wondering

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    East Central, Illinois here. Mailed on January 6th and still have not received.

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    Mine are in the mail today. Southern Ohio here.

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    Nakeisha Richie

    Showing the same msg on IRS site that a paper check was mailed 1/6. I got direct deposit last time and my info hasn’t changed. It would be nice if they put a timeframe on the website to expect the checks.

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    Sent Jan 6….have not received as of Jan 13..portland,or

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    Direct Deposit last time – Paper check this time. Mailed supposedly on 6th (NY) – nothing yet 01/14/21

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    Mine also shows 1/6 and I haven’t received anything here in West Virginia.

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    I am a social worker out of Portland, OR. Some of my clients who receive SSI have received their stimulus funds via direct deposit. However, I don’t know of any tax payers who have received stimulus fund as of 14 Jan 2021 to include myself.

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    Oklahoma here, noting as of 1/13 I got this “There is a mailpiece for which we do not currently have an image that is included in Today’s mail.” In the informed delivery so fingers crossed. I hope it’s not a darn magazine lol.

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    01/06/2021 mail date… nothing as of 01/14/2021
    Nothing yet here in northern Louisiana

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    Tammy james

    They say our checks were sent out January 6th but no one has gotten their payments yet where are those checks

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    Barb hang in there I’m in Alma between Saginaw and Big rapids I haven’t seen my check yet but got to have a little faith. As bad as we all need this tiny bit of money it makes me think, like when I was walking around in Meijer last night with my last 9dollars and.45 cents wondering what to make for dinner ,. I can’t be the only person who needs it this bad , everyone on here is hurting broke. That’s why we are here to hold each other up.

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    Anyone in Texas got stimulus??! I’m still waiting

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    I live in a small town in Indiana population about 2,200. I asked our mail carrier and he said he hasn’t delivered a stimulus check, not a single one.

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    Here in VA with a mail date of 01/06 still nothing today. I checked Informed Delivery as 8:15 this morning and it shows no checks or cards. Maybe a little while longer….

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    I am on Social Security direct deposit. IRS says mailed my check January 6th. I am in Muskegon, Michigan and still no check yet and its January 14th. I had neirher refund nor deficit on 2019 tax return so no bank info was included. My first stimulus payment was a direct deposit. My friends also on Social Security direct deposit all have received their stimulus on January 4th. What gives?

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    IRS say for me that check will be mailed on January 6 2021 and it’s now January 14 2021 still havent received yet I live in Syracuse new what’s going on would like to know

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    Still nothing in Philly. It’s 1/14
    So if we don’t receive our check by the end of the day tomorrow (Jan. 15th) you have to claim it on your taxes? Does anyone have the link for this info? Please

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    Scheduled to be mailed the 6th, have something stating pre-shipment info from the Internal Revenue Service in my informed delivery today on the 14th. Does not indicate delivery date though

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    If you’re check was dated for the 6th, the Capital riot happened on the 6th. That put things on hold, now it’s going to take 3 to 4 weeks, meaning income tax returns Rebate is how you will get your money…

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    I give up at this point. I didnt even get my tax returns and first stimulus until November so this is just not surprising at all!!!! SO OVER IT. Goodluck to all of you patiently waiting

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    Anyone in the Denver area get theres says mailed 1/6 and still nothing who has and hasnt got theres and in what areas thx hopefully today brings good vibes🤞

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    Anyone in the denver area get theres yet said mailed 1/6 and still nothing who in Denver has and hasnt got theres and in what areas thanks hopefully today🤞

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    Has anybody seen a check in south Chicago ??

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    @M Klingsporn

    I live in Happy Valley and haven’t gotten it yet either

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    I’m in michigan my check was scheduled to be mailed out to my address on 1/6 and havent sent a thing. But also my first was direct deposited so I have no idea why I am getting a check. Anyome in michigan get the checks if they were mailed the same day as me. Thanks in advance

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    Cathy F

    My parents in Alabama got a check the first Saturday following the 6th…. We still haven’t seen anything in Arkansas. Saw online cut off for them mailing out is Jan 15th then you have to claim it on your taxes…. hoping for a check or card!!

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    Cathy F


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    M Klingsporn

    How many people from oregon have have /have not gotten their check/card. I still havent this is getting dumb.

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    Las Vegas, Nevada

    IRS site said 1/6 mailing date…. nothing yet

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    01/06/2021 mail date… nothing as of 01/13/2021
    Sacramento California.
    This is horrible!

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    In Houston, Tx still havent received it….

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    In ny and nothing yet I was told it may take 3to4 weeks

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    Not yet still waiting

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    Same here, it says the 6th, and nothing yet!

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    San Antonio Texas here. Says was mailed 1/6. And nothing still.

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    Wes Bananas

    Why are they beating their heads up against the wall? It’s obvious that this stuff is far beyond the IRS’s capabilities. Give the task to the Treasury and get us paid..

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    Nothing yet in Baton Rouge says mailed on the 6th but nope I got nada hopefully tomorrow is the day!

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    Anyone who resides in the state of Illinois have a mail date jan 6th that received they’re check at all??? Please let me know

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