Scheduled to be mailed 1/6

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    For those of us that will be receiving checks by mail 1/6 let’s update here. Last stimulus had a mail date of 5/1 and it was in my informed delivery on 5/2. Hopefully it will be that soon this time. Anyone with a 1/6 mail date received theirs yet?

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    Was just hoping, figured as much tho lol

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    Was hoping 2021 would be a better year. Not looking so bright!

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    My informed delivery doesn’t update until later in the morning sometimes – and my mail comes very late in the day to my home.
    Outside of KCMO still waiting for a check here.

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    Dirk Digler

    Does anyone else I.D not show anything till 11AM or after?

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    Broward County Florida

    @Tom IKR… They claim that it’s a generic message just like the 1/6 mail date message. This is a giant cluster fuck….

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    JP SC

    We got ours Saturday in SC

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    @ Broward County: Thats good to know, gives some hope just as long as its not just another generic message their telling people.

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    Still waiting in Northeastern Arkansas. 😩 Scanned and showing on 1/25 but nothing has been delivered. Mind you, I have received EVERY other piece of mail that shows scanned but check is MIA!!

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    Broward County Florida

    IRS said that the “need more information” message is a general statement for people who are going to get their payment by mail… Hope this helps @ Super Confused.

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    Big D McGee, I love his first 10 days in office. What exactly do you not like about him? He’s not orange, but maybe orange is your favorite color? You’re a joke.

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    Nothing in Georgia

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    how you find that out irs want tell you notting when i call them about the checks ????????????

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    any one okc still wait on thire check

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    @arleen,mine was sent to my old address and returned to IRS, IRS website claims they will forward checks but, they sure didn’t forward mine. even though i filed last years taxes at my new address and got my first stimulus there also.

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    San Diego, California. Still no check dated scheduled to mailed 1/6.

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    Tyee Normand

    Finally received in Houston Texas 77063 ! They are coming guys don’t give up !

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    Received on 1/30 (Saturday) with mail date 1/6. Showed in ID.


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    Super confused
    The IRS is so assbackwards and flipped around they don’t even know what they’re doing…they probably tried to mail your check then for whatever reason it came back to them and they’re trying to re issue it, I don’t know why else they’d want you to update your address and stuff. So weird!

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    Big D McGee

    Checked yesterday before site went down deposit date feb.3rd, will see, not holding my breath, irs can fuk up a wet dream. Oh yale Biden a joke , if you voted for him how you like his first 10 days in office, thats what I thought, lol

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    Tortured Soul

    This is absolutely absurd! Never in my life have I waited so long for something to be delivered in the mail. What the fuck is so hard about delivering some friggin mail? Seriously! They said they were gonna get this stimulus check out faster than the first . What a crock of shit! The government lies! I wish they didn’t get a paycheck till everyone else did so they knew what it was like to wait. And even then they still dont know what it’s like to be low income.

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    Losing Hope!

    Another week of disappointment. Still nothing in South Florida. How much longer are we gonna have to wait? Where the hell is our money at? Every State has received something but Florida.

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    Came yesterday gone already BILLS…THANKFUL SC

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    I live in Myrtle Beach SC, my check was in Informed delivery 1/30/21 and received same day in mail with irs date of 1/6.

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    Is anyone else recieving their extra money for their dependents? Also when your married does the check come with both names on it? My husband and I got separate checks last year and they weren’t on the same day. I got one for me and my daughter and he got his separate. This time he got his with just his name on it 3 weeks ago and I havnt got mine with the extra for my daughter yet. Is anyone else having this problem?

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    You can call the EIP phone number and report the card lost or stolen and they will resend a card.

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    Good Luck Yall Keep safe keep faith :) I was already Pissed lol But glad it finally showed – NM

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    I Had Gave Up Mailed 1/6 Finally Recieved Las Cruces New Mexico bank said theyve had a lot of people Got them Yesterday and Today Me and my Wife got them today

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    Cleveland Ohio no check mailman has seen no checks local post office no checks but said mailed on January 6th

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    @mudmuffin32 same actually mine showed on 1/23 and still nothing

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    @Bb Nope nothing here in Northeast Arkansas!! It was in informed delivery on 1/25 and still haven’t received it.

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    @irslies God bless you for helping others. A lot of people are barely getting by these days. I am thankful I have a roof over my head and food to eat. Im still waiting in Arkansas also. So sorry for all the loss you have had. God bless you!!

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    Northern New Mexico

    Got mine today!! FINALLY dont give up the mail is just slow

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    Came today! Dillon SC Hope everyones come soon!

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    Tuscon, AZ nothing, thank God I’m not suffering because I work everyday but give me my 4,800 its mine and I want every damn dollar because I lost seven family members to covid and I got sick. I’m going to help others with my check

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    Sc upstate got ours today

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    Dat dude

    Finally Greenbrier County, West Virginia. Received today. Didn’t show up on my Informed Delivery. And also the post office was supposed to hold it and call me when it came in due to thieves… never got a call but it’s ok bc the check is here! Now let’s go pay it all towards back rent that I still owe. Lmao. Good luck guys.

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    South Carolina, Lowcountry, got mine today!

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    Super Confused

    Anyone else who was given a 1/6/21 mail date and now when you check the irs website it says that they need more information in order to mail ur payment???

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    I got mine today. 1/30. NM

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    Well here in Mooresville North Carolina it was informed delivery but no check yet maybe Monday I hope

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    received paper check today, rock hill, sc from the 1/6 group.

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    Got mine today wallace sc

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    Destiny chandler

    We got our stimulus check today in mail..from Greenville, S.C. IRS said ours was mailed out on Jan. 6,21 we just got it today

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    Destiny chandler

    We got our stimulus check today in mail..from Greenville, S.C.

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    A check is in my ID today. Santa fe nm. I hope it’s in my box today.
    Update: my check was in my box today and i got the full amount.

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    Broward County Florida

    Definitely not going to stress about this anymore but yeah nothing in Florida so…. 🙄😒🙄

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    Dear IRS, your moms a hoe sincerely SC

    Jan 30th my ole man & I finally recieved ours today in sc

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    Notification from informed delivery on january 12th and again yesterday about an eip card coming soon with the link and STILL havent received anything at all. 2 different notifications weeks apart and still not a damn thing

    Officially giving up smh

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    Jass J

    Here in Kannapolis, NC. IRS website had a date for 1/6 for me. I checked yesterday and now I get a message of “Need more information” says I’m eligible for the payment but they don’t have direct deposit info for me at this time. It gives me the option to put in info but then tells me the IRS isn’t accepting any direct deposit requests. Probably just gonna have to claim it on my tax return

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    I received mine today.with a jan.6 mail date .Southwest virginia.

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    Bobby Nix

    Came today informed delivery gaffney sc

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    Lowcountry SC. Finally arrived. Mail date of 01/06 received 01/30.

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    Mine in Easley sc came today

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    Tampa Florida

    Still No Check

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    Check said mailed January 6th didn’t receive it until January 30th. When they said it could take 3 to 4 weeks that’s no joke. Posting from SC. IT DID COME TODAY.

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    A check is in my ID today. Santa fe nm. I hope it’s in my box today.

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    Where’s Virginia’s checks?

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    I had my hopes up checking my ID today bc I didn’t see it. There was a piece of mail with no photo. It was my check… I just wanted to let others in SC know that if you don’t see it in your informed delivery, it’s still very possible it’s in your mailbox. I’m in Oconee sc. Took long enough!

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    Nothing yet Nelson va. Hope it’ll come soon.

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    Mine in informed delivery today, upstate SC. Good luck to all that are still waiting. It will come.

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    God’s Baby Girl

    Moncks Corner, SC
    FINALLY!!!! Thank you Jesus! Scheduled to be mailed on the 6th and picture of the check scanned in ID this morning. Lord knows I wanted to give up but he didn’t allow me to do so. Please have hope guys even when you can’t see it in front of you. Trust God. They are truly on the way to everyone!

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    Got mine Yesterday. Andrews Texad

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    In my ID today, Rock Hill

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    Just checked and mine is ID today !!! Yay finally !!

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    I’m getting ready to go to the post office. I highly doubt that they have delivered to my area yet, but fingers crossed for everyone today. I’m praying that everyone gets theirs. How many got shorted their dependents? I was shorted the first and now second time.

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    Just wanted to give a little hope mines had a date of January 6th and it finally shows in my info delivery i am in Mooresville NC the IRS website states that it can take 3 to 4 weeks after the date showing in the website.

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    Finally. Charleston, SC

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    It’s my money and I want it now

    I have the message important info coming soon about economic payment but no picture of the mail yet in informed delivery.. maybe around 8 or 8:30 the pik will be on there. I’m sure it’s my stimulus . FINALLY! Terrell, Tx

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    Finally in my ID this am. Lowcountry SC!

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    It’s in my informed delivery South Carolina we got it

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    Still waiting in Northeastern Arkansas. Showed in informed deliver on 1/25 and nothing has been delivered.

    #4450694 Reply

    Hope We The People In SC Get Some Good Mail Today Today

    #4450692 Reply

    Important info..eip…Georgetown sc…thank you jesus

    #4450691 Reply

    Still nothing in Broward county Florida

    #4450688 Reply

    Big ole zero on ID today rock hill sc

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