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      2 questions…. first, I hear great things about Netspend but I’m wondering has anyone ever had a bad experience with them? And if you got your refund on Netspend how early was it?

      Also, does SBTPG or SBBT work on the weekend? Is it possible it will show up there over the weekend because it wasn’t there today. I have a DDD for 2/10.

      Thanks in advance for your answers!

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        Thanks for your answer. I did sign up for the unlimited purchase plan. It just made sense if you’re getting a large amount of money and I definitely agree that they are the lesser of the evils lol

        Thanks everyone for your feedback! I hope everything goes super smooth for you guys :-)


          I want to say we got our refund within 10 days. I filed earlier last year, like 1/24, and we got the money within a 10 day window. I do know we were down to get our refund on a certain day, but it came a day early.

          If it did go through to have fees taken out I didn’t notice. It was so quick getting dd it kinda took me by surprise.

          If you have any questions I’m sure you could contact netspend. They are pretty good about answering any questions you may have.


            I’ve always had mine at least 2 days early and no issues except they didn’t enroll me in their fee plan the 1st year I had them. So after 6 grand in debits I see they’ve taken almost 350. I called and had them pull up when I called and enrolled and they reversed them. Well, I got back 200, so I don’t know if the rest I would’ve paid, fee plan or not. I figured I was lucky to even get that, so I didn’t press it. It’s 10 bucks for the plan a month and you don’t get charged for every debit or whatever….totally worth it if you’re going to purchase more than 2 things with the card in a month. They’re a lesser evil than others I think.


              If you had fee’s taken from refund, SBTPG is the “middle man” between the IRS and you… this eliminates any possible early deposits. IRS might send it to them early, but they wont send it to you early.


                krispy$ did you guys get your refund early last year? Did it have to go through SBBT or SBTPG to take fees out first? Thanks for your response!


                  Hub’s check is dd on his netspend card. We usually get funds late Wednesday night or very early Thursday morning.

                  Knock on wood, we haven’t had any issues with netspend. Used them last year for our refund and got our money when we should have.

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