Scheduled to be mailed 1/6

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    For those of us that will be receiving checks by mail 1/6 let’s update here. Last stimulus had a mail date of 5/1 and it was in my informed delivery on 5/2. Hopefully it will be that soon this time. Anyone with a 1/6 mail date received theirs yet?

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    Erik, you know that’s sad, because I bet there’s a lot of drug dealers getting all the stimulus money, and I know your probably just joking but there’s a lot of people that’s all they want it for.

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    Received. Now it’s time for some CRACK ROCKS AND HEROIN

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    I know it’s not the usps either because I requested a code for the informed delivery, and I had a letter from the usps within 2 days.

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    Nothing in WV.

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    Was in informed delivery check showed up it’s in my hand as I type this bout to hit that local strip club and my blow dealer and have a good time!!! Lol jk got mad bills – Buffalo Ny patience y’all bet everyone will have them in next few days

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    Southeast houston tx didn’t receive the stimulus check yet

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    January 6 processing
    No check January 20

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    Nothing In Louisiana, Uggg anybody in the boot get it ?

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    Nothing yet here in Greensboro NC. I’ve gave up

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    14th day no check

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    deana adams

    the bad thing is that it has been 15 days of waiting doesn’t make any since mail date 1/6

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    Whsts the number to call to see if you had a card sent too you ?

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    The Legend

    Nothing here in Winston Salem, NC.

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    Got mine today St louis should be on the way hopefully tomorrow for everyone.

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    Anything for va?

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    Welp maybe tomorrow 😂
    Durham nc

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    deana adams

    No check today in West Virginia mine was mailed out 1/6 nothing at all yet damn I need it so badly noone I know here in WV got theirs yet fingers crossed for tomorrow if only

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    Brittani D.

    Kelly F. No, my address doesn’t support Informed Delivery.

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    Suzy – if anything, the delay in our checks is due to trump’s ill planning for covid resources. his postmaster slowed than mail and the irs is severely underfunded and understaffed. this is not the time nor place to cry and be a sore loser.

    anyway it seems as though PA isn’t getting checks again today.. i am glad to see more fellow PA residents here because the only person ik locally who received a check is on SSI and it seems like they were processed first.

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    WTF! Those of us on the west coast need to eat too! Has anyone on this side of the nation received their EIP yet?

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    Located in Galveston TX and so far nothing. I’ve seen where people in Houston are receiving signed up for informed delivery but it’s not showing anything so far…I need to know do they show up in informed delivery all the time??

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    Houston, Texas – none yet, not even on my informed delivery but I see people have already received their through mail.

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    No check. No card.

    But hey… we have a piece of crap new President to help this process of healing happen.
    Pffft. America is having the saddest day ever.

    Bet they are eating a great lunch today as all of us struggle and worry.

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    Received check today – Missouri. Waited 13 days to it to go from Kansas City to St. Louis!

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    Nothing here in Pittsburgh 1/20. Had a price with no image but as usual it was junk mail.

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    Gloucester va , any one been receiving EIP around the peninsula or middle peninsula, RVA, Northern neck 01/20/21

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    Mz. Ballard

    Check mail date 1/6. I’m located in Houston, Tx 77060. Informed delivery has mail piece that they don’t have the image for in today’s mail. Praying that it’s my stimulus check! Has anyone else in Houston received theirs yet?

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    Nc nothing here

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    No check today.. Hopefully it will come sometime this week.. I’m in SC

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    Nothing yet – Dallas, TX

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    Is informed delivery even showing them in picture…… Durham NC still waiting for mail man

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    Brooklyn new York my aunt got hers today at 10 am

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    Thank God finally got mine. Southern Illinois. Their coming yall don’t lose hope. Anyone else here from southern il if you haven’t received expect tomorrow more than. Likely. No need to get back on here keep your head up guys their coming.

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    Kelly f

    Brittani D. Did yours show up in your informed delivery?

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    Mike c

    1/6/2021 was sent out just received today ..upstate New York…they coming everyone

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    Brittani D.

    Mail date of 01/06/2021, as of 01/20/2021 my stimulus arrived via mail in the form of a check! Located near Rochester, NY. FINALLY!!! My check was produced on the 6th, have faith! Checks are coming in!!

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    Lubbock tx didn’t get it

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    Nothing this morning in WV. Hopefully by the end of the week. I’ve seen so many are now getting them in increasing numbers. They are on their way! Nobody I know in WV has received theirs yet so I’m glad it’s not just me.

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    April J

    Upstate NY, my informed delivery says it’s coming today but it’s not in my hands yet. Can’t tell if it’s a card or paper check, I’ll update when I get my mail.

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    NADA in Nebraska….

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    Kelly f

    Has anyone in Northern Colorado gotten theirs? Or got there’s without warning from informed delivery?

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    Has anyone had a tracking number on there check?

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    I’m in Durham North Carolina, we got ours yesterday in the form of a visa debit card…

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    Mailed on 6th still no check…. Indiana

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    Still no check in lumberton n.c

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    Brandlynn Y

    Arkansas… looks like yet another day with no food and an empty gas tank so we cant go to get any.

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    No check again today it says it was sent out on the 6th on my payment and transcipts on site.

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    @Cliff it’s posted in Eastern Time for everybody. Somebody earlier this week posted saying they were also in Utah and it was two hours ahead

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    I’ve been following this thread for awhile now.. I can tell you guys right now that I haven’t seen ANYBODY in North Carolina receive a check or card in the mail yet.. at least I know I’m not the only one

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    To demon war cry in Northern Utah, You posted today 01/20/2021 that nothing in mail today. I am wondering how your time that you posted is 2 hour ahead of me and I’m in utah myself? Last I checked all of Utah is in the same time zone?

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    Showing in my “USPS Informed Delivery” this morning in St. Louis County, MO. Will update later this afternoon/evening to confirm whether or not it was delivered to my mailbox. Very unusual, but the mail carrier did not get here until 830pmish or around that time last night.

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    Said mailed the 6th. Received card today. Postperson put in mailbox rather than my po box. Good think I checked. In Illinois.

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    In Northern Utah. I got my check but my fiance didn’t. Nothing coming today because I already checked informed delivery. I hope hers comes tomorrow because we definitely need it!

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    Got my check yesterday in Houston TX. Good luck

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    @hazel87 – I’m in Little Rock and I still haven’t received mine… :( last time, I got a check and it popped up in my USPS informed delivery very quickly. This time no sign of it. It doesn’t look like I’ll be getting it today either. Hoping for the end of this week…. bummer

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    Finally rec’d 1/20 after mailed supposedly on 01/06 – NY

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    Brian B

    SW Pa, still nothing in informed delivery for me or my neighbor. This is soooo stressful when you need this to get by. Utilities have been ok so far but never dreamed I’d still be waiting so now I have to call them all back with another sob story. The worst part is, the Unemployment site isn’t up yet either. Loving life right now….lol

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    Hello, did anyone in Arkansas Little Rock or conway receive theirs?

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    Showing in “USPS Informed Delivery” for St. Louis County, MO. Will update this evening whether or not it was delivered.

    Prayers and thoughts for all 🙏🏻

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    Finally received my check yesterday, 1/19 in Houston, TX. There’s still hope, guys!

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    Still nothing Greensboro North Carolina getting tired of waiting

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    Also, for those who just signed up for informed delivery, it takes 3 business days for you to get access, and for you to be able to start getting emails with your mail images. I’m in Southern IL (20 min from St. Louis, MO. Hang in there everyone. I know times are tough and we all need this money. Best of luck to everyone! And, very special thanks to whoever created this form, it has helped me with my anxiety about this payment. Have a good day everyone!

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    My stimulus check is showing to be delivered today 01/20 according to informed delivery. If you are getting a check, then it will show up in an envelope from US Dept. if Treasury. If you are getting an EIP Visa Card, then it will show up in an envelope from Money Network Card Holder Services. You can google image search these envelopes to see what they look like, so you don’t miss them.

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    Showing in “USPS Informed Delivery” in St. Louis County, MO this morning. Will confirm whether or not it arrives in the mailbox later this evening.

    Prayers and thoughts for all 🙏🏻

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    As expected….NO stimulus check here today, Tennessee Colony, TX….nothing but utility bills,, somehow the bills keep making it here on time, hmmmmmm SMFH!!🤔🤔🤬🤬🤬

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    Dennardre Ashlock

    Sorry typo my mail out date was 1/6 and here it is 1/20 and still nothing Fort Worth Tx

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    [quote quote=4447410]Still waiting in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was scheduled to be mailed on 1/6 as well. I will update if I recieve anything in the mail today. Good luck folks and be safe. God Bless Joe Biden on his inauguration and god bless America. It’s time for a real president.[/quote]

    LOL. High expectations for a man that’s been part of the problem for 40 years.

    But neither of these have to do with this stimulus check.

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    Dennardre Ashlock

    Mail out date 1/16 it’s 1/20 and still nothing in Fort Worth Tx

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    One piece of mail in informed delivery with no image. Hope it’s the check but not getting my hopes up too high. I’ll keep you guys updated when the mail comes for the day. – Western Maryland

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    Another day in Houston, TX and another waste of time looking into informed delivery. Still nothing.
    SIGH, SIGH,SIGH,SIGH,SIGH,SIGH,SIGH,SIGH,SIGH,SIGH,SIGH,SIGH,SIGH,SIGH,SIGH (one for each day since the 6th bs date)

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    West Texas nothing today

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    Has anyone from wilmington nc gotten their check yet at benefits management?

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    My check is informed delivery today!!!!!


    The checks are coming y’all!

    Southern Illinois

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