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      So the SBBT site where you enter your ssn, filing status, and refund amount, is malfunctioning, at least for me. Im a programmer, and the error page seems to indicate an empty variable being returned.

      Anyone else get this result?

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          It’s not THE real date key word “anticipated”

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            @iwanttoshop- where can you find the anticipated DDD date is this on your account with sbbt? Or is this with your tax software that’s telling you the date? Thanks so much!!

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              @aspis, I filed the 15th got accepted the 16th, it looks like they are going based on the 21 day cycle, but they said the IRS is depositing it on the 6th.

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                The mobile Sbbt is down but this one works

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                  Aspis yes im getting the same thing on sbbt….I hope they are updating

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                    I filed via TT on 1/22. Just checked SBBT and they haven’t received my refund yet.

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                      @Iwanttoshop, really? Would they know that before wmr even updates? Feb 6, when did you file? TurboTax?

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                        Still down. Like I needed another reason to panic this week.

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                          Its probably just a small glitch related large traffic. Im checking again now…

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                            It means that when I submit the info, the SBBT system, is supposed to return info which then provides the server with the correct info to display on my screen, however, after I enter my info, what the SBBT is sending as a response, which should normally have my personal details, is empty. This is not the same thing as, we dont have your info, because even in that case, the returned value is not empty. So, their system is malfunctioning. Its not you or me personally causing it, its a system wide error, presumably.

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                              I called sbbt yesterday asking about my refund, they informed me it is scheduled to be deposited Feb 6th, I ask them is there a possibility it could be sooner they said they do not know.

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                                My log in worked

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                                  What does empty variable being returned mean?

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                                    I got the same results.

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