Sbtpg Bank updates for 2/22 ddd

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    Please update if you receive anything.

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    How long after my bank sent my refund back to SBB will it take for them to send a check in the mail? Is the amounts paid date the same day they mailed out too me



    new to this but wmr states 2/28 but SBBT still hasn’t received anything
    do they usually get it the day before
    first time with a EIC so I’m excited to not be paying out of pocket this year



    So I have a rush card which is thru meta bank however when preparing my own taxes i left out 1 digit on my account number. WMR shows it was deposited into my bank account on 2/22/18 i have all 3 bars highlighted but clearly that’s not the case since I left off the last digit, I know now i’m getting a paper check in the mail just want to know how long is the wait for this process anyone else been thru this in the past or going thru it now? I’m going crazy I really need my return.



    My tax preparer said the banks are holding the money for a few days this year before you see it in your account



    I was supposed to have it direct deposited but when I called it says pending bank print Check. What does this mean and what happened to the deposit?



    I finally got an answer. It was sent on 2/21. Where who knows? They input the wrong information. Now it’s been updated to a check being mailed? Never again. I will pay my fees up front from now on.
    Good luck!



    Santa barbara bank says theyve gotten my refund and dispersed it, yet i still have nothing a day after my DDD. WMR says it was sent. Anyone else having this issue?



    So on SBTPG it shows my expected amount however under the received amount it is tremendously lower. Does that mean they haven’t received it or that’s all I’m supposed to get? Because I don’t have any offsets or money coming out from the IRS. Thanks



    I just check WMR and still says my refund not sent, BUT I checked my bank it was deposited!! Best of luck everyone, see you next year!



    @ Will & Christina,
    I’m having same issue. I also can no longer get through to turbocard support the phones are jammed…



    @Mani Whomever you bank with normally received the ach earler. Have you checked your bank? Did you have fees taken out using your refund or did you pay the fees upfront?



    Today’s my DD but the wmr does not say sent yet will it still be sent?



    Just curious does anyone use a Walmart Prepaid Debit card. I use mine for my paychecks and refund. According to SBTPG they took out the fees and sent refund to card yesterday, but still no refund. I always get my direct deposits a day early.



    I bank with a local credit union where I live (VT) and SBTPG showed they received and sent it out yesterday. My DDD was today and it was credited to my account around 5 this morning. Good luck everyone!



    @Will M- I am having the same problem. So frustrating


    Will M

    Had a DD date of 2/22 (today) using the Turbotax card they offer. Still no deposit to my account and wheres my refund still has my DD date for today but no bars on refund sent .




    That’s what mine says, I called them today I have green dot also, told me should be in account today or tomorroq



    If sbtpg shows amount paid does that mean it’s been sent to green dot ?? Should I expect to see it on the 22nd as my ddd suggest?


    will in tampa

    Got my $$ in suntrust Bank acct as of 2:30am from SBTPG.

    Goodluck to all. Cu next year!




    How can I look on SBTG



    on sbtg it has my amount that federal sent it has how much the took and it has amount paid on it does that mean they have sent it to my bank and I should get it tomorrow like I’m suppose to.. I’m so confused



    I have a 2/22 ddd and just checked SBBT, they have my money, took out my fees and it says it’ll be deposited tomorrow :D YAY!



    Refund on SBTG shows my amount and the ACH R/T # plus acct number.



    Tpg still has not received my refund yet.. should I be worried? I’ve been checking since 6am eastern



    Think what u want lol, everyone’s expected amount has been there since filing.. Mines been there 26 days so far



    Usually 1 to 2 days before a refund is scheduled to arrive, the IRS sends a pre-notification of the refund amount to TPG. The IRS does not deposit the money at this time, but it is only a notification that the refund is on its way. We set up the disbursement upon receiving that pre-notification so that the money reaches the taxpayer on the same day it would have if the money was deposited directly from the the IRS into the taxpayer’s bank account. <—from sbtpg website. So, yeah, I’m pretty sure it does mean it’s been accepted by IRS. Turbo tax doesn’t send it, the IRS does.



    No expected amount doesn’t mean approved. Turbo tax sends sbtpg the expected refund amount after you file



    updated for me…now waiting on US BANK. I’m sure it will be in tomorrow or Friday. If anyone with US BANK gets theirs, let me know! (DD not on the stupid card thing)



    I just checked it said recived and sent amount .i checked last year what time i got at walmart card it was 9 03 am … thanks everyone and see you guys next year …..



    @tami I’m pretty sure it does mean it’s approved & my WMR never updated. Still hasn’t and I got my refund this morning! Just keep checking.



    War says still being processed with no bars, previously had one bar, Tpg shows expected amount and has for like 4 days at least. Does it mean my refund is approved if Tpg shows expected amount?



    @spaceshipsandstars that’s what it’s all about helping each other in time of need lol. I’ll be doing the same thing as well. Keep y’all posted!!!



    Just got a update!!! East cost FL…been checking since 730am….10:55am now



    Yall are my good luck charms lol because I just rechecked sbtg and my funds have been received😁. This is way sooner than last year it was the afternoon as previous years also. Once again another year I have thoroughly enjoyed this site and wonderful participants😊. May twinkle refund dust be among you😁🙌.

    P.S. I will update once deposit hits my credit union!



    SBTPG Updated for me and my girlfriend today
    Her fees were taking out but it hasn’t hit her Turbo prepaid card yet

    Mines the fine were taken out and in the notes it says allow 1 to 2 business days to be deposited into my netspend card -_-

    We both have DDD of 2/22/2018



    Same issues here. From my experience last year it hit sbtg f and pending by my bank later that afternoon a day before the actual DDD



    @Ashley I will just continue to check every hour lol, it’s reassuring that you received yours today, I guess I have to be patient now






    But I didn’t receive an alert either and IRS website doesn’t say sent. 🤔



    I got the update this morning on SBTPG. Waiting on my refund to hit. Last year it hit at 4am on the DDD. I called my bank and they said they had no pending deposits but they told me the same stuff last year as well.
    Was hoping since SBTPG updated I would had a deposit this morning.



    Mines updated this morning.
    I’ve had the same filing timeline for the past 2 years..takes 3 weeks to come back every time.



    Mine was instant but I have the turbo tax prepaid card. Sbtpg updated this morning and funds were on card a few minutes later. It must just be based on where the money is going once they have it.



    Fees have been taken, my only question is why it’s not instant as it’s advertised…My credit union does not have any funds pending. Also, what happen to the text alerts? I never remember having to check so often I remember receiving a text alert in the past.



    SBBT just updated for me. Ive been checking periodically since 6am. Just waiting for my bank to catch up.



    Updates throughout the day..but who knows because previous years they never processed over night but people at 3am were claiming updates…so I don’t know!



    My sbbt just updated…ive been checking ever hour since 6 am and it just hit… money monnnnay!!!! Mooonay



    Thank you for help! I was hoping i was entering incorrectly and that was why my refund was not received….wishful thinking on my part :-/



    no update for me yet as of 9:05am. Does SBBT update all day long or only in the morning. Not expecting anything until actual date of 2/22/18 if then.



    apparently they don’t hold the money. they will send as soon as they receive. so maybe this is the notification from IRS they are updating us on and when they actually get the real funds then we will get paid. my question is when is that?

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