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      Can someone tell me how this bank takes fees out. Do they usually get the deposit on the DDD and take out fees and send it to your bank the same day or do they wait until the next day to send it to your bank? I just want to know if I will have it on Friday or if I will have to wait.

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            I have Chase and SBBT usually gets it the day before my DDD and then I have it the next morning. They should get it Thursday and send to my bank Friday.

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              Thanks so much. I have bank of america and their usually really good at these kinds of things. I’m hoping that it will go to SBTPG today or tomorrow so my bank will have it Friday.

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                I have Netspend and have fees being taken out. SBBT probably got the money yesterday when people who got theirs last night and had no fees. They usually take a few hours because they’re on the west coast and I have always gotten mine the same day they received it. If you don’t have Netspend or one of the other prepaid cards, I assume you will get it the following day

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