Scheduled to be mailed 1/6

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    For those of us that will be receiving checks by mail 1/6 let’s update here. Last stimulus had a mail date of 5/1 and it was in my informed delivery on 5/2. Hopefully it will be that soon this time. Anyone with a 1/6 mail date received theirs yet?

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    Im Dallas TX and nothing in my informed delivery via USPS.. My bills high that about all . Hopes not so much🙆🏾😕

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    Broward County Florida

    @HollywoodRob Florida is most likely going to be the last state to see anything…. And you can’t do a payment trace until 2/24 🙄

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    Up until yesterday my status showed mailed 1/6. Now it is showing a try again later message… Yey! I’m not hopeful anymore. It shouldn’t be this hard. When they want your money they find your banking account information real quick or your correct address or even your place of employment. This helpless little girl act is insulting.

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    I D A H O , Finally received 02/03 mailed 01/06.

    Did not show in my ID .

    Good Luck!

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    IRS website said check was mailed 1/6.
    Still haven’t received anything and it’s Feb 4.

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    Hollywood Rob

    Still nothing in Broward county Florida

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    I don’t understand how a lot of you 1/6 people don’t have it yet! Because I got mine 2/01 and was supposed to be mailed 2/02

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    Just some info. When I moved the stopped mail at my address. I wasn’t far so I elected to pick up mail until forwarding processed. Picked up paper check in sc on 1/30

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    Still waiting on Stimulus. Feb4, 21

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    Received my stimulus today in wilmington nc

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    broke Viet gal

    I can only guess that millions of folks haven’t gotten their mail yet due to covid and other delays. Mine was mailed out Jan 6th but haven’t seen my letter yet. Keep your head up y’all.

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    Another day no nothing.. But i got my bills…


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    SoFla Native

    I am starting to truly think that nobody really knows what is going on whether it’s the IRS or USPS and so I don’t believe anyone at this point seeing is believing. I was told you’ll never be disappointed if you don’t expect anything so hopefully I get blessed

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    SoFla Native

    I just heard a co worker got theirs dd yesterday so guess they are still sending them just gotta be patient I guess

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    Aggravated in tn

    Mine shows on transcript and mailed on the 6th but nothing yet. Tennessee

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    @nestor I think some post offices forward checks. I spoke to mine and they said they would. I moved in July and changed my address but it’s was still sent to the wrong address

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    @nestor I am in the same situation. I read on one forum online usps doesn’t forward checks. I pray I got the debit card instead, and I pray like hell that the person who posted that was wrong.

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    I am still waiting on mine here in Dallas, Texas! Im mature enough to not get upset and bent out of shape over a blessing, but it is frustrating waiting around for money you hear others have received. I have no other choice but to be patient. System says we have to wait til Feb 23rd to even add to our taxes if not received by then or trace where it may be!

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    Anyone get there check delivered to a forwarding address

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    Nothing in Portland, Oregon

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    Still waiting on mine in northwest Arkansas

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    SoFla Native

    I feel like Florida is the red headed step child

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    SoFla Native

    Not one peice of mail in I.D for today in Hollywood Florida

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    Broward County Florida

    Florida is going to be the last to get anything apparently…. WTF the checks are not that much of a complication to send….

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    No Check Again!!
    Tampa Florida

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    As of now I really don’t think it’s gonna ever come. I have been waiting all month for a stimulus that I believe is never gonna show. Fuck it and fuck the piece of shit post office. Fucking idiot ass IRS. The IRS couldn’t run a piss ant a lap around a fucking cheerio. Smmfh our government has gone straight to shit.

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    Va here still fucking waiting on check

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    Dirk Digler

    About to give up hope here in Florida

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    Nothing in va for me yet.

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    William (VA)

    FINALLY came last night in Fxbg VA. Will be spent on Bill’s in just a few hours. Prayers for everyone still waiting.

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    No nothing smfh January 6th missed me…

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    I reckon most people has gotten their stimulus since hardly anyone is saying anything anymore. Still haven’t gotten it in wilmington n.c.

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    Stimulus received yesterday, February 1st, I’m in Dallas, Texas. It was mailed on January 6th. I hope everyone that hasn’t received theirs, gets them soon.

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    Still nothing here in Denver :( good thing i had money for rent geez

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    I received mine today. Doswell VA

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    Here in brooklyn Ny we got so much snow that no mail was delivered today.. Smdh

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    First time I checked where’s my payment it said check was mailed Jan. 6. Now when I log in it says we get a payment but they don’t have banking info. Won’t let me enter it or click for a debit card. Says it will be mailed. No time frame. Unbelievable.

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    Finally got my stimmy in Chicago mailed 1/6 receive 2/2 hope everyone receive theirs soon.

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    Still haven’t received mine in Conroe Tx, supposed to be mailed 1/06. Lots of other people I know have got theirs already. Truly frustrating. Anyone else in Texas not get theirs either yet?

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    Still nothing in KCMO.
    Lesson for all – don’t rely on money you don’t have in hand. See how slow and broken the government’s system is – do we really want this system to be even more responsible for the wellbeing of the citizens? I think not.

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    Has anyone from wilmington n.c. who gets ssdi and who has benefits management as their benefishary received a stimulus check or knows of any else who has? The people who works there don’t want you to even call them and ask about if you have received yours and they won’t even call you to let you know if it has come in, and they take money every month out of your payment for their services. So I can’t even find out any information and I’m showing on the gmp tool mailed out 1-6-21.

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    Update to my previous message- IRS guy I spoke with also said that not all checks were sent on 1/6 (well, I guess that’s obvious now). That was a genérico message. They are sending them in batches. They were “printed” on 1/6 but then I guess whatever method they are using is why a lot of us have not receive it. As far as forwarding, it will depend on your individual post office. Some of them don’t forward checks while others do.

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    Still nothing. I’m in Alabama

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    Va here, mail date 1/6. No check yet.

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    Pa here – 1/6 delivery and no check yet.

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    Broward County Florida

    The IRS said that they can’t do a payment trace until 2/3 and they won’t start the payment trace until 2/24… I swear that this whole thing is going to give me grays and I am 26!!!!

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    Still no check
    Tampa Florida

    #4451086 Reply


    Is anyone in oneida county NY still waiting for there check

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    Check received Sat. 1/30 in NC! Hang in there folks. I know it’s both too little and too late for many people.

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    Still nothing today in Ripley WV , anyone receiving theirs in Ripley WV?

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    I called today and they very annoyed, rude gentleman on the phone said that “they cannot put out a trace until after 2/24/2021”. I asked if they could just tell me IF it actually shipped, and he said “that’s what a trace does.” So basically, I can’t ask any questions until then. Lol I give up

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    Dirk Digler

    Seriously??!! Still nothing in Broward county Florida or any where in Florida for that matter. SMH I just don’t understand.

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    I received mines in WS, North Carolina keep your head up mail date was1/6. It came today Feb 1st. Took way too long. They’re real and they’re coming just painfully slow.

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    Local Alaskan

    Update on my previous message:

    I had one piece of mail in my Informed Delivery today with the image not available for viewing, I am assuming it was referring to this check. It was scheduled to be mailed out 1/6 with an additional 1/18 date showing on IRS transcript.

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    Local Alaskan

    Fellow Alaskans! Received a check (not card) in the mail today (Feb 1st) – Fairbanks, AK area.

    “Praise God, praise God, from whom all blessings flow…”

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    Anyone else with 1/6 in Chicago still no stmmy

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    Still nothing in Chicago 60619

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    Longview WA second stimulus check showed up in informed delivery today mailed from MO Mailed date of 1/6

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    Received in SC 1/30

    #4451018 Reply

    Brittany Thomas

    Not gotten check yet mailed out on the 6th of Jan.. still waiting now its Feb. 1st.!!! Rocky mount N.c.

    #4451010 Reply


    Check arrived today 2/2 was expected mailing date.

    ALBANY NY- beat the storm :)

    #4451007 Reply


    Still waiting in wilmington n.c.

    #4451004 Reply


    I have lost my hope. Fuck it, lying ass basturds.

    #4451001 Reply


    Nothing mailed by irs 1/6
    Still waiting

    Psl Florida

    #4451000 Reply


    Nothing mailed by irs 1/6 …. still nothing

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    I am near greensboro nc with a mail date of 1/6 and still nothing. Everyone I know in my area has gotten there’s in the mail. I see people on here with a mail date of Feb 2nd and they are already getting them today. I’m happy for u guys just wondering why they are coming so fast and we have been waiting almost a month

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    No stimmy Saturday – Sunday was no mail & this snow made it another no mail day… Smfh


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    In Winston Salem NC and still nothing ! but seen other parts of NC got theirs a few days ago can’t do informed delivery and mailed date is 1/6 anyone else get theirs?

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    It’s ridiculous that it was “supposed” to have been mailed on 1/6 and yet almost a month later… nothing yet. Same message that it has been scheduled to be mailed by 1/6 has been there for over a month. I’m almost certain it will never come

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    🙏 that everyone gets theirs soon! ! Please don’t lose hope!!!

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    IN INFORMED DELIVERY!! Was supposed to be sent out 2/2 it better be in my mail today I just wanna have it in my hand I don’t care if I have to wait to cash it. Washington. State!

    #4450978 Reply


    Anyone received second stimulus check iin the 60619 Chicago,Il

    #4450976 Reply


    @ed, i looked at my transcripts and found out my check was “undelivered” also, the IRS website talks about the forwarding mail.

    #4450971 Reply


    From Chicago with mailed date 1/6 still haven’t received my stimmy

    #4450968 Reply


    Still waiting in va. Hoping it’s in my mailbox today. 🙄😒

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