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Scheduled to be mailed 1/6

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    For those of us that will be receiving checks by mail 1/6 let’s update here. Last stimulus had a mail date of 5/1 and it was in my informed delivery on 5/2. Hopefully it will be that soon this time. Anyone with a 1/6 mail date received theirs yet?

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    My hope has diminished! I have come to the realization that I will not be getting this check 😂

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    Nothing in my informed delivery…NC

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    Nothing in northeast Texas once again. 🙄

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    I feel ya, central NC here, gonna have $600 in late fees by the time we get it, if we ever do. For 3 days I been watching my slow ass mail lady zoom right on by the mailbox. She may come at 2:30, she may come at 4pm. Yesterday she came it was 5:20pm. Dont they run the same route every day??

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    Nothing in Va

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    Again nothing in Northwest Arkansas

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    Nothing in NC today. Fuck hope at this point. Hope ain’t gonna pay the bills. Can’t call the bill place and say “Hey I don’t have your money but I have hope I’ll have it soon”. Just some bullshit and everybody who getting there’s all of a sudden saying keep hope. Fuck that

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    Showing up today on informed delivery in NC don’t loose hope they are coming

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    North carolina

    Wow. Another day no check in the mail. At this point been waiting so long the $600 is gonna be gone as soon as can get it due to how late I’m receiving it. Total bullshit

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    Another day01/22/2021 nothing in informed delivery in wa

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    Anyone from maryland/dc get theres yet??

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    Central PA showing up in informed delivery for today. Don’t give up hope.

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    Williamsburg Va shows in my informed delivery…. Showed mailed 1/6…. OMG Yall I was going crazy here… I will keep everyone in my prayers Yall be safe and just wait it is coming

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    Nothing in Southern West Virginia today.

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    Anything in Southeast Houston Park place area

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    Dont lose hope im still waiting aswell

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    Greensboro, NC. Again nothing in informed delivery!

    With so many people really needing that little bit of money that is only a drop in the bucket towards paying bills, it is really disappointing the the IRS did not provide way for us to enter our direct deposit information so our payment could be deposited. I have a feeling the more checks they have to send out the longer it takes for us to get those payments.

    In a way it’s kind of cruel

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    At this point I just want to know where tf my stimulus check is. I’m not understanding how the first time I got a direct deposit and the second one it’s a check. The first time my girlfriend got a check but she got hers January 4 via direct deposit. None of my information has changed. Just some bullshit

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    Received my STIMULUS today frm PENNSYLVANIA!

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    I’m from Miami Gardens Florida and haven’t received anything yet. The IRS states that the payment was approved for mailing on the 6th. Did anyone else from South Florida receive their payment yet???

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    Nothing scheduled for today 1/22 on Informed Delivery here in Ripley WV

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    Steve Vancosky

    Day 16 and still no stimulus here in Oklahoma. At this point i just give up. Not claiming it on any taxes. Just saying to hell with it. if it comes it comes. who cares any more. the post office is broken and always has been.

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    Still nothing on Informed Delivery 1/22/21 in NM.
    The last check came the day the IRS stated it was scheduled to mail on and did not show up in my ID.
    Super frustrating. How the F did this stimulus ‘help’ when so many people aren’t receiving it?
    Where’s the media on this?!
    Oh. Doesn’t look bad on Conservatives. Forgot that’s a requirement to be on the news these days.

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    The Great One

    757 VA no check yet ..scheduled mailed 1/6 …been checking this thread everyday to see what’s goin on in the US ..but informed delivery shows no check for today smh

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    Informed delivery shows a piece of mail they dont have a picture for. Has anyone else had this and it be their check?

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    Nothing on informed delivery for 1-22-21 here in va beach, va. Will check mail later just in case. I doubt very seriously that they actually mailed checks on the 6th.

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    @KB10 @kmb1010

    Same thing. Mine first one was direct deposited, and this one was not. This process was a bit frustrating, but at least it looks like they are coming

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    Still Waiting

    We looked at transcripts on IRS site this morning, shows stimulus payment dated Jan 18th.

    Not showing in informed delivery today, upstate NY.

    Getting nervous that we haven’t seen the check yet, many people in upstate NY reporting they received their checks.

    Just don’t understand why we still haven’t received the check.

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    No check here in Newport News Va 😔

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    Central PA – finally in my informed digest for delivery today. Hoping everyone gets theirs soon. My entire family got theirs direct deposited on 1/4; so to see mine was mailed when my direct deposit info should be on file was a letdown.

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    Mine is showing in my informed delivery for today – Central PA

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    Oklahoma well I guess the IRS agent that told me more than likely the 22nd was full of sh** cause second morning in a row with no mail in my informed delivery unless it comes to my box without being scanned by informed delivery it regardless I was hoping all the posts about February 3rd were wrong but it’s becoming more and more likely that a majority of us are getting raw dogged by the IRS, Treasury, and usps

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    Still nothing per informed delivery.!!!! Still here in Newport News, VA. We have 2 more long weeks to wait and see if it comes by 02/03.

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    Still nothing in NC today

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    In NC. Hopefully it comes today.

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    The Great One

    757 VA no check today … schedule mailed 1/6 ..

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    Still no check in informed delivery today either. Raeford NC.

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    Also I’ve had a package stuck in pre-shipment since last week. Could be bc of the sender not getting it to the PO(which is highly unlikely) or the package wasn’t scanned by the PO. It’s priority mail and should have been received already.

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    No check in Arkansas

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    In Raleigh NC area and it is not on my informed delivery for today.

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    Still nothing in ID this morning.. SC. Had my job mail me my 1099 on Wednesday and it’s in there.

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    Transcripts have been updated to show no additional tax was owed on 1/18 with a mail date of 1/6. Still nothing as of 1/21/21.

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    Nothing on informed delivery for today.. I’ll still check the mail box when mail comes and update again. I’ll say it again… maybe tomorrow?!? – FROSTBURG, MARYLAND

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    The Legend

    Its in my informed delivery today!!! NC

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    It all just does not make sense. The people across the street from me got theirs direct deposited immediately. I have had no change of address nor change in bank accounts. So why so many checks and debit cards when so many had it direct deposited for the first round last year with no issues? Just a big cluster all the way around. Still no $ in VA.

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    Broke in sc

    Still nothing on informed delivery as of 1/22 and mail date was 1/6 … I’m starting to give up and behind 2 months on rent .. just had a baby and my job let me go smh I need help bad

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    In Texas, still have not received stimulus yet. On the IRS it still show 1/6 mail date. Maybe today?!?!?

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    Well another day in Va and not showing on informed today

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    Praying I get lucky today here in Maryland. Informed delivery hasn’t updated yet so fingers crossed everyone gets some type of well needed blessing!!!

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    Praying from Virginia that everyone gets thiers today…

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    Well let’s see how today goes…….

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    Ashley0720, I will update you as soon as I hear anything. Just know that you have ppl who are praying for you.

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    If anyone receives their check/card in WV please update! Irs payment tool says same as everyone else’s, was scheduled to be mailed 1/06. Really praying it’s today, not sure how the weekend is gonna go if I gotta stress even more and super hustle before Monday when the light go out. Best of luck guys!

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    @Garrett I’m in AZ with a mail date of January 6th and still nothing either

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    Hey if anyone in va get it let me know on the site tomorrow

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    This is so Wicked awesome of you! My daughter and I could really use it to help with Type 1 supplies for the month. Would be absolutely grateful as we are still waiting . / Tiffanychanelle81 . Thanks for considering

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    Yellow Horse

    Check mailed 1/6
    Received today 1/21-Minneapolis

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    Received mine today. Mine said scheduled to be mailed January 6th and it came today finally. Just hang in there I’m sure they will be coming very soon. Kansas city.

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    800.919.9835 is for IRs to start a payment trace if its missing but it takes 6 weeks+ to get a response and if its missing they’ll send another one and you get to wait forever again or just file it on taxes n wait again if dd messes up.

    Power Ball jackpot is up to 750 million think we have a better chance winning that vs this bs..

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    In south carolina ain’t seen anything yet.

    #4448109 Reply

    Said it was Scheduled for 1/6 still nothing in Mesa Az

    Anyone in Az Received there check in mail ?

    #4448107 Reply

    Durham nc
    Anybody in nc/sc got yours yet?

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    Informed Delivery showed check this morning and it was in the mailbox when I came home! Pittsburgh

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    Anyone in northeast texas got there check in the mail yet????????

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    Brian B

    Got mine in SW Pa today along with many others. Praying you are next…

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    No check yet in west Virginia scheduled on the 6th which is terrible me and my son have no food if anyone can help I would greatly appreciate my paypal is thank you and godbless

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    To DemonWarCry, I want to apologize as I came across as a bit rude! Thank you for setting me straight and explaining to me about how this sight works! I am located downtown Salt Lake city and still haven’t received mine but did call # I learned about on here as to check if mine will be in check or card, and found it is a card they are sending. Is there any other people in or around Northern Utah that received theirs in last day or two?

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    People cannot be that nieve !!

    #4448078 Reply

    Its all based on if you voted or how you voted!!

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    Ill say it again and again .. give it 3-4 months covid will be a thing of the past!

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    You got your stimulus! Already know that !

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    REALLY, REALLY… Nevrgotastimulusever !!!!! Wanna go there! Cry about politics..

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    at this point i need money somehow since this stimulsa hasnt arrived.
    my instagram is mmirand.a im gonna be selling nudes. i need money to pay rent because i am going to be homeless soon.

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    A lot of people saying if I haven’t gotten the check yet I have to claim the rebate even if my Gmp has a mail date!

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