Scheduled to be mailed 1/6

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    For those of us that will be receiving checks by mail 1/6 let’s update here. Last stimulus had a mail date of 5/1 and it was in my informed delivery on 5/2. Hopefully it will be that soon this time. Anyone with a 1/6 mail date received theirs yet?

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    Larry From Sacto

    Eureka!!! Mine came today in the form of a debit card. I live in Sacramento. Hang in there you guys, if it says Jan 6th on the get my payment tool, I am believing you will get yours soon. The good news is that they recognize that it could be 3-4 weeks late, we are all in the same boat.You are not alone. God bless you guys

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    Mz. Ballard

    Received my stimulus check today here in Houston, Tx. I know a few other people that received theirs as well today. Praying the rest of you get yours soon. This has been an ordeal! Finally able to pay my bills, thank you Jesus!

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    I don’t think so man I’m in stafford and I didn’t get it

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    Anyone from Virginia receive their check yet?

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    Nothing showing up in New Mexico … Fingers crossed for tomorrow 🤞

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    Puyallup WA got mine today, came as eip card in the mail!! see you guys for tax time in a few weeks lol good luck and god bless to all, they’re coming!

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    Hi- I posted before- I had the message that something from treasury yada yada yada but no image of anything show up in my informed delivery Friday but still no check and no card. I’m about to just give up and stop looking. It’s aggravating how messed up this time around has been

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    I posted earlier it was scanned by informed delivery…. I lied nothing showed up today…0 mail

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    Las Vegas NV here, received it today in the mail :) good luck everyone

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    @ILoveCoal it’s honestly hard to say, I received my first one through paper check also…guess we can just keep hoping for the best. I’ll keep you updated on here if I come up with any more information.

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    Nothing in southeast Missouri for us, same 1/6 schedule date as everyone else…. the two towns next to us (8 miles and 12 miles away) are receiving theirs according to the postal workers…. this is definitely crazy… hoping for better luck tomorrow

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    Nothing in El Paso Texas today,. But was in my informed delivery so hopefully tomorrow. Will keep you posted.

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    I worked for the government, yet they claim they have no banking information on file? I do not understand how my first payment was directly deposited into the same account my weekly paycheck went into, to not having my information on file and sending me a paper check or card? Something about this whole mess makes me wonder what else is being hidden from us.

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    Looks like everyone in Texas is getting lucky today.

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    Update I got it today yay. There coming you just got to have patience Houston Texas

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    @ ILoveCoal

    I live in Wyoming County, WV haven’t heard anybody around me that has received paper or card form of payment. Hopefully soon. I to had a mail out date of 01/06

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    Greenville SC arrived today

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    Got mine today in DFW…they are coming

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    Louisiana boy337

    I got my stimulus Saturday 1-23-21 in Louisiana the site had a mail dated for 1-6-21…… Never in my life did I think I’d be struggling like this…. I went from working 40 hour weeks to working odd slim days to waiting for a $600 check to come in the mail just to stay a little bit a float…. wishing praying y’all all get y’alls soon hang in there

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    Janice Cooper

    I have not rec’d mine???????????

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    I’m in Galveston,TX and still nothing for me, my sister or my cousin

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    [email protected]

    My check came in the mail today they are coming.. Good Luck

    Houston, Tx

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    Been following this thread,.
    First stimulus I had direct deposit I don’t know why I got a card this time

    I honestly had lost all hope and just thought that I would have to claim them until i file taxes because I barely changed my address with Usps last Thursday But I received my EIP card in the mail today !

    GMP tool had scheduled delivery of 01/06
    And received 01/25

    Hope everyone gets their stimulus very soon!


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    East Texas has started getting checks. People in my town have received it but I haven’t yet. They are coming finally

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    Got my check finally here in Royse City, Texas …
    Sad .. that it took soooo long …
    I’ll treat myself to Jack in the Box tacos tonight!
    God bless, everyone.

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    Houston, TX here. Father and I both waiting for EIP. Today informed delivery showed 2 items, both labelled as Important EIP Info. My father’s check arrived but not mine. This worries me. Hopefully tomorrow…..

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    Checks are here in Dallas Texas dates 01/06

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    Nothing in mail here in SW PA fayette County. Mail date 1/6 and still nothing. On Friday it said I have 2 pieces of mail with no images and checked everyday since then and still nothing. Called the PO they said there was nothing there for me. Has anyone in SW PA get theirs yet? If so was it paper check or eip card?

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    Hello from Oregon… I got it today! It came in the form of a debit card but it arrived finally today here on the west coast! Keep your hopes up!

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    Anybody Here In Colorado ?

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    Still waiting- Central Arkansas

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    still nothing in south carolina..

    i live in SC as well . i haven’t received mine nor my brother or his fiance

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    Got in as a card today in northern nevada

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    Still nothing as of 1/25/21. Hickory,NC. Praying it comes this week sometime!

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    @ day dude
    I live in McDowell County, West Virginia. Between the 8 post offices surrounding me, only one check has passed through. This is totally insane. I’m also waiting on my W-2 to come from the department of commerce.

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    I Southeastern north carolina, I just got mine in the mail. Good luck everyone

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    fed up in SC

    still nothing in south carolina..

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    Johnny Karate

    Stimulus check was in my informed delivery on 1/23 and still hasn’t shown up yet on 1/25?? Should I be worried did someone steal my check?? I live in North Louisiana

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    How is the link a scam? It literally takes you to the website for the economic metabank card

    Some people have gotten it and received the card.

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    Looks like lots of people in WV Nc and Sc are still waiting see texas and Arkansas starting to get some that’s a weird pattern cant be coincidental

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    Nothing today asheville dont know what to say anymore

    #4449262 Reply


    TX FTW postman is delivered checks today

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    Mailed Jan 6th. Still nothing today!
    I live at the Coast in North Carolina.

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    @Dat dude I needed that laugh lol!! But I’m giving off the same energy!

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    Dat dude


    It BETTER be this week!

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    I’m just gonna quit looking and expecting anything. Central NC and not shit again. I got all excited when I seen people posting saying they getting theres today, and my mail lady zooms right on by.. At least didnt get any bills either… This sucks..

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    Arizona, Informed mail message you have a EIP card from the us treasury arriving soon in your mail box. Got the card today have hope the cards and checks are coming mine said scheduled mail date Jan 6th just received Jan 25th.

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    Nun Yuh

    Fresno CA debit card received today good luck to you guys

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    It was a check in our case, not a card. The only date was 1/6/21. Came from Pennsylvania. Good luck! Arrived 1/25/21

    Houston, TX

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    Finally got a debit card took 7 tries to activate it

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    I don’t know why my posts are not showing up.
    Houston, TX, received.

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    Finally received mine today…Dallas Tx.

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    I finally got my EIP card today, Informed delivery said an EIP card from the us treasury will be in the mailbox soon. Got it, Arizona

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    I don’t know why my posts are not showing up.
    Houston, TX, received.

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    @Dat dude I pray we get ours this week!!!! lol

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    day 19 in aurora colorado still nothing

    #4449240 Reply


    Hickory NC still nothing ughhhh

    #4449239 Reply


    Im in greenwood sc and nothing still

    #4449238 Reply


    Texas panhandle and finally got mine like 2 mins ago

    #4449236 Reply


    Nothing upstate sc but I have seen alot of people say they got checks today.

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    Dat dude


    Well that makes me feel a little better. Idk why! Lol

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    In my Informed Delivery today in Myrtle Beach, SC. Should already be in my mailbox.

    Hang in there folks they are coming. They should have been more clear as we all were a bit misled.

    Mine is all already spent on rent and electric.

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    Nope im in maryland/dc and nothing here as well @Dat dude

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    Dat dude

    Is West Virginia the only state that hasn’t seen a check or card in the mail?

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    Dat dude

    Nothing in greenbrier county West Virginia. I just went to post office to finish setting up my I.D. and the post master said that she has spoken to several post offices throughout the state and nobody has seen the first check or card from the IRS. If that helps any West Virginians.

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    Has anyone in the Richmond/Rosenberg, TX area receive their check yet?

    I’m in Richmond and nothing yet.

    Thank you!

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    If you get a link on informed delivery about card coming soon, don’t click link!
    IRS says they only send payment letter after the check or card sent not before!!! Scam

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    Finally received mine…Suffolk Virginia

    #4449221 Reply

    Rob and crystle

    Us treasury mail showed in informed delivery today Musgrave okc

    #4449220 Reply


    New Mexico

    #4449219 Reply


    New Mexico
    Got the informed notice with link online only saying economic payment coming but no notice that was 1/21/2021 and still no check or card today.

    #4449218 Reply


    Nothing. Cabell county WV

    #4449216 Reply


    Nothing in stafford va?

    #4449214 Reply


    Nothing in Preston county West by god Virginia!

    #4449212 Reply


    Any updates in okc asking for my pockets lol

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