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    rip kobe

    If u get an update on WMR tomorrow Saturday Feb 27th post here.

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    My verification code finally showed up in the mail yesterday and I was able to check my transcripts.
    Filed 2/17
    Accepted 2/17
    846 with DDD 3/4

    Check WMR this morning and it finally has 2 bars.

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    Accepted 2/10
    Changed from one bar to still being processed this morning.

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    I wish something updates.
    Filed 2/8
    Accepted 2/12
    Self Employment

    Cant access transcript

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    2 am est and still no damn update.

    This shit is getting aggravating by all means.

    Filed 1/26
    Accepted 2/11

    Account transcript says as of 2/22/2021.

    Only 846 we see is for the first and second stimulus.

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    Some time between 11am and 11pm 2/27 wmr updated to still being processed date will be provided when available no bars no tax topic but amount was still there. So confused with this tax season. Filed 2/4 accepted 2/9 pather.

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    This is the only thread I could find that was recently active. So I’m sorry I’m posting about something completely different!

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    I have a question. I’m super confused. I filed H&R Block free online tool. Says accepted Jan 17th. Then text say IRS officially accepted Feb 12. THEN I check with H&R Block with their check my refund and it says accepted the 24th then also says the 25th. 1 bar WMR. Claimed credits. Received stimulus checks sent. No DD. Deposit into my chime account. No movement at all. Can’t access transcripts online. Can someone help me figure this out or is anyone else experiencing the same thing?

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    @sunshinestate31 i figured out what it was lol its because im having my fees taken out for filing from my return which will reduce the anount i get back is all . Message is very misleading though. Had me nervous. They told me i had no offsets when i called. I called again and spoke with another person who told me it just meant you will be getting back less than they had on file due to SB bank taking their fees out.

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    Same here it updated overnight and mine says DDD 3/3

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    But then stimulus’s 1400 per person this month

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    Two bar this morning says 3/3

    Filed 2/12
    accepted 2/13

    Transcripts updated yesterday 2/26 with 846 code and DDD 3/3

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    Filed with h&r block
    Feb 16
    Accepted feb 16

    Emerald card
    Claim both credits

    Updated today feb 27
    ddd for match 3

    No deposit yet

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    I am a pather EIC actc

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    Two bars and DDD of 3/3/20 this morning
    Filed 1/27
    Accepted 2/13
    Approved 2/27

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    Two bars and DDD of 3/3/20 this morning
    Filed 2/27
    Accepted 2/13
    Approved 2/27

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    I use Rush card (green dot) usually I get couple days earlier than projected DDD

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    I have update today wmr filed 2/12 got accepted 2/12 just got ddd 3/3! EiC & actc

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    Haven’t been able to check my transcripts in 2 years. Even though I’m under contract with Verizon, in my name, they can never verify it smh. But gobank sent me an email last night stating I have deposit date of 3/3. WMR updated this morning. I’ve been weekly for years, so assumed this already. Pather. Filed 2/12 accepted 2/13.

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    Fishy tax

    Finally got transcripts updated for 2021 and now I’m showing on WMR. Transcripts yesterday WMR today. Still no DDD but there is progress.

    I filed Married filing Separately on 1/29 was accepted per HRB 2/10. Fees deducted from return Emerald prepaid card.

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    Filed 2/8
    Accepted 2/11
    Updated to 3/3 today on transcripts

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    Accepted 2/11 WMR updated this morning Ddd for me March 3rd!

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    Merch guy

    Filed with TT 2/9
    Accepted 2/12
    Fees taken out
    Eitc and actc
    WMR updated early AM with DD of 3/3
    No movement on SBTPG (didn’t expect there to be yet)
    Bank with TD.

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    Updated to second bar dd March 3 I have boa so it will be there March 3

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    Wmr update I guess last night or this morning
    Approved ddd 3/3
    2/13 accepted
    Waiting on chime🤷🏽‍♂️

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    Updated this morning with a DDD 3/3 filed on 1/25 accepted on 2/11 finally movement fingers cross everyone sees a date soon

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    No update but I did get my state tax. Hopefully I get my federal soon!

    Filed 1/27
    Accepted 2/11

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    okay nevermind. so….i did some digging and its not supposed to mention MAYBE needing to adjust the amount. to @Kricket. You most likely owe SOMETHING. Sorry. Last year we did, because i owed something from a student loan from yearssss ago. We all have at least one debt or one unpaid something that eventually catches up sometimes.

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    Mine updated yesterday. I was in shock!

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    @kricket. i used WRM irs website. havent checked the tool. idk…maybe its different on there.

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    Nothing here either 😥

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    I did not update😭

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    @Sunny. Thanks for responding. I called the number to the BFS and they said as of today i have no offsets in their system under my SS#. I am confused UGH. I guess i just have to wait and see. Thought i was in the clear until that popped up today 🥺

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    Filed mine on for the early test batch but messed up my sons birthday leading it to be rejected. So had to do all over again and lost our spot. Got accepted on the 02/12 and was barely approved this morning. Been in the dark since the beginning. No transcript available because we don’t have CC or mortgage loans. The WMR finally moved and approved us.

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    My refund is approved with a 2nd bar and it doesnt mention debts or offsets at all. So i can only assume , since yours does, it means something is owed. But i also know less than others here.

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    It says this…

    Your tax refund has been approved for direct deposit. However, it may be partially or completely reduced to pay a past due obligation, such as child support, another federal agency debt, or state income tax. If so, the Bureau of the Fiscal Service (BFS), who issues IRS refunds, will send you a notice with the amount of the debt and contact information.

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    @sunshinestate31 So its not normal to say this when you get a second bar? It doesnt say i owe. It just says IF. I dont owe any federal debt or child support lol so im worried now!

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    @kricket yes, if you owe, it will tell you. you may have forgotten some sort of debt you have for a while. but if you can get a person on the phone at IRS after its reached refund sent status, they may be able to tell you the exact matter they took money from you for.

    heres more on that:

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    Mine updated to second bar too but is it normal to say something about it might be partially or completely reduced due to a debt? I dont owe any one so just wondering if that is normal?

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    still on one bar, i’m over it

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    No update, still have bars gone for a week now. Looks like I have to call these idiots on Monday for the first time ever.

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    Still nothing on transcripts or WMR as of 5:27 am est

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    Yes, it finally updated. Starting to think it wasnt a matter of something being wrong, just a matter of impatience. They update once a week , i think, and last week it just wasnt approved yet. Now i have 2 bars! Going to learn to chillax net tax season lol. I wont be as broke that time , so i wont be so overly anxious :]

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    3/3 DDD just updated
    Eic & child credits HoH Accepted 2/18 Wmr just updated to 2 bars
    GL Everyone

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    Simply Trice

    Just checked 4:39am est. 2/27/2021 2 Bars so WMR are updating!! YAY

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    No update for me. Going to check again later and will hopefully see a change

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    Okay thanks I was hoping you would say transcripts.
    Congratulations everyone on your ddd!!!! I know this wait is exhausting

    Wmr hasn’t updated for me still on topic 152 accepted transcripts still n/a

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    Plain Jane

    I updated on wmr… I can’t access my transcripts this year for some odd reason

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    Our WMR finally updated also with a DDD for 3/2. Prayers answered.

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    Filed 1/30 accepted 2/10 n/a still no update for me

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    @plainjane did you update transcripts or wmr?

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    Plain Jane

    Hey finally got a update!!! Filed and accepted
    2/13 ddd 03/03 used turbotax all credits… Banking with varo ..

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    Hey guys so I’m in Maryland it’s 3:41 here & my wmr has finally updated
    Filed 1/28
    Accepted 2/17
    Have both credits
    DD 3/3
    Used H&R Block
    Look back option

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    @lunamae I’m also in Central time. Really hope this is the update we’ve been waiting for.

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    So I just went to check the wmr, I live in the central part of the US and its 2:22am here and the WMR Site is currently unavailable, does that mean it’s being updated?? Fingers crossed!! I’ve been praying for it.

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    Just tried to check wmr and it’s unavailable. Hopefully we are all updating. I can usually access transcripts, but due to having a new number its not recognizing me and I have to wait for a code in the mail. Fingers crossed we all get some good news.

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    No updates on transcript and no DD. Was supposed to hit today 2/26

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    Wmr updated for me this morning with 2 bars and a ddd of 3/2

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