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      Y’all. I called and checked the status of my money because I still have not received it. I don’t know what I pressed but they received the payment from the IRS on March 5th! They didn’t send the money until the 8th (supposedly) and I still haven’t gotten it. The fact that I still haven’t gotten my money makes me think they’re just lying about everything. If they sent it on the 8th I would have been gotten it.

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          Go to their website and see if you got switched to a cashier’s check. When you log in you scroll to the last drop down menu and see if it’s now showing a check. For some reason they said a bunch of banks have rejected deposits and they are just now mailing out checks. So early filers checks went out last week. Mine w ddd(3/2) will mail out tomorrow.

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            Everyone, yes, SBTG will hold your money for several days because they draw interest on it. So, they charge you an initial fee, then they make more money by holding your money and drawing interest.

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              Hi I am in the same boat. Still waiting for the deposit to hit my bank account. Says SBTPG sent direct deposit march 8th and to allow 1-2 business days :/

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