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      Does SBBT update throughout the day? I am on the west coast and I keep checking hoping for movement. I have a 3 day notice I need to take care of and I’m hoping it updates so I can show landlord its coming. I was diagnosed with a tumor on my brain so I was in the hospital and husband had to take time off work due to it. We really need the money just like everyone else.
      I don’t want to stalk sbbt if it isn’t gonna update and no point.

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          Net spend user…. Did you receive them yet? If so when!!

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            Cece I’m wondering the same thing. Its really frustrating.

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              I think its highly unusual that netspend received 2/04 deposits today but SBBT didnt…personally i think SBBT holds on to them to earn a little interest before they have to give it up. Which is annoying…lol

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                Thanks here’s to hoping I have maybe one more update tonight :0(

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                  SBBT updates throughout the day. You should receive an email when they receive the funds.

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                    I’m wondering myself

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