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      I filed on 01/29/22 accepted same day. Ddd given was 02/09/22. I checked Sbtpg on 02/09 and website said funded. On 02/11/22 it said unfunded. TT says payment completed. IRS WMR status is sent. Spoke with Sbtpg customer service they said IRS didn’t send my refund. I don’t have any offsets and transcripts don’t show any offset codes. TT Rep looked into Sbtpg database to check on my funds they saw “error”. They don’t even know what that means and said they’re escalating it to a manager. Called back another day and they still don’t know. So my refund is just nowhere. I have a feeling TT/Sbtpg messed up somewhere on many of our returns and are not acknowledging it.

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