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      So, SBTPG claims my bank rejected my direct deposit, but my bank says they never received or rejected a deposit from TPG. I have called numerous times and I get a different answer every time. I was told that a check was mailed on 2/28, then that the check was mailed 3/1, now they say it was mailed today. I have no faith whatsoever that I will ever see the over $1,000 I am owed. Will never pay from refund again. May never use Turbo tax again, honestly.

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          If the automated system has a date was your check mailed?

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            My direct deposit from TPG Santa Barbara was rejected 3/16/22. Like the next day or maybe 2 days later automated system and online says cashier’s check issued and mailed instead. When do you guys think I should see this?

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              I was told mine mailed in the 14th. Called every day and was told that until a rep told me her computers updated and it was actually mailed the 22nd. I finally got it yesterday. Smh you’re not going to get it quickly. It took to weeks after my bank denied it.

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                Did you ever get it the ones that was who’s mail was sent out March 3rd?

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                  My dd was rejected feb 25 ,a check was made feb 26th and they said the systems were down and my check was mailed off March 3rd it’s now the 22nd and I have yet to receive anything and my neighbor went through the same thing and got hers last month that was 8 days ago and that’s weird I still didn’t get mines this will be my second check to get reissued because the first one was mailed out feb 2nd and never got here and I still didn’t get that one

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                  She Boujii

                    Sent to my bank 2/24 got rejected wrong acct info that I DID not put on there they system did say they mailed me a check 3-2-22 it’s still not here and not on the way they lie everytime I call still don’t have my check if they ever even sent one ! Now me and my kids will be homeless as of tomorrow

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                      Wish I could post a picture of the check in informed delivery. They are being mailed out now. They started mailing them last week.

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                        Here’s a post from a FB group I am in:

                        I don’t know how accurate this is. But I just got off the phone with them. She said that their computers were messed up. She said the computers where fixed yday n they can now access more things. She said all of February DD, went out on the 28 n give up to 10 days. So I’m understanding that ALL OF OUR CHECKS (FEB DATES) went out in one big batch…if you call she said they can now see your date that check was mailed/pending.

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                          I don’t really think it’ll happen but if someone gets their check please come back and let us know.

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                            Same here. DD2/22 bank Rejected funds and they have been lying everyday about when they sent out my Check. It went from 2/25 to 3/2 to 3/4. I have yet to receive my money

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                              I’m going through the same thing. My original deposit date was 2/24 but I guess the account information was wrong so they are mailing me a check. Every time I call they tell me my check is “processing” or they are delayed or that my check hasn’t even been printed yet!

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                                Crazy going through the exact same 15k though up in the air they have had my money since 02/19

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                                  I’m sorry, I hope you receive your check soon.
                                  This whole process is a darned mess!

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